Mario Kart Tour – Launch Trailer

Mario Kart Tour – Launch Trailer

[epic guitar hit] [rocking guitar riff] [guitar music intensifies] [guitar solo]

100 thoughts on “Mario Kart Tour – Launch Trailer

  1. So, started playing the game yesterday. I love it. But, I do not like the fact that you have to pay, to buy Mario! THATS STUPID! And I don’t really see the reason to have the number and the point system for the stars and cosmetics (vehicles, characters, gliders, etc;) whilst doing each track in the cups.

  2. I hate how when you have triple shells and mushrooms it throws all of them at once instead of one of at at time wtf.

  3. Here goes my hopes for a new and PROPER Mario Kart for Switch.

    I don't hate Deluxe. It's super good and it is an improved version of the original for the Wii U but we'd love something new.

  4. It’s not rocket science. Just stop paying for micro transactions in all games. Unfortunately idiots do exist, and have ruined a vast amount of games. Well done idiots 👍

  5. OK stop complaining about Luigi have you ever heard of tours?
    New tour = new characters karts ect
    So new tour = Luigi

  6. Lets see, Trash game, Microtransactions, a monthly pay wall, fake online play. This game is a nickel and dime scam.

  7. Me in first: oh boy j just hit 2nd with a red shell and got them into 3rd
    Me: *gets hit by green shell*
    Me in last: yea i quit

  8. This is from two weeks in the future after this video released. Whatever joke you are playing putting the KOOPA KIDS in before LUIGI, ONE OF THE ONLY CHARACTERS TO BE IN EVERY MARIO KART GAME PRIOR, it's not funny. Not funny in the slightest Nintendo. The gacha system and gold plated subscription were painful enough without you making Luigi player two again.

  9. "In 2019 its the best way to receive rubies&coins: for me its by far the best in 2019."

  10. This game is the Best I’m one of the best drifters in this Era Gonna start putting Good content for anyone support me by Sub let’s start a ARMY

  11. Y'all don't realize Luigi is probably coming out next tour because of LM3 and he will come with the LM track. I hope we get Gooigi as a driver too…

  12. Just rewatched a documentary about Mr Iwata's life. His motto was first of all games need to be fun. I bet his rolling over in hes grave if he knows that this is what his legasy is becoming. Shame on you Nintendo

  13. 806-412 I made a account and it said error accured and i closed the game and retried and said Cant launch because its already been launched like please fix this

  14. Everything Seen
    -New York Minute
    -Pipe Frame
    -Tokyo Blur
    -Flame Flyer
    -Background Characters
    -Item Boxes
    -Shy Guy
    -Metal Mario
    -Shy Guy Bazaar
    -Mega Mushroom
    -Baby Luigi
    -Daisy Hills
    -Shy Guy In A Chef Outfit
    -Trick Boost
    -Mario Circuit
    -Dino Dino Jungle
    -Diddy Kong
    -Baby Rosalina
    -Paris Promenade
    -Mario Cup
    -Peach Cup
    -Toad Cup
    -Koopa Troopa Beach
    -SNES Rainbow Road
    -Waluigi Pinball
    -King Boo
    -Bullet Bill
    -Baby Peach
    -Toad Circuit
    -Mach 8
    -Rock Rock Mountain
    -Green Shell
    -Super Ultra Mini-Boost
    -Banana Frenzy
    -Bonus Challenges
    -Goombas Destroyed
    -Jump Boost Challenge
    -Glide Time Challenge
    -Taxi Kart
    -Musician Mario
    -Him Dabbing ;-;
    -Dk Pass
    -Giant Banana
    -Kimono Mario
    -Kimono Peach
    -Firing The Pipe Down
    -Super Blooper
    -Koopa Troopa
    -Ultra Mini-Boost
    -Donkey Kong
    -Available Now!

  15. I Got Normal Characters, Super Characters, and One High End Character! and even though those guys were right. we didn't have luigi, because he is 3,000 coins of money

  16. when can the players expect the actual multiplayer mode? i think you'll get downvoted everywhere until you fixed this issue.

  17. I realy love this game and i play all the mario karts in the world . well the vr no but . that is not the theme the theme is that mario kart tuor is an incredible game and really is a step up for nintendo in the mobile companys is just very. entertainment. And funny with a lote of characters that give us a good mario kart and if yuo don't like it is just my opinion no a discusion (i am spanish my inglsh is not the best xd)

  18. Nintendo I want you to make a mario kart ugp x and tell namco to help you with the game and have Pac man and miss Pac man blanket pinky dingy elite sonic tales Kugels ame sedo silver and egg man Ray man rabbit

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