Kingdom Hearts III – E3 2018 Pirates of the Caribbean Trailer | PS4

Kingdom Hearts III – E3 2018 Pirates of the Caribbean Trailer | PS4

SORA: Yo-ho yo-ho a
pirate’s life for me? DONALD: Why are you so happy? SORA: Because we get
to be pirates again. GOOFY: Yep.
You always did like this world. SORA: Still, it’s a real shame
we don’t have a bigger ship. [MUSIC PLAYING] Gotcha. SORA: Are you back
in the organization? MAN: Yes. Surprising isn’t it? SORA: Jack, Don’t you give this
creep the time of day. JACK: Sora, stand down. It’s the code. Musn’t strike
a pirate aboard ship when said pirate
offers to confabulate. MAN: I am looking for a box. HADES: Get them. HERCULES: Sora. ALIENS: They have come for us. WOODY: Wait. Stop. ALIENS: Farewell. ELSA: Arendelle is safer
with me staying up here. Please, go away. MAN: And the unversed collected
enough screams and sadness from those children. MIKE: Yeah. And the whole time they were
trashing our company in the process. SORA: You’re following her? WOMAN: Maybe she’s one of
the seven pure lights we need. The new seven hearts. MEN: Now. Set your heart free. MAN: And at the end, you’ll finally realize what
destiny has in store for you. In fact, your reward might
be right around the corner. GIRL: Hey, Axel. AXEL: Hey. Liking the look. Cut your hair too. GIRL: Mm-hmm. ♪ Baby, I don’t
want to know, baby ♪ ♪ I don’t want to know ♪

100 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts III – E3 2018 Pirates of the Caribbean Trailer | PS4

  1. AXEL AND KAIRIIIIII I SHIPPPPPP it oh yeah. this game will be the BEST EVER. The best thing that happenend in the last 5 years. I'm so hyped and excited I can't contain my happiness.

  2. Sooooo it is possible that if Pirates of the Caribbean its again as a world in KH3 then maybe JUST MAYBE…we can get Space Paranoids or The Grid back "online" again for this game? it could be amazing to see a faithfull recreation of the original TRON or the hyper stylized look of Legacy here with this graphics.

  3. It’s been almost 5 years since they announced this game. The hype is almost dying out.. please release it now ffs!!!

  4. I grew up on Disney this game has a lot of potential but I don’t know it looks a lot like final fantasy but I’ll give it a shot it looks okay.

  5. I feel like xigbar is the master from chi because he has one key and I know this is a stretch but come on you never know with kh

  6. Make an online game of pirate of the caribbean where u can create your own character, buy, create or stole ships. Recruit members, and ship fights

  7. Sadly it wasn’t Johnny Depp voicing jack 😑 just like the last time they put pirates of the Caribbean he still wasn’t voiced by Johnny Depp

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