LGR – Onesimus – DOS PC Game Review

LGR – Onesimus – DOS PC Game Review

[typing] It’s an interesting world we live in. At some point, somebody was like, Hey! Let’s take Jill of the Jungle, make her a dude, take out half the interesting levels and features and stuff a bunch of bible verses in there at random that have nothing to do with the gameplay at all. Yeah, if you think that idea is genius, then I’ve got the game for you. [VO]
Onesimus: A Quest for Freedom, developed and published by
Ark Multimedia Publishing in conjunction with Epic MegaGames in 1992. It’s an “ARK-ade” Game! Ha ha ha! Get it? Cuz Ark Multimedia… LOL LOL LOL. And yes, the text on the back really is this blurry but it doesn’t matter what it says because I’ll tell you what they won’t. This is Jill of the Jungle without Jill or the jungle. How this came to be isn’t exactly clear, but basically this company called Ark Multimedia was started by an ex-Marxist
revolutionary from Columbia who almost died in the jungle, fled to the USA, and was called to the Christian faith after
cleaning toilets in a New York Subway and finding his way over to a
Baptist church in New Jersey. I’m not making that up, either. So yeah, with his new faith in mind, he decided to start a company
to make wholesome games and become synonymous with family entertainment just like Disney. It goes without saying there’s a reason that Ark Multimedia Mouse is not famous today, which is pretty weird, considering games like Journey to the Promised Land and Bible Paint and Learn seem like sure-fire blockbusters. After several years of subpar
sales in the Christian market, they ended up releasing a bunch of
interactive multimedia products for Walmart and Walden Software before fading into obscurity. But anyway, back to Onesimus,
which was developed alongside the third Jill of the Jungle episode, Jill Saves the Prince, as a commissioned product for Ark Multimedia. If you’re familiar with Jill, this is some “Matrix”-level déjà vu. It’s the same gameplay, the same music, the same sound effects, the same overworld map, the same levels, the same graphics… except where it’s not, like the protagonist himself, Onesimus, based on the runaway slave referred to in the Epistle of Paul to Philemon found in the Christian New Testament. Spolier alert: this happens to him. But thankfully, the game
ends before you get there. Anyway, he’s just a simple re-skin of Jill with sprites that aren’t
drawn or animated as well, and even the same sound effects
when you get hurt and die. [sampled “oohs” and “ows”] Eh, maybe it’s not that odd. Perhaps he’s a eunuch. Or perhaps it’s just lazy and inconsistent, like the entire rest of the game. Now if you remember from
my Jill of the Jungle review, I like that game a lot, probably more than I should. So you’d think that this would
be just as awesome, right? Nope! For one thing, other than
the intro and outro levels, they’re just rehashes of
those found in the “Jill” trilogy. So if you’ve played through that,
then you’ve played this. Also, they completely removed the awesome ability to transmogrify yourself into an animal, so there’s another unique selling
point of the game that’s just gone. And finally, they’ve plopped these bible verses from the Book of Philemon into the game at random. Okay, so I have no problem with that in theory. After all, the original “Jill” included
pop-up text boxes, too, but– These are not just entirely pointless
in regards to the gameplay, but they don’t go away until an invisible timer runs out, which of course feels like forever. On top of that, they’re incredibly
common and totally unpredictable. They completely ruin the pacing of the game, which is already a bit worse
due to the lacking abilities. But seriously, these don’t matter in the least. They’re completely out-of-context verses which take you through the Book of Philemon– which, of course, hasn’t even happened yet because *you’re* still playing
though the story that happened, which led to Philemon being written. There are some minor changes, like your throwing star weapon
being turned into a rock, and certain enemies being re-skinned into something slightly more
fitting for the time period, I guess. For the most part, this has
no bearing on the gameplay, but the enemy AI sure does. What the heck was that? And how am I supposed to get
past this guy without getting hurt? He won’t move! Eventually, you reach the end and are greeted with the same style ending as Jill Saves the Prince. The Apostle Paul then asks you to marry him and– [fumbling pages]
Ah, wait, hold on. I, uh… I mixed up the games here.
[clears throat] So Paul is like, “Hey, you wanna be a Christian?” And you’re like, “Okay.”
And Paul’s like, “Congratulations. You are.” “Now, get out of here and go back to your master.” “You’re still a slave.” So, uh… Yeah, I guess that’s that. You escape the perils of Rome’s flying lava birds, giant snails and alligators, only to go right back to your old life of being a slave. But hey, at least you have Jesus. Uggh… So… maybe that’s holding true to the New Testament’s story and is missing the entire message of Philemon, but it sure doesn’t make for a satisfying
video game ending, I’ll tell you that. To sum things up, “Onesimus: A Quest for Freedom”
should have been called “Not Jill: A Quest for Marketshare.” This practice was all too
common back then and kind of still is. Take an existing secular product, toss some bible verses and a Jesus fish on it, and sell it to gullible religious types who just wanted something safe for their kids, and figure that since it’s sold in a Zondervan
Christian bookstore, that it’s a good idea. It’s just unfortunate. And granted there are FAR worse
offenders than Onesimus here and hey, if you had never played a “Jill” game, then this was still a pretty sweet platformer for its day. It’s just easy for me to be cynical
about something so underacheiving and so obviously meant to cash in, instead of provide anything new or valuable. With that said, it’s a hugely interesting oddity, if you’re a fan of Epic MegaGames
and the “Jill” series, so it’s at least worth grabbing
if you find a copy for cheap. Just don’t expect much and it will absolutely deliver on that. [sampled “ooh” and “ow”] And hey, if you enjoyed this video
on a bizarre Christian game and would like to see some
others, then let me know. Or let me know otherwise, too, if you
want to avoid this whole religious thing. I’d understand either way, but I find
this stuff absolutely fascinating and I’ve got a ton of them. So I would like to do some other
videos if you’d like to see them. And if not, then I’ve got a ton
of other videos already made and more coming in the future,
so subscribing is a thing. You can also follow and interact
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earlier than anywhere else. And as always, thank you very much for watching.

