LGR – Race The Nags – DOS PC Game Review

LGR – Race The Nags – DOS PC Game Review

[typing] VO: Hey! Yes? VO: It’s time to race the nags! The nags? VO: The nags! Whaaaat? VO: It’s nag racin’ time developed by Richard A. Olsen and distributed by Soft Source, Inc. in 1992. Soft Source was better known by their retail
division, Personal Companion Software, and this is indeed a PCS release here. Even though the packaging is about as
exciting as a non-disclosure agreement, I love these guys, because they provided a neat physical package to what may have otherwise only
been available as a download. And they look all cool and uniform
once stacked up on each other. Except for these educational ones. Screw them for being different! The game comes on a single floppy disk, which is great if you have a floppy drive. And not so great if you have mashed potatoes. [mushy sounds] “Race the Nags” begins with a PC speaker ditty and a strange disembodied horse head. [PC speaker ditty] You then get an elegantly simple green menu that lets you enter the names of up to six players that will soon lose their shirts. Then it’s onto the off-track betting to place your bet on any single horse. You’re graciously provided with $500 to start out with and you can bet on any horse to
either win, place or show in the race. Only flat races are on offer here, so no steeple chasing or endurance races. Just a short sprint from point A to point B. If you’ve bet on a horse that isn’t awful and happens to finish at or
above the position you bet on, you win! At least until the next race, because, hey, a true gambler
doesn’t stop until they’re bankrupt, especially not in “Race the Nags.” The payout is determined by
the winning position you bet on, as well as the odds based on prior statistics, so taking a gander at the stats board is a good idea if you want to look like you know what you’re doing. Otherwise, just take a wild guess and bet on whatever horse has the best name. Of course, that can be pretty difficult when you’ve got names as great as Tambourine Man, Slip Me Some, Grave Situation, Call Me Later, Out Of Tune and In The Pink… Shame there’s no Coconut Pizza here, but I’m sure you can modify the
game with such sure-fire winners if you’re a good enough casino cop. The horse names really
are a highlight of the game and the back of the box boasts
over 200 of them being included. The other big draw is, of course, the gambling itself, while the actual equine competition gets placed on the back burner, much like real life. The outcomes are rather consistently unexpected, too, with even the most stellar stallions falling flat, and the most pathetic ponies taking a surprise win. I always imagine that the
horses that trip up and fall over actually just dropped dead. Especially considering the name of the game, because as far as I know, a “nag” chiefly refers to a horse that is old and worn out. So in that case, we’re actually just racing
a whole bunch of worn out horses for our own twisted pleasure, and that just makes the whole experience even better. And, man, the intro to the game wasn’t lying
when it billed itself as horribly addictive. For what is essentially a single-screen DOS game, this is incredibly compelling stuff, if you’v got even a single gambling bone in your body. While it’s not as involved as it could be, and you’re not betting on multiple horses or investing in the training of them or anything, it is just involved as it needs to be and not a bit more. Take any one thing out of this game and it sucks. Conversely, add too much
and you’ll want to keep adding until you end up with a game like “Derby Owner’s Club.” I think the developer found a neat
sweet spot with “Race the Nags,” and knew precisely when to say
“enough is enough” and call it a day. After all this came out in 1992, ’93, and computer hardware was
capable of far more at the time, even for independent developers. Now whether this limited gameplay
core was a conscious design decision or whether it was simply a lack of skill or time, I don’t know and… I don’t care, really. The result was a game that
does precisely what you expect, thoroughly absorbs you into that one thing, and keeps you betting on just one more race, until you either win big or lose big. And both are equally as exciting, knowing that you can simply restart at any time and have another $500 to play with. “Race the Nags” may be oversimplified and have a bit of a strange name, but I find the execution to be fascinating, and another fun example of the
minimalist “less is more” philosophy. And if you enjoyed my mashed potatoes, then you’re on the right channel. I’ve got plenty more potatoes in my fridge, although I’m about to eat them, so never mind. But I do have a lot of videos to watch that are on my channel currently and that are going to be coming in the future. I have new videos every Monday and Friday. You can also follow and interact with me
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  1. I know how much you love gambling games and Casino Cop and all, so I'm convinced you'd fall in absolute love with the cheesiness that is Vegas Stakes for SNES. I absolutely adore it!!

  2. looks like borland pascal or borland c/c++  graphics library.    oh man it was great to find docs to use something else..

  3. There is a mod to this game where you can edit all of the horse names. One guy made all of the horses be named Sarah Jessica Parker. 

  4. The finest ingredients are brought together with love and care, then slow cooked to perfection. Yes, the old ways are still best at Los Pollos Hermanos. But don't take my word for it. One taste, and you'll know.

  5. I don't have a floppy drive unfortunately.

    What kind of potatoes work with floppies? Will general non-mashed potatoes from the super-market work? I require some assistance over here!

  6. Does anybody else besides me like to think of "Voice Over LGR" and "Live Action LGR" as two separate entities? Like Clint is just some normal dude trapped in a house full of old tech stuff and the LGR voice is keeping him there for his amusement…

    …maybe I need to stop watching LGR when I'm sleep deprived.

