LGR – Xbox 360 Slim vs. 360 Original

LGR – Xbox 360 Slim vs. 360 Original

Greetings! This is just going to be another “quick” video. Not something I planned on doing, necessarily, but I got one of the new Xbox 360s a few weeks ago and apparently some viewers noticed that it was in my recent video of Astro Driller and asked my opinion on it. So instead of sending annoying emails or lengthy comments I decided I would just do a really quick video and show you what’s different. And give you my opinion on whether or not the new 360 “S” is worth buying. Or whether or not you should just stick with your regular 360, or go ahead and get one of these now that they’re super cheap. Now obviously, the biggest difference between the two is going to be the look of the thing Uh, this one– what they’re calling the “360 S,” is the 250GB model, the only one that’s out right now. Some places are calling them the “Elite,” which I guess makes since because it’s black, which the Elites have always traditionally been black, and it’s the larger hard drive. Apparently, they’re coming out with an “Arcade” uh, version, that’s gonna be, I think, 4GB here. in a couple of months. And this one right here, I got… Oh, I don’t know, I think it’s a 2008 model. 20GB hard drive. This is my second one that I’ve had. My first… uh, 2007 model died. Red Ring of Death. and I just transferred the hard drive over. So, as far as sizing goes, really it’s not any slimmer. Uh, maybe a quarter of an inch. Let’s call it the “short” I suppose. They’re actually… y’know, it’s a little bit smaller. The biggest difference, though, as far as external design would be the addition of this big fan here on the side. And it’s, it’s deadly quiet. We’ll get to that here more in a minute. Whereas, in the older 360, you have some ventilation. It’s kind of mostly on the side. I think there’s one down here, too. And then you have the hard drive up here on top. The new 360 S has a hard drive here on the bottom.
I think you just take this bottom vent off. There is a $20 transfer cable that you can get from Microsoft to hook the old hard drive up to the new one. And just transfer everything over that way, but it’s a one time thing. So all I did was take a USB stick and put everything on there through the memory manager thing and then put it to my new one.
Everything went fine. All my licenses were fine. You’ll also notice that there is now no memory card slots. The USB area is slightly different.
Instead of horizontal, it’s now vertical, which kind of makes since because I like it. And the new disc drive is not button-based. Well, it is, but it has a capacitive touch sensitive button, and also the power button is the same way. On the back, most everything is the same. Uh, you have ethernet here and here. HDMI… Uh, USB slots, now there’s three on the back instead of just one, which is a nice addition, I suppose. Although I don’t know why they didn’t put them on the front. You also now have the optical audio output already built into the console itself, without having to use the one that’s in that iffy component cable thing. When the Kinect comes out this fall, the motion sensing peripheral, you also now have a port for that right here on the new Xbox. You could still use it on the older ones, you’ll just need an external power supply to do so. One big change, though, and this interesting. I don’t really know why they did it. The AC adapter port at the bottom of the console there. You’ll notice the one on the right. The old 360 is sort of more square shaped, and the new one has a circular end piece. See, this here is the older style AC adapter that kind of looks like a– off-brand LEGO brick. And this is the new one, which looks like an oversized PS3 end piece. Well, PS2/PS1, same thing as always. It’s more… rounded. I really have no idea why they changed this at all. You can also see that the power supplies themselves are different sizes. The newer one here and the older one. So it’s not quite as big of a brick any more. It still *is* a brick. But, I’ve noticed that it does seem to run a *little* bit cooler, and that’s really a huge, huge thing with these new ones. Apparently, the power consumption on the newer 360 is something like a third or a half less, I don’t know. It depends on what your older 360 was. This one was already a slightly newer chipset. So it was a little bit lower. And I think this one uses, what, the 45 nanometer process, or something like that, where it runs a whole lot less power and also a little bit cooler. So, less chance of overheating, plus the new fan and ventilation setup should help that as well. Also, while I’ve got this laying like this here, you can see that the new 360 has a very nice piano black style glossiness. A lot of people seem to be complaining about the fact that it’s fingerprint prone. Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t touch my 360 very much. I’m not one to violate my consoles at night, or get it drunk and start feeling it up in inconsiderate fashions. I don’t press the power button to turn it on. I do like the nice etched logo that’s in the new 360 as well, on the side. It’s the little things that count. You can see a couple of fingerprints, maybe. Um, let’s see… [taps console] Yeah. I mean, you can see fingerprints, but really it’s the same exact frickin’ thing with like every device now. So I really don’t see what the big deal is. There’s also a very minute change in the controllers. Obviously, the new one is black, like the other Elites were, but instead of the older, sort of nickel, brushed aluminum finish Dashboard button right here, the new one has a nice chromey look to it. You also have that nice cut-out logo saying “Xbox 360” there now, instead of it saying “Microsoft.” The actual thing itself feels pretty much identical. The only thing tactile that I feel that’s different is down here it’s now glossy and smooth, instead of all the other ones, where it was gray and… not as smooth. One last major difference that the new 360 really provides: built-in wifi. You know, with the older 360, this was a very commonplace thing: the ethernet jack. This is a frickin’ pain if you’ve got a billion other systems that need this thing, and then you have to plug it in back here every time you wanna get online. Plus the wifi itself costs like a hundred-something dollars for a stupid little 802.11g adapter. With this one, you don’t have to worry about that, plus it’s upgraded to 802.11n. I don’t have a router right now to take advantage of that, but really, it’s making me think about it because I’m thinking about upgrading my desktop to it now after seeing how well this performs on the 802.11 network elsewhere. Now, I do have a couple of gripes with the thing. One big one is the cord that it comes with. This is a standard composite connection with RCA plugs. No… anything useful about it. This is for hooking up to an old-school CRT TV, and if you’ve got that, that’s fine. But I don’t. Originally, my Xbox 360 Pro, and the other Elite Xboxes that have come out before this came with component cables. The Elite even came with HDMI at one point. But now, for the same price as those other ones, it comes with this piece of crap. Thankfully, I already had HDMI and component cables to use for this, but if I didn’t, that’s an added expense. It does come with a headset, even though it’s not wireless. It doesn’t come with any new batteries. It doesn’t come with any bundled games at this point. Really, it could have done a lot more, just judging by the previous Elite and special edition packs that you would get for 300 bucks. I wish it came with more. It doesn’t. I don’t know if that’s really a complaint. It’s more of just an observation. I mentioned that the newer one is much quieter, so I’m going to try to demonstrate that here. This is the older 360 model. [whirring] Older tray… [clicks and grinds open] Whoop-de-doo. [clicks and grinds shut] If that were in 3D, that would have looked totally rad. And here we have the newer model. [chime] [muffled whirs] Yeah, it’s really hard to hear. It’s actually about on par with what my PS3 is. Also, you’ll notice that weird little sound that it makes at the start. [chime] It’s pretty cool. [chime] [chime] [repeated chimes] New drive also has a different sound a cool little bleepy sound. [bing] [swooshes open] Yeah… [bing] [swooshes shut] It’s not quite– [bing] to the microwave-level sound effect as the PS3 has when it starts up or opens discs and stuff like that, but– [bing and swoosh] You know. It is what it is. It lets you know when you’re pressing the button so it has its job, I guess. One other good thing I’ve also noticed while using the new 360 is that when you’re working around in the Dashboard, and you’re flipping through a lot of stuff, or going from, say, the Arcade marketplace to your– whatever. Different areas in the Dashboard. It seems to run quite a bit quicker. You used to get maybe a second or two of lag in between sections with the older one. With this one, I have not noticed that at all. It’s very small, but it’s noticeable to me, because I kind of abuse menu systems. So is the new 360 worth buying or not? Well, as of now, the retail price is pretty much what all the others have been: $299 for a 250GB model. The reason I got one is because I think it looks awesome, and the fact that I was going to sell this one to somebody that needed one. So, I’m going to give them a good price, and then put the money towards this one. So… It made sense for me. This one was an older model. It’s a 20GB model. It didn’t have built-in wifi. It’s a lot louder. It runs hotter. There’s the chance of a Red Ring, I guess? And then, of course, there’s the awesomeness factor and all the other little things that this new one has. So for me, it made a lot of sense. If you have an older 360 and need all these new features. You haven’t upgraded your hard drive, or bought the wifi adapter… Yes! Get it now! Sell your old one. If you have invested a lot in your older 360 with a bigger hard drive, wifi, things like that, you might wanna think twice about it because you’re not really buying much else by getting a new one, other than the fact that it’s… glossy. So. New Xbox 360 S. Pretty friggin’ sweet in the right situation.

