Maddox and Marina Play Games #2 | Kids Play | HiHo Kids

Maddox and Marina Play Games #2 | Kids Play | HiHo Kids

– [Man] Three, two, one. (banging) – Well. (laughing) (instrumental music) – Hey everyone, I’m Marina and, – Maddox. – And what are we doing today? – Maddox versus Marina. – All right, let’s bring
out the first game. This one hasn’t even been
in a Kids Play episode. – [Maddox] Oh, then– – So you’re getting a sneak peak. All right, so, the object is
to bop the other guy’s head, it will pop off, we’re gonna
play three rounds, okay? And, fight! (dinging) (banging) – Ah, I won. – Man, you got mad with those. – All right, ready for round two? – Yeah. (dinging) (banging) – Don’t hit me. (laughing) Can’t get me. – Hey, you can’t do that. I’m defecting your attacks
this is Kung Fu, I’m– (banging) Oooooh. Set. – All right, it’s tied up. Round three, wait, you’re already losing. (laughing) (dinging) (banging) – No. That was fast. – I won. (banging) All right, should we make slime? – [Maddox] Oh my– – Thank you. Just squeeze it in. (grumbling) Okay. – Food coloring. Looks more like black. – All right, now, this stuff. I think you just squirt
a little bit in there. I’m kind of going off the recipe here, so we’ll see if it works. – That’s probably enough. Oh my gosh. – Oh, do we still have that glitter? – Sprinkles. Ewwwww. Somebody help me. Can I touch you– – Please do not.
(laughing) Maddox. – Da na na na– – That’s probably good, that’s good, seriously that’s good, Maddox. – Oh, sorry. I like glitters. Okay, I need to go wash my hands. Oh my gosh, who am I?
– [Woman] It’s just glue. (faucet running) Somebody tell me what I am doing? – [Woman] You’re making slime. I’ve got clean hands. Slam dunk. – Your slime is way better than mine. This looks like a wad
of chewed up bubble gum. – Stretch it, slow mo, oh good a bridge. – Oh. (laughing) All right, I think we
are done with the slime. – I win the slime battle. – All right Maddox time for round three. Pie Face. – Oh, this is a duel. Hey, I get the boys’ side. I’m the girl? – Yep, and I’m the boy. – I need to take off my glasses for this. – Yeah, good idea. – I wan, ooh, oh I’m worried. – All right, we will do three
rounds of this too, okay? – Oh, shoot, that’s a lot. – Nuh nuh nuh nuh. No cheating. – [Man] Three, two, one. (banging) (laughing) – All right, nuh nuh nuh. (laughing) – Sh-dang! – [Man] Three, two, one. (banging) (laughing) – Oh my god. Mm, tastes good. – All right, this is for all the marbles. – [Man] Three, two, one. (banging) (laughing) – I’m the champion of Pie Face. – Congrats. All right, what’s the score Maddox? – Two to one, we’ve got one game left, and if I win that, I am
the champion of games. – Have you ever played this game before? – No. – So half of the eggs have water, the other half do not. – So you spin it, if it lands on two eggs, you go crack two eggs on you. – And if it says egg another? (click) – Egg
– Egg – One egg, okay. Oh. (laughing) Nice to know. Oh. – [Marina] Two eggs. – Hey, I’ll do it for you. – What? Safe. Oh, it went down my back. (laughing) (clapping) – Egg another. Oh, yeah, perfect. (laughing) Perfect, I knew if was the egg. Pass
– Pass – Oh, darn it. Two eggs. Ugly. (laughing) – So… – Okay, it’s two to two. – Two to two. – Yes! – Egg. Weeee! I’m wet. – Does that mean I won Egged On? – No! – I won, that means that it’s a tie. I guess we will just
have to do round three next time you’re here
and then we will find out who the real champion is, huh? – I’m gonna egg on you. Thank you for watching! – We’ll do this again
next time, let us know in the comments what games we should play when Maddox is back in Seattle next. – Hey, hey wanna play Egg Wars? – You’re going down. See ya! – [Maddox] Oooh.

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  6. Marina is such adorable young lady super pretty smart sweet and live works with kids if she wasn't a producer shell be amazing teacher

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