LGR – Top 17 Satisfying PC Game Weapons

LGR – Top 17 Satisfying PC Game Weapons

[theme music] [fizz, sip] Aahhh! [typing] So I was playing around on the old Windows 98
PC the other day and I got to thinking, why do I keep coming back to so many of these games over and over and over after all these years? And then I realized: a lot of it has to do with the weapons. You know, weapons that just, for whatever reason, they had that feel to them that just feels right. It’s just gratification, satisfaction, awesome…ness. Of course, most of these games
are really good games on their own, but even if the game isn’t the best in the world, for some reason, these weapons just feel so solid that you just keep coming back for more. So I’ve made another Top 17 list of the most satisfying weapons to use in PC games. I’ve limited myself to PC games because I can. And that’s mostly what I play, so here we go! This is a rather recent game, but it’s
easily one of the most satisfying weapons that I’ve played with in a long time. The arm-mounted grappling hook
is used for all sorts of things from transportation to stabbing people, to typing people up like some kind of cyborg spider. Carmageddon 2 has so many great weapons, but few come close to the Pedestrian Electro Ray. Come within a certain radius of
any pedestrians or creatures and zap them until they fry. And the best part is it sends out multiple rays at once, easily getting all sorts of combos. I swear, this thing never gets old. Yes, you heard me. You spend all that precious time making your Sim, buy them a house with a pool, and then have them take a swim. But what happens when you remove that ladder? Well, Sims are incapable of
getting out of the pool without it, so they simply exercise to death and then drown from the lack of energy. At least they’ll have a nice corpse. This B-movie game is a bit mixed in gameplay quality, but there is absolutely no
shortage of awesome weapons, and man, are they fun to use– some more than others– and the chainsaw sword takes the cake. Just grab a can of gasoline and start slicing and dicing. Big or small, it doesn’t matter. It all dies, and it’s amazing. As a kid with sadistic tendencies, I loved SimAnt. Nothing like being able to play God by creating and destroying an entire colony of ants. Maxis knew this, and all of their
games have a good and evil side. And SimAnt’s Insecticide is definitely evil. It’s just pleasing to spray all of the creatures to a crisp. Spiders, red ants, whatever! And of course, winning the game
super quickly by spraying the red ants’ queen and her eggs to death. There are several planet-destroying weapons in games, but Spore’s Planet Buster feels the best to me. It’s just because you spend so
much time doing so little damage for most of the very neutral kind of game, and then many hours in,
you finally get the Planet Buster. Target a planet, make one click and… [explosion] Yes. Death Star goodness. Better than all three prequel trilogies combined. Duke Nukem 3D has no shortage of sweet weapons, and they all feel nice, but there’s just something about the Shrink Ray. A lot of it has to do with how
amazingly unique it is among games, but it feels perfect for what it is. Just point, shoot, then stomp. [crunch] Heh heh! Duke’s Mighty Foot never ceases to amuse. Helopolises? Helopoli? Whatever. Age can be a seriously taxing game, challenging your mind and even your reflexes. But honestly, just build up a giant army of Helopoliseses and watch the world burn. Houses, farms, and even wonders are especially gratifying to destroy. Mass genocides have never been so easy. Half-Life 2 had a great physics engine, and the Gravity Gun is the perfect weapon to show it off. Even better is the Super Gravity Gun
that you get near the end of the game. From large objects to combine troops, it’s all a weapon when you have the
power of gravity at your fingertips. And seriously, what better weapon
could you get for a theoretical physicist? The game many consider as the best in the franchise, Vice City had no shortage of weapons. But especially memorable and enjoyable are the melee weapons. Brass knuckles, baseball bats, katanas, hammers, golf clubs, meat cleavers, chainsaws. Who knew that there were so
many ways to kill a hooker? Now this was a close one between
this and F.E.A.R.’s HV Penetrator, but Painkiller wins. The ridiculous creatures, the crazy environments, and the freaking fact that it shoots giant wooden stakes AND grenades makes this a never-ending barrel of laughs. Tack freakish enemies to the walls, the ceilings, each other. It’s just classic. Freaking Worms, man, especially Worms Armageddon. So many stupid weapons, like the Concrete Donkey. And of course, the Grandma. But to me, the most satisfying is the Sheep. There’s just nothing like the moment
when you finally got that perfect shot. That ideal moment to toss the jumping, bleating Sheep and make it explode on your friend’s head doing serious damage. UT ’99 is the definition of a twitch shooter, and when played with other people,
it’s a constant adrenaline rush. For me, there is no more adrenaline to get than with a well-placed Flak Cannon shot. Whether it’s the regular burst
of super-heated metal shards turning enemies into gibs, or the secondary Flak Cannon grenade from a distance, it’s always pure bliss when you pull off a good game of Flak Monkey. Many of the weapons feel nice and gritty in Max Payne, just how they should. But for the most part they’re all pretty slow, up until you get the Ingram. Get two of them and prepare to annihilate the enemies. There’s just nothing like overdoing a kill by blasting a guy to bits with
64 rounds in a couple of seconds. Bullet time never looked so good. MAX:
A lifetime ago, this would have
gone down as a narcotics arrest. Soldier of Fortune is just nasty. When it came out, it was
easily the goriest game out there, and even a bit disturbing. It’s dark, disgusting and brutal, and it’s really close, to me,
between the Combat Knife and the Shotgun for being the most cathartic. The knife is just crazy. It’s like what would happen if an
absolute psycho got a hold of a Ka-Bar. But the Shotgun edges ahead, I think, just due to its severity. Blow off heads, legs, arms, spill intestines, at a distance, close up, whatever. So over-the-top and so satisfying because those guys totally deserve it. The Shotgun in the original Doom is an absolute classic. And of course, the BFG-9000 is as well, with its ridiculous green ball of death. But for me, the best Doom weapon
is Doom II’s Super Shotgun. It feels perfect, it sounds perfect, it’s huge and it’s also simple. Two metal barrels held together with a piece of wood and explosives in the middle. It is the perfect testosterone-filled shotgun. It may be slow, but once you blow
away three zombie soldiers at once, it doesn’t matter. This gun is amazing. [gunshot, roar] This was such a close call for me. The Super Shotgun may be a
whole lot of fun all the time, but the Redeemer is just something else. It’s because Unreal Tournament is
one of those games that just teases you, especially with a weapon like the Redeemer. Just gets so close so often and when you’re in the middle of the heat of a match a few points down and low on health and run across a Redeemer, it’s pure ecstasy! Just hide in a corner, pop one off,
and watch the frags rack up. You can even control the warhead
from IT’S perspective if you’d like, setting it off at the opportune time. There may be more fun weapons to
use all the time, like the Super Shotgun, but the Redeemer makes up for it by making you wait for that incredible shot And once you make it, you are on top of the world with the knowledge that you just completely owned all of your friends at once.

