Just Cause 4 – E3 2018 Announce Trailer | PS4

Just Cause 4 – E3 2018 Announce Trailer | PS4

I was born to fight wars
that no army could win. There was no fear, no failure. But the rules have changed. The enemy changed. And no one was ready for it. [SLOW MUSIC PLAYING] The Black Hand, they are the world’s most
powerful private army. But even they should
fear what they’ve created. This isn’t a war, Rico. This is survival. [MUSIC PLAYING] [CLICK, CLICK] [BOOM, BOOM] Does that happen a lot? What?
Me getting shot at? All the time. [MUSIC PLAYING]

100 thoughts on “Just Cause 4 – E3 2018 Announce Trailer | PS4

  1. the hard thing is gonna be picking game of the year this year we have Detroit Become Human,Spiderman ps4,Hitman 2,Just cause 4,The Last of us part 2. 2018 is the year of gaming

  2. mum: What you want for your birthday
    Me: I dont know
    Mum: what was that explosion game you were talking about?
    Me: Just cause?
    Mum: Yes
    Me: Get that and smash bros for switch and ill give you 5 bucks

  3. please get Depring Tactical Double Draw Shoulder Holster Concealed Every Day Carry Dual Pistol Holster Fully Adjustable Under Arm Horizontal Handgun Carrier fits Most Handguns Rico Rodriguez

  4. RICO IS BACK?! Yaaaas!!!! Seriously he’s legit one of my fav protagonists in gaming. And this looks so much like just cause 2 which is perfect. Day one for me!!!!

  5. I’m still happy to see my new favourite cars (the jeep in the desert from JC3 and Rico’s vehicle in most shots) and my 2 favourite planes the Cargo Plane and the commercial jet (in-game not in trailer)

  6. I remember seeing the cutscene after Mech Land Assault DLC in JC3, a couple of black hand soldiers got away with some intel or something, I hope jc4 will have somethng related to that

  7. This game is actually really fun and I love it! Bring me so much joy to play it. Y’all should buy it. 100% recommend it!

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