  7. Well done, man! This is now my favorite video of yours! And it's difficult to have a favorite on your channel when all the videos are so top notch! The intro just kills me every time, idk why it makes me laugh so much but I love it

  8. Hilarious review! I once made a similar (but much simpler) game – on a Casio calculator! Instead of horses it had cars, which were represented by dots. I don't remember if there was any betting in the game…
    Please do "Dracula in London" at some point in the near future, that one sounds good.

  9. Hey LGR, just want to stop by and thank you for the thoughtful & entertaining videos. I watch a lot of your videos on my lunch break at work, it really helps to get through the day. Additionally, you seem like a super laid-back mellow type of guy, which is awesome.

  10. If someone brought this back as a phone game it would be awesome. I mean, who wouldn't want to play the fake ponies with fake money while taking a real crap in a public toilet?

    BTW everybody, what's your personal pick for a ridiculously awesome horse name? I like Peeping Tom Techie (by a photo finish!) Pinocchio's Nutsack (by a nose!) and Ninja Assassin Gnome, just because! 🙂

  11. At 2:06 I noticed horse 6 was called "In the Pink" and was like haha what if… and then horse 6 immediately changed to "Prairie Pie" lol, almost 🙂

  12. Do you have a game called Good To Firm? Was a horse training/betting DOS game. I absolutely loved it, but can't find a version of it these days.

  13. No "Greetings intro" ? i'm sad.

    Anyway, greetings from France and have a "Bonne année" (happy new year) dear sir. 🙂

    Nice Eric Chahi painting by the way.

  14. I so remember buying this game at a book store that a display of various shareware games..  You need to do a review of the "Hugo" series Ie. Jungle of Doom..  Didn't Pushing up Roses do a Let's Play?  

  15. I used to have a game that looked very very similar to this…it came in a compilation game disk for windows 98. I forget what it was called, but it looks like an updated version of this. The killer part of it was you could buy horses and sell them, you could have a 'stable' and you could enter them in several different kinds of races and different turf (like dirt or grass). I sunk so many hours into it. Also you could tweak your horses stamina and such so you could make a virtually invincible horse…almost invincible, there were always horses that can beat you, but I'd love to figure out what it was called and be able to play it again some day.

  16. You can run dos games using mashed potatoes, you need some chicken though or the floppy disk will be lonely, and some bacon placed in the floppy drive, the bacon receives signals from the chicken (which must be sat next to the floppy disk with the mashed potatoes or your hard drive will crash) and plays the game, I hope you found this useful lgr 🙂 (does not work with windows cd rom or Mac games released after 1990)

  17. This game seems sorta meh… I do however like what the Japanese have managed to do with virtual horse racing though.

  18. That is the best drawing of Sarah Jessica Parker I have seen in years.  Although, she is way past her racing years.

  19. This reminds me of a game I used to have called Derby Day or something. It's great-lose all your money? Ah, just restart the game and have more money appear..sadly that doesn't work on real horses..darn

  20. thank you for even mentioning derby owners club, dear god I loved that game more than life itself from ages 8-12. I had like 30 horses, and I still have them somewhere in a card holder. I sadly haven't played it in years after my two arcades that had it closed down. I remember I saw one at this pac-man cafe/arcade in Orlando and one dude made it to the top of the scoreboard with a horse named "FUCK YOU PAC-MAN", lawl

  21. mashed potatoes wont read the data, ok.
    but they harmonize nicely if you are hungry and dont care.
    i ate noodles with a comb once.
    for more inspiration watch micro men on youtube, 35min 30.

  22. Misread it as Race The Nagas. My dreams of breaking the bank on shady underground serpent racing go woefully unfilled.

  23. Holy crap. I played this so much in high school. For whatever reason it was on the computer in a math teacher's room. I'm old.

  24. I was reminded of this game when playing Pocket Card Jockey… granted it was a lot less betting on the ponies and a lot more on raising them, but you don't find many horse racing games here anyways. ("Track" enthusiasts aside, it seems we just care about the Triple Crown if at all and not much else.)

  25. What started as a search for ergonomic wrist rests, somehow ended up here. Why do I stray so easily from the beaten path, I ask myself over and over again. Take me away to the farther lands ye ol' recommended videos, and distract me until my purpose have truly been forgotten.

  26. In Japan they have two different horse racing games. One is plastic horses Galloping around oval track with CRT screen to animation. Second track is on a huge three screen. You sit on a comfortable chair in front of the monitor that's touch screen. You pick a jockey and horse, then you'll see an animation or watch the animation on huge three screens to watch.

  27. no joke – never seen this video before – I sat down to watch a random LGR video with bowl of mashed potatoes for supper. Funny how things seem to align themselves. It's like back in 2014 you knew I was gonna sit down with a bowl of potatoes… trippy man…just trippy..

  28. As a kid I made a game in BASIC where there's a little guy walking towards a row of barrels, and you have to repeatedly press a key to launch the barrels out of his way one by one, you can't launch the barrels too quickly because eventually they fall back down, but this is tricky because the little guy's speed keeps changing. It was crazy simple but weirdly addictive, maybe I should have polished and distributed it somehow so LGR would make a video on it 20 years later.

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