Jumanji: The Video Game – Gameplay Trailer | PS4

100 thoughts on “Jumanji: The Video Game – Gameplay Trailer | PS4

  1. I actually really wanted a jumanjji game…but lots of wishes didn’t get fulfilled with this?

    I was hoping for a hyper realistic VR game online…this looks like Disney infinity

  2. Between this, Zombieland Road Trip, Terminator Resistance, and probably some others I missed; it looks like garbage movie licensed games are back.

  3. It dose look like a ps2/ mobile game but from what ive been told this is a roge like dungeon crawler tbh ill take it as long as its stable and farley priced

  4. Nobody is a real gamer in this chat cause all they care about are graphics ? Real gamers don't care about that and know it's more about concept and gameplay! Some of the best game started this way and built up, yes maybe they could of added better graphics BUT just because most do and it's 2019, menas it has too. Old school graphics are awesome too.

  5. i actually enjoy games like this only if the combat is satisfying and this really doesnt even look close. i even enjoyed shaq fu a legend reborn man im tellin