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  1. I did mod the old ver thinking it would help with RROD and dvd being ate , 2 before did before did not mod did brake 1 did mod still works today , i still by my game`s i just don't open them 🙂 You guys think changeling it from 60% to 100% power helps?

  2. thanks for the Vid, i have went through 2 white Xbox consoles the second one the modem for the Ethernet port went out so i cant play live .-. but i didn't know the new one had built in WiFi, that's good cause my WiFi is way faster than my Ethernet cable for some reason lol

  3. the proprietary wifi adapter for the 360 is probably the biggest ripoff in console history, next to the obsurd cost of the 360 hard drives, of course.

  4. I have the R2-D2 Slim, it makes R2-D2 noises when you push the power and eject buttons. Love it.

  5. I much prefer the original design. Sure the new one actually has cooling, while the old one cooks itself but I'm not a huge fan of the new style.

    Also I have 3 power bricks for the old models since MS sent me 2 spare cables when my original Arcade red ringed, which are now fucking useless thanks to the new power cable.


  7. I've had an elite for 4 years and a non gloss slim for 2 years and a white for 1 year all work perfectly never an issue, prefer the original elite

  8. MINE CAME WITH CABLE THINGY BUT MINE WAS AFTER THIS ONE sorry caps lock but mine after this one it's a 4 kb

  9. Very thorough and good over-view of both systems and review of the newer model. I never a 360 of any kind, so I found this pretty interesting. If I do ever pick one up, I'll definitely get the newer 'Elite' black model for the Wi-Fi, which should've been standard in the first place, IMO.

  10. I had the original "Core" 360 consoles that I bought in 2007(about 2 months before Microsoft started making HDMI a standard in all Xbox 360 consoles instead of being an Xbox 360 Elite "exclusive feature" back in 2006/07). One reason I upgraded was because I wanted HDMI support, a larger HDD(I had the original 20 gig, yes 20 gig, HDD that I bought in 2007 that FINALLY ran out of room after 6 years, lol). I liked the design of the Xbox 360 Slim(not E) better anyways.

  11. Launch Window 360's had a glossy silver finish on the front similar to the Black gloss on the S. Still have that controller although that console died a looooong time age

  12. I wish that the Xbox 360 Slim had came with a HDMI Cable [I got a HDMI To DVI-D Cable with mine that i now use on my monitor], VGA Cable [I asked for a VGA Cable for mine with audio being run through my Logitech X-240 2.1 Speakers (Black) and i acomplished this by way of using the MP3 jack that was on the Speakers when i got it back in late 2010 and i was using that until late 2013 when i got a AVerMedia Reccentral LIVE Gamer HD Video Capture Card and early this year I bought a Logitech Surround Sound Speakers Z506 and next I will be hopefully buying a ViewSonic VX2703MH-LED 27-Inch LED-Lit LCD Monitor, Full HD 1080p, 3ms, HDMI/DVI/VGA, Speakers, VESA] or at least Component Cables alongside the Composite Cables.

  13. im getting an original one for 129.99 with 6 games a controller and a 20 gb hard drive, it is my first xbox…i know i know im late, but i have played one, i dont care much about live, i just wanted something different in my gaming systems,plus i have an internet cable to hook into it if i want live and it doesnt really need plugged into anything else.ive really only ever owned a wii pc and a ps2. and i have gamecude stuff for the wii, but that was it, and now i wanted something different and better, and ps3 and 4 where to much. 

  14. in my eyes the elite is better it actully runs cooler bc when i feel my friends xbox 360 slims they get hot but my elite just gets a little warm

  15. I feel like my xbox is going to die soon, I have the 2008 version. Whenever I want to play a different game, my xbox doesn't read my game and I would usually have to beat on the top of it or continue to open it and close it until it reads. Lastly, It takes about 30 seconds to turn off after pressing the off button. I don't know if it's a big deal or not but it's been happening and it seems like something to be worried about. 

  16. When I bought a xbox 360 I didnt notice it was a slim version until my friend showed me his xbox 360 arcade and the I was like WTF mine looks wayyy different and from then on I knew that I had a Xbox 360 slim

  17. I have never needed wifi, if you don't want your old 360 to red ring, clean it out. Lots of dust in there.

  18. Another difference between the older Xbox 360s and the Xbox 360 S is that the 360 S fixes the red ring of death issue which was caused by BGA (ball grid array) soldering on some of the major chips. The faulty BGA soldering weakened with heat over time and often caused the red ring of death. Another product that was affected by faulty BGA soldering were the later Apple Power Mac G5 computers that had also had issues related to the BGA soldering.

