LGR – Joe Danger – PC Game Review

LGR – Joe Danger – PC Game Review

*mechanical keyboard typing* No Man’s Sky! A game that has been hyped to a fever pitch with tons of mainstream press coverage and a mob of fans that go wild for every little detail, all for a game no one’s really played yet. I think it has the potential to be pretty neat with its massive procedurally generated universe to explore and all that but I also think that many folks are forgetting, or even don’t realize, that its developer, Hello Games, is a fifteen-person studio that’s only been around since 2008. In fact, just a little over three years ago, Sean Murray of Hello Games actually contacted me about reviewing the PC port of their first game, Joe Danger. I said I would when I got the chance, and the guy was just super nice about it and, hey, I’m a man of my word. But I’m just now getting to it. Sorry it took so long, Sean! I was probably distracted by burgers at the time. So, before I dive headfirst into the seemingly infinite universe of No Man’s Sky, it’s time to dive into Joe Danger! [Baby voice]
Hello! Well, wasn’t that cute? The game starts off with an intro sequence letting you know the basic story of stuntman Joe Danger who is a washed-up Evel Knievel type that wants to make his big comeback. So he does, and that’s about it. You’re dropped into the main menu and you’ve got all sorts of options, from playing single player career paths, to local multiplayer, to a… [Deep voice]
Practice MODE! which provides a friendly environment to get used to the game’s mechanics. Speaking of which, Joe Danger plays more or less like a cross between Excitebike and Trials HD with a dash of Tony Hawk thrown in there. So it’s a colorful cartoony sidescrolling racer with stunt-focused platforming elements and it is just as fun as it sounds! And by that, I mean it’s either a game that you’ll happily spend hours completing or you’ll play it for about thirty minutes and be done with it. I am, unfortunately, in the latter category. I don’t have a problem with Joe Danger itself, exactly, I just don’t care for this style of Groundhog Day game. You know, the kind of thing where you have to replay moments over and over and over and over to get as close as you can to a perfect score, otherwise you can’t progress. You have to collect just the right number of items or do just the right number of things in a challenging environment to even move on, because many key levels are locked away until you pay for them with in-game currency and just, aaagh, no thanks. I’m sure this appeals to certain kinds of perfectionists who love playing against the clock and slowly fine-tuning their dexterity, but that’s just not me. Now, with that out of the way, as far as these types of games go, Joe Danger is an incredibly accessible one. You have controls for accelerating, braking, boosting, ducking, jumping, and doing stunts, and with a controller, it works very well. The physics are also quite forgiving, with Joe having some kind of rubberized adamantium skeleton or something that keeps him going even when it looks like he should be dead. All along the way, you’ll be drip-fed a set of new features and track pieces that provide a steadily increasing challenge. And when you’re tired of the career mode, you can start making your own tracks using an easy-to-use editor that lets you test sections of track on the fly. Aside from the gameplay itself that’s not really my style, about the only other thing that I really disliked were the foreground objects getting in the way and the camera sometimes being finicky. This made certain track sections far more difficult than they should have been. One other thing I should mention is regarding the controls, and, well, it’s obvious this was a console port. There’s a painful lack of PC optimization, like showing Xbox controls on-screen even if you’re playing with a keyboard, sluggish and imprecise mouse movement, and featuring very few options to mess with. There’s also some frame rate issues in multiplayer mode which, by the way, is offline-only. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this is a bad game by any means; it’s vibrant and comical and very easy to pick up and play. It’s just that it tends to frustrate me more often than it provides a sense of accomplishment. Sometimes, that’s because of technical issues, but more often than not it’s because I simply don’t feel compelled by this style of gameplay. So I don’t fault it for that, but I do feel that it’s worth making sure that you know what kind of game it is. Speaking of which, they also made Joe Danger 2 The Movie in 2012. And it’s more or less the same game, except this time instead of just motorcycles, you’re also taking control of minecarts, jet-assisted skis, and quadbikes all while pulling off stunts and enduring countless action-movie clichés. And, man, they amped up the energy in this one. It’s almost sensory overload! Again, though, there’s lots of perfectionist gameplay going on that kind of isn’t what I like, and it’s still an obvious console port. There are even more frame rate issues, and it includes far too many unskippable cutscenes, which is minor, but, you know, it bothers me, so that’s what it is. So, yeah, if the first game didn’t grab my attention, this one isn’t making it any better. But even if you’re like me and don’t really care for this type of game for very long, it’s still fascinating to say hello to Hello Games’ games before No Man’s Sky comes out. I mean, I don’t know about you, but if they can pull off what they’ve promised with that game with such a small team and such humble beginnings as Joe Danger, then I will be doubly impressed. Let’s just hope it gets a better PC port than these games did and has a bit more compelling gameplay as well. [Joe Danger Menu Music plays] And if you liked this review and would like to see my No Man’s Sky review coming up, it’s coming up. So stay tuned for that or just check back every Monday and Friday for other episodes or see some of my previous ones linked to right here. And you can always check me out on Patreon if you’d like to see episodes early and support the show Helps a whole lot! And, as always, thank you very much for watching LGR.