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  7. I'd have to think a LOT of that bonus text would repeat over and over with stuff you've already read throughout the game, if it was from the book of Philemon (aka one of the shortest books of the Bible.) Seriously, I've written BSing paragraph essays on school tests longer than Philemon. 😛

    Come to think of it, I've probably written comments on Youtube longer than the book of Philemon.Why pick a Bible story so obscure? Why not do something "religiously cool" like a RTS campaign of Joshua. Joshua: Total War? I smell an idear! Or…a lawsuit.  😉

  8. I love reviews of "Chistian entertainment" and edutainment series games, so I'd be happy to see more reviews of those kinds of titles. I'd also love to see a historical piece on two edutainment companies: The Learning Company (and their A.D.A.P.T software), and the fall of Creative Wonders.

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    Just because there's been so many and as far as I know, they've all been terrible.
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  17. Wow, very interesting video! I really enjoy weird games like this one (well, at least I enjoy watching reviews). They're quite funny, and actually inspiring. Well, not that I'd do something based on that, but seeing weird things always helps when writing scenarios for stories or roleplay games, for example.

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  19. You have to give companies like these credit.  At least they actually TRIED and made their own games to try to appeal to their intended audiences (well, sometimes, although most of the times they just reskinned other material as seen here).  SJWs/Feminists don't even have THAT level of ingenuity,nor do they even try to make their own original games, and instead try forcing their ideas onto big name companies.

    Also, thanks for taking the high road with this review.  I imagine many people doing reviews on this would have just spent the whole time wailing on Christianity.

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    Then I looked down and saw that +Gareth Dean had fixed that. Actually I wasn't going to mention the creator part, I was going to carefully allude to it because obviously mentioning it would spawn a stupid argument about it.

    So just for the record, nobody wants to hear whether you do or don't believe in a God. Nobody wants to hear your thoughts on religion. I don't care which group of humans is responsible for the worst anything because this is a computer games channel and so I in fact just want to talk about computer games.

  22. I think you shouldn't do religious games too often. Once in a while, yeah, it's fine but, if you do them periodically the comment section will eventually turn into a religion flame war, and you'll be known as either that guy who hates religion (if you make jokes, because religious people will get butthurt) or that boring guy who plays religious games.

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    Um.. Believing in a magical all powerful being who created everything with the only "proof" being a book written by humans. I think that encompasses all religious types 😡

  27. This game was so much fun that I installed and beat it multiple times EVEN THOUGH IT BRICKED MY COMPUTER WHEN YOU BEAT IT lol

  28. I'm Mormon so I'm all to familiar of how much these games suck. Thankfully I am allowed to play any thing that is not to violent now. Skyrim and dark souls are Great but doom(2016) is not. I have played the first doom though and I do like it. Also because of lgr I think I'm gonna ask for a dos computer for my birthday. Don't know what computer yet but I want early 90s. Any sugestions?

  29. They probably chose the story of Onesimus because his journey from Philemon to Paul isn't recorded. All we know is that he found Paul and Paul sent him back with a letter telling Philemon to treat him like a brother, rather than a slave. So, really, the entire game could be whatever the maker wanted it to be without needing to align with an actual Bible story. If they had used Joshua, Moses, David, etc, they would have needed to have it make sense along the way. It was an easy out… Still, I played the game as a kid and LOVED it – for the gameplay, obviously not the story. I am a Christian, and that's probably why my parents got it for us to play, but I never felt cheated. Sure, it was a cheap adjustment of another game, but the game itself actually holds up pretty solid for enjoyment. I have to agree about the Bible verses though – they interrupted the flow of the game, and should have let you skip them if you wanted. They could have easily incorporated Scripture in a better way… I actually differ from the reviewer in that I like Onesimus better than Jill. Not because it earned it; I know it stood on the shoulders of Jill. But because Jill being an earlier game understandably seems to have more bugs in it (to me, anyway). It feels more chaotic with maps, level structure, etc, while Onesimus's use of map/levels/music choices feels more natural. Yes, Onesimus didn't use all the animal magic stuff, which was neat; but I still liked it better overall.

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