100 thoughts on “LGR – Top 17 Satisfying PC Game Weapons

  1. 10mm HV Penetrator from F.E.A.R.
    Seriously, when it comes to nailing enemies to walls in all sorts of uncomfortable poses, nothing else comes close. Nothing. Guy hanging from a wall by his foot? You bet.

  2. The shotgun in F.E.A.R. feels really satisfying to me. Blast arms and legs off Replica soldiers and watch it in slowmotion. Nothing is quite like it.

  3. Gauss rifle from Fallout 2 😀 Just ZING! and your enemy are dead…of course still some enemies can survive shot from gauss rifle but still, its most devasting small arm in Fallout 2

  4. The Redeemer just bakes everything and blasts it to bits, at the same time… and it's nuclear… it's just awesome. The Pulse Gun and the Flack cannon can just be totally unfair, when used at close range, and totally satisfying – so is a hail of lead from the minigun, at almost any range.

  5. I once used the stake gun from Painkiller to nail enemies to the top arch of a bridge over my head. Great stuff!

  6. Holy shit FAKK2, forgot that even existed. Now I must look to see if you've done a review of it!

    FAKK2, COMIN' AT YOU! HEAVY METAL FIRE, IS MY DESIRE! ..how did I remember that.

  7. Unreal Tournament, many, many, many hours spent on this game, and many friends made, too. It brings back fond memories.

  8. The axe from postal 2 because it was a one hit kill and you can cut enemies into pieces.
    (and then kick the head and get a achievement).