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  1. i can't believ theyre getting away with this. when the first no mans sky trailer came out i thought it looked familiar. its just a shitty reskin of joe danger that there charging you £60 for. i have no faith in the gaming industry anymore they just keep bringing out the same shit and telling us its different

  2. Center of the universe is just three guys floating in a void.

    Have a happy time playing knowing the truth now, people.

  3. my god, how did you brush of SEAN MURRAY?! that beard, that plaid shirt, such class, jk but really its a bit funny that the review is just coming out now. doesnt look like a bad game .

  4. Hey LGR. I contacted you on twitter regarding donating you a game called Robot City. Is it currently in your collection?

  5. Hi Clint, not sure if you saw my question on twitter, but do you think No Man's Sky got inspired by The Precursors?

  6. Haven't watched you in a while. Feels like coming home to a hot cup of cocoa and a blanket in a youtube full of coming home to a screechy parrot and sitting on a cactus.

  7. Ah, Joe Danger! My friend brought this out at a party after many drinks were had and we took turns building really terrible courses and trying to race them. My course was nothing but ramps. I have no idea how I got it to sort of work!

  8. Yah im mad NMS not xbox–HELLO, Hello Games–you lost a lot of sales 😀

    sony must have paid them off… because if i were HG i would have gone for an xbox and ps4 release.

    if NMS sucks then they REALLY lost a lot of xbox sales. Now xboxers have to wait and see if its worth buying. if its not…^^^^

  9. This video has taught me something. If you want LGR to review something that isn't The Sims. Be ready for the review to take 1 day to 3 years. xD

  10. So glad someone finally covered this, I don't understand how a mobile game company go go from this to an advanced open world, that is why I am not buying NMS. I think it's going to be riddled with problems.

  11. your point about it being a pc review and not having extra content is just pc master race bullshit. sure, they could have changed the tutorials but still. stop being a pc dickrider

  12. joe danger was such an amazing game. i played it way too much on ps3. i own the sequel on steam, but never got around to it. would you say it's worth it?

  13. Everybody is talking about how No Mans Sky will flop. Well, not really. I just played it on PS4 and it was amazing. So far one of the best games I've played in 2016. Still can't wait to play it on PC though.

  14. Glad it's not just me thinking this way.
    There's just so much hype for NMS. That is usually a signal that the game lacks….gameplay and is just pretty graphics with little else. I shall not be purchasing NMS on release day, I'll wait for other people to make youtube videos so I can see if it's Hit or Shit.

  15. Okay, I actually played this back in around 2014 on my cousins iPad.

    It really hasn't changed much from what I remember

  16. admit it LGR! You review this now because you wanted to make it near release date of no man's sky. Still love your channel

  17. No Man's Sky is fun but, considering the near-infinite nature of it, is not going to have nearly as much replayability.

