Knowledge is Power – Decades Launch Trailer | PlayLink for PS4

Knowledge is Power – Decades Launch Trailer | PlayLink for PS4

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hello! And welcome to the most glitterific quiz show
on any known planet. We call it
Knowledge is Power: Decades. [MUSIC PLAYING] A winner!

44 thoughts on “Knowledge is Power – Decades Launch Trailer | PlayLink for PS4

  1. Lol is this garbage onthe list of why PS tards thing PS is better? Oh man! Who would want to miss out on this game for 5 year olds

  2. Mientras seguimos robando a nuestros jugadores vayamos metiendo juegos de mierda, total, esta gente es subnormal y solo por poner Sony ya lo va a comprar. ¿Robar? nooooo hombre, ofrecemos un servicio de calidad….. De calidad de mierda, pero de calidad.
    — ¿Quieres jugar online?
    — Síii
    — Pues pagame para jugar
    —Pero si yo ya tengo internet y lo pago
    — Nos da igual, queremos que pagues "nuestro internet" que no existe.


    Que encima nos quiere… pero sacar el dinero de los bolsillos, nada más.

  3. The original kinda sucked as a quiz tbh. It was all pointless because the points accrued didn't really seem to affect the endgame (Tower of Power?) very much. BRING BACK BUZZ!

  4. GameStop has Knowledge is Power and That's You at the store for 0.99 if you're curious on trying out the PlayLink games. Not bad to fork over a buck and try, give it a go.

  5. they had to release this game because modern young westerners are so dumb and uncultured all their general knowledge is restricted to recent pop and entertainment culture

  6. Too bad there’s no option for Norwegian language like the original has, had a lot of fun playing that with my family, they wouldn’t like it or understand as much in English.

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