Jumanji: The Video Game – Launch Trailer | PS4

Jumanji: The Video Game – Launch Trailer | PS4

Welcome, fellow adventurers,
to Jumanji, the video game. Jump in to save the breathtakingly beautiful
yet dangerous world of Jumanji. Adventuring through chilly snow-capped mountains, a scorching city, and, of course, steamy jungle
full of dangerous enemies. Who else is courageous enough
to take on Jumanji’s lethal challenges but you and your fellow adventurers, each becoming one of Jumanji’s legendary heroes. Dr. Smolder Bravestone,
renowned archaeologist and explorer. Professor Shelly Oberon,
genius cartographer and paleontologist. Ruby Roundhouse,
the world’s deadliest dance fighter. Franklin “Mouse” Finbar,
the small but mighty zoology expert. Join together with up to four fellow adventurers and unleash the collective power
of each hero’s special skills. The legend continues in
Jumanji, The Video Game. Available now

100 thoughts on “Jumanji: The Video Game – Launch Trailer | PS4

  1. this game is garbage, It has terrible level design and very repetitive as in you just shoot bad guys. I wouldnt even bother if it was free.

  2. the graphic is awesome and I Want to play this game is multiplayer or battle royal in Feature
    Just LikePUBG_Call of duty mobile

  3. Finally, I get to play a game as Jack Black! No, but seriously PlayStation, no one cares. Stop posting trailers that aren't even yours.

  4. Facts… People trolling this game would still pick it up sale or not just to play multiplayer as there is still a community who is still playing fortnite?ughh that taste in my mouth…..?not mention fortnite ugh there i did it again had to throw up now ???

  5. De verdad esto es un juego de PS4?? Movimientos repetitivos, gráficos pobres que si me apuras son de PS3…vaya tela con Playstation

  6. This trailer makes the movie look lame mr.finberg has a gun. Wait a minute! Wears the cool pilot guy who can't be around mosquitos.

  7. This was a complete waste of funds. You could of easily turned Jumanji into an online customizable character game with minigames and it would of succeeded a thousand times better.

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