  18. This comment is not related to this game but I thought I'd mention this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIfowwJj_GA
    It's about artificial intelligence in computer games and how it works and it got me thinking that it would make a good history piece for you to do with regards to how developers programme artificial intelligence – discussing how it's evolved over the decades and examples of A.I being better in older games.
    For example I think that Halo 1 has better A.I than a lot of games made in recent years. I remember Playing Battlefield 3 when it first came out and there was one scene where you had to fight off enemies in a car park early on in the game and I remember dodging their initial fire – flanking them and walking right up to the side of them just standing there watching them as they fired mindlessly at the door I had come through. I even jumped up and down next to them and they proceeded to do nothing. This clearly broke the immersion for me and I couldn't continue from here as in my mind the whole game had fallen apart!!
    Would be interesting to see your take on this topic ( not necessarily this game )!!

    Kind regards,


  19. Have I heard this voice somewhere else?

    Anyway, I believe I am among the very few who learned about No Man's Sky via a radio show in an AM station. They played the soundtrack.

  20. I really hope No Man's Sky isn't hyped out of success when it finally comes out. I'm not counting on it though. I think the mainstream media doesn't understand that procedurally generated games and such aren't new and surprising.

  21. even at 60fps I managed to identify the AOL disk swap without pausing.

    Youtube needs a proper frame advance command (that I am aware of)

  22. I feel bad for Hello Games, mostly because the hype for No Man's Sky isn't really their fault. Its' partly Sony's fault and it's (in my opinion) mostly the fans fault for getting insane expectations from relatively humble developers.

  23. Not gonna lie.

    No Man's Sky really isn't that good. It was impressive for about 30 minutes. But after that it doesn't change, after you've seen 3 planets you seen every planet.

    I can uh…see why they encouraged people not to buy the game on Steam, call me a cynic but it feels like they did it because they realized a lot of people would want to return it after an hour.

  24. I remember trying the demo and liking it, but not my type of game.
    I would love to see a reboot/remake of Excite Bike though.
    Or at least Enduro Racer on the Atari ST. Well, on modern systems that is.

  25. My thoughts during this video:
    Looks interesting, but yea Im also probably done in 30 min. Unless its on android maybe? looks…. 1 euro something? Men never mind, my paypal is emty and too much effort to play this small game I probably wont play too much.

  26. This one made me remember Elastomania. Ever play that one? I used to play that one quite a bit when I was like 11, and then a ton more at high school. Being a shareware (I think) title from the Win95/98 -era, I could see it being right up your alley. That or it's DOS-predecessor Action Supercross.

  27. This game seems kind of like subway surfers. It's the type of game that you can just mindlessly play for a long time, but it doesn't have any real meaning.

  28. I think joe danger III is their next project becauz i think sean murray won't even think about doing anything with no mans sky anymore.

  29. after half a year now…i can't believe we got caught in the hype, no man's sky became one of the most disappoiting games of 2016 from the sheer lies from the start ! but can we blame all on it ! i think the studio was thinking that they would have time to
    finish the game to iron every flaws….but the hype and sony force them to push it to release…

    who a'm i defending a game that tried to rob us of our moneys ! its just…the hype and lacks of info on the game made it impossible to know if it was going to be good ! in comparaison to zelda breath of the wild which on the others side we have seen alot of demo's of it as well as going somewhere the zelda franchise have forgotten

  30. Ah, yes. Another of those "play the same level 3658 times until you get it right because that's challenging " That's my biggest pet peeve in a game; having to do the same thing again and again until I finally get it right by trial and error. Once I do something, I don't want to do it again. That's not challenging. That's petty and annoying.

  31. I am kinda glad that I was never really interested in No man's sky. The weird bright neon and pastel colors just looked so cheesy and bad. It just looked too bright to me, the hot pink just hurt my eyes. Seeing as most people love the look of it I know that I am in the minority of people who dislike the games graphics. It might have something to do with me remembering the late 80's/early 90's where hot pink was everywhere.

  32. "let's just hope[No Man's Sky] gets a better PC port than Joe Danger. Ha.. Haha. Hahahaha.. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHSHSHSHHAAHAHGSJSKSNWKWKWJHFNDFOFO

  33. Hello, here I am from Sep 2019 – No Man's Sky is finally almost what they promised it to be… almost… but people say it's playble 🙂

    Oh and yes, they kept it at 60€ Price the whole time, which is somewhat a dick move if you ask me 🙂

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