  19. Still got my white xbox 360 since the day it came out. One day it fell off my shelf and the laser is messed up and that is all. Just need a new disk drive and bam should be going just fine again.

  20. I am picking up the new one in a few days (I mainly play Genesis,NGPC and PS2) so this was real useful. Thanks again for being informative haha

  21. Have to admit I don't know a crap-ton about them, but from what I DO know and what I've heard from the community, the new 360 "Slims" are overall a better console. They're smaller, they're whisper quiet, and they don't red-ring and overheat every time you turn around like the original 360 did.

    Since the price is coming down with the new One models coming out, I went out and bought a 500 gig 360 around Thanksgiving, haven't regretted the decision yet. Works good, plays like a dream, and there are plenty of good games out for the system yet, so I think it's a good buy.

    If you are going to get one, don't bother with the 4 gig hard drive model. Yeah, it's cheaper, but you're going to use 4 gigs up pretty fast with how large 360 games are, disc-space wise. Spend a little extra and get as big a hard drive as you can, it's worth it in the long run if you like having a lot of games.

  22. i bought the Xbox 360 way back in 2005, & went through three of them (hardware/overheating problems) before getting the Slim version.

  23. My arcade has a dodgy power port and only works when it wants to, but it still runs fine after 7 years of owning it, my slim I've had for 3 years now and that's had more problems that my arcade?

  24. My 360 has died, had it for 6 years. Turns on like normal then a red dot, with no error codes or even a signal to TV anymore. It began freezing a lot months before on games and at the splash screen. Been through 2-3 originals, I'll be getting a PS4 next been burned too many times by MS shoddy craftmanship.

  25. Original 360 running hotter? My slim ran hotter than my Original 360. My slim also had problems with the eject and power buttons (ejected and turned on and off randomly). Also the sata port on it stopped working lol. I gave my slim away. I regretted getting it as a gift because it was a waste of money, keep the Original 360. Also I came across alot of slims (friends etc) and they also run hotter than my Original 360

  26. Is the background noise from the camera?, does it have a tape mechanism?. If so i think it augments the retro style of your retro reviews.

  27. i have an original white xbox 360 i got the thing for 50$ it came with everything the only problem it smelled like smoke for the first few days

  28. I hated newer one I sold it. it came on if I hit bottom by mistake. now i have older one came with HDI I haven't no over heating troubles.I am think micsoft fixed heating troubles. My very first one had over heating troubles it died after awall. I am glad brought it used

  29. For those who hate that the glossy black attracts fingerprints, get the Halo Reach console. You get the 250 GB console you love, but with a nice silver finish.

  30. Added expense… Luckily for him he didn't know then that the PS4 didn't come with ANY cable and that Nintendo stoped shipping their stuff with power bricks.

  31. Through a youtube video we fixed the red ring of death. All it is the dust is collected in there and we took it apart and cleared up the dust.

  32. I've had the Red Ring of Death like four times, and not once has it actually bricked my console – I just unplugged it immediately and started using it again. My old 360 Elite I got way back's disc drive stopped working after about 7 years so I bought a second hand Arcade, and that is still going strong.

  33. It's 2018, in the closet behind me is an original xbox 360 bought soon after launch (very first model), and it's still working fine! The original controller I use almost daily on my pc and that one is also still working fine, except for some joystick drifting. Maybe I have been lucky.

  34. Watched this on my new (well, used) 360 S. 250 gig, two wireless controllers, Kinect, 129$. Now I can finally play all those OG Xbox and 360 games that don't work on the One!

  35. How badly did Sony fuck up the launch of the PS3 to be beaten by such a messy console? That power brick alone and the noise made it look ancient even back then (same with no built-in WiFi on all launch models and the infamous Red Ring of Death)

  36. Lol the xbox 360 original (except for elite) is shit. Dont use it. Use Xbox 360 S instead (or the E. Or Xbox 360 Original Elite).

  37. People say the slim doesn't get red ring well mine did and I tried booting it up it crashed and froze and now it doesn't even work and I had just cleaned it and made sure there was no dust anywhere at all I think my CPU failed because of thermal paste

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