  9. The Revenant Heavy Machine Gun from Mass Effect 2 is my #1. Coming out of the soldier's time dilation ability and hearing the Revanant's roaring fire rate pick up is just amazing.

    Ooh ooh ooh and the Pestilent Defiler with a corrosion build Hunter in the first Borderlands. Nothing like making every guy you gun down scream in agony and slowly melt into glowing green goo.

  10. No Cerebral Bore from Turok? Personally, one of my favorite weapons from games is the Penetrator dildo bat from Saints Row 3. It's just so ridiculous and floppy!

  11. Where's the Lemmings nuke? Popping lemmings and fireworks all over the screen and an o so satisfying "Oh No" sample (at least on the Amiga version).

  12. Weapons on Star Wars: Jedi Academy/ any of the Kyle Katarn games should've been on here. Especially the purple concussion weapon 😍

  13. Man, UT99 had some AWESOME weapons. They almost all did something cool for a secondary shot. You could even combo them with the Shock Rifle. (Shoot the secondary slow-moving orb that shoots out with the primary fire to make a big ol' purple explosion) I think my favorite weapon in that game or of any game weapon is the Flak Cannon for sure. I just LOVE that secondary grenade lobber.

  14. In Quake III: Arena I remember the most used weapon at the LAN parties, I attended, were the Rocket Launcher.
    I recall Rocketjumping and one-shotting with a rocket right in the face.

  15. The flak cannon (specifically the UT3 version) is my all-time favorite. It's just so badass! Shotgun and shotgun-style weapons in video games don't always turn out so well (glaring at you, Jet Force Gemini's weird charge shotgun), but Flakky's always felt really good to use

  16. There was a weapon called "mass driver" in "Descent 3". It was, if I'm not wrong, the second most powerful weapon of the game and was so satisfying to fire. It was kind of a rail gun.

  17. I know this is PC exclusive, but one of my favorite game weapons of all time was the RC-P90 from Goldeneye64. http://goldeneye.wikia.com/wiki/RC-P90

  18. 1. Flak Cannon
    2. Gravity Vortex
    3. Fusion Gattling
    4. Black hole gun from U2
    5. Particle "shotgun" from FEAR
    6. Wormgun from PREY 2006
    7. Rocket launcher from Q3A
    8. Big Cannon from Serious Sam (all parts)
    9. Pistol from Alien Rage
    10. Needler from Halo
    11. Railgun from STALKER

  19. Descent II Phoenix cannon.

    The shots bounce twice. 10 shots and you hit everything in a room. Plus it's fun to play with

  20. Plasma cutter from Dead Space is the best weapon in any game I've ever played! Bang, one shot and your target has lost a limb!

  21. The super shotgun is my number one. One can pretty much clear whole Doom 2 with it. The Gravity Gun and the Expander from the Plutonium PAK would be runners up.

  22. Unreal's Shock Rifle is far and away my favorite, especially the 2004 edition. 3 fire modes, all of which are useful in different ways. It was easy to hit a combo standing still, but took a lot of skill to do it while dodging around enemy fire. And the huge damage and booming sound effect when you hit a combo was just the best.

  23. The shotgun on quake, ooh and all none lethal weapons and take downs on deus ex human revolutions, i bet they would be deadly as heck. I was just watching a video of the worst 17 pc games and one comment said u had no malice as a youtuber… then i watched this :). Carmageddons death ray…

  24. Nice, the flak gun from unreal tournament is one of my favorite video game guns and probably the best shotgun in any video game ever. Back in the day I was a top ranked unreal tournament player back in the day and I would mow people down with that thing, one of the best parts is if you angle your shot just right you can bounce the flak around corners and doorways.

  25. Bro your editing skills have gone from what the what to wholly acceptable. Thank you! Lol, first time seeing this old of a video from you.

  26. my personal favorites are D.Eagle in soldier of fortune, Shock Rifle (combo) or Lightning gun in UT2004. HK Mp5sd5 in rainbow six games.

  27. Most satisfiying weapon nowadays is the Lancer from the Gears of War series.. chainsaw combined with an assault rifle? Call me in!

  28. Unreal Tournament Rocket launcher and holding it until all barrels are full and launching all at once and all tracking that single guy.

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