Low Fat vs. Regular Salad Dressing Taste Test

100 thoughts on “Low Fat vs. Regular Salad Dressing Taste Test

  1. See though if this is done by serving the regular can be a few hundred calories more not just like 50-100..depending on how much you put on

  2. Im still waiting for times when gmm did talks about stuff and stories and their experience with stuff, and not just games everytime. Thanks gmm crew!

  3. Link should eat a tomato for 7 episodes to test the theory that it takes a human 7 times of trying a food to begin to like it.

  4. i remember the days when these were original and rhett and link still posted on their main channel, been here since the furbies ep

  5. But it’s not as fun when you’re not blind folded guessing which ones which. This is just a review of salad dressings.

  6. I’ve noticed in every episode that the crew laugh a lot more at Rhetts jokes than Links.
    Why is that?!?!?!???
    I love Link❤️

  7. I swear McDonald’s has switched to lite ranch. It’s watery, salty and how dare they even market it as “ranch”!

  8. Like these comparison shows. The guys rock!
    This next rant has nothing to do with GMM.
    I'm not really sure why you eat salads if you put dressing on it. It's not the calories, it's the number of ingredients in that dressing. Wake up people

  9. Y’all should do a blindfolded store bought vs homemade episode. Like store bought ranch vs homemade, maybe homemade chicken strips vs store bought stuff like that

  10. I understand their point of view on the whole blindfold thing but it just seems so much more entertaining and fun when their blindfolded and have to guess which ones which… anyone else agree?

  11. 9:47 “I don’t like it coz I know what’s coming” and that, Rhett, is why this may have worked better if you didn’t know which was which xD

  12. Jokes on y’all, I eat just plain leaves for my salad. Nothing else. No dressing, no bacon, no croutons, no tomatoes, nothing but leaves.

    And I love it

  13. You should do a collaboration with Tkor. Nate said that he was down, this was not my idea please do NOT give me credit

  14. wheres the dip and sink? rhett said it was a 2020 thing. well here we are guys 28, feb 2018 good mythical more 3:10 we have waited

  15. Two suggestions.
    One: mystery burrito taster taste
    Two: a giant burrito you can use as a bed. TRY IT IF YOU DARE

  16. about 6 years ago…
    Rhett:”My hair goes up”
    Link:”My hair goes down”

    Rhett:”My hair goes down”
    Link:”My hair goes up”

  17. I saw a YouTube video of two guys that look like Rhett and Link singing a Facebook song. However, the guy that looked like Link had a moustache. Also the guy the guy that looked like Rhett had flatter hair.

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