Jurassic World Evolution – Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Jurassic World Evolution – Gameplay Trailer | PS4


100 thoughts on “Jurassic World Evolution – Gameplay Trailer | PS4

  1. As a guy who played hours upon hours of Jurassic Park:Operation Genesis on ps2 words cannot contain my horror at seeing this dreadful thing 1:02.

  2. The Zoo Tycoon dino expansion was awesome. This looks like it has the potential to live up to that standard! I'm definitely excited to check this out!

  3. For this type of genre, the graphics up close look pretty good. Usually zooming in makes everything look awful since we're usually going to be zoomed out while playing. Hope it's good, I wouldn't mind playing it.

  4. Can anyone help/explain to me something. I pre-ordered it but then it says its comeing out december 3 not june 12th. i went to the web site but it says the same can anyone explain? Plz?

  5. You know what makes me sad? This game's probably not going to be released officially in Asia region, even if I could get a physical copy free of region-lock, I wouldn't be able to get any future expansion and DLC with my account should there be any following the game.

    Someone please prove me wrong…

  6. I bought Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis for £5 many years ago and was one of the best games I ever played. Because they're basically remaking it for presumably full price means I got a really good deal!

  7. انا ودي اعرف بس شلون اعرفو صوت الدينصورات بلعبه و ب الافلام؟😂 صوته يضحك😂😂😂

  8. So, I just pre-ordered the deluxe edition. Why does it say it come out on December 31st, 2018? Seriously, I know that's not true, but please, PLEASE, explain to me what's going on.

  9. does anyone aside me notice that the release date for this in the ps store is still set to near the end of of this year

  10. Hola tengo una duda porque el video dice que es a partir del 12 junio y en la PlayStation Store dice 31 de diciembre

  11. Can some one tell me why my ps says that the game will be here until December ???? If we know that is in June 12

  12. You know if Jurassic Park was gruesome graphic. Why not add Dinosaur Gender. Like a Male Dinosaur with a Dinosaur Penor sack. Or a female Dinosaur Vaginal flap. Joking. But that would be a great idea for breeding simulation instead of Scientific sabotage from the Vegan or Indonesia or Gas Ghost Factory.

  13. Это точно картинка с ps4 или с пк версии все таки ролик сделан?

  14. I have to admit, the trailer looks very impressive and quite tempting. I just might have to try to convince my mom into getting a PlayStation 4 and the Jurassic World Evolution game for Christmas this year. I wish Jurassic World Evolution had also been released for PlayStation 3 too, that way I won't have to get a PlayStation 4 just to get the game.

  15. Why can't they make one like the movies where you go into the island and get stranded and have to find a way out and survive!!!!!!!!!!

  16. once again that poor T-Rex .. I wish he could tell the world that Hollywood's movies tell lies about him . example , he doesn't roar before someone face , let that person run , and then pursues him without getting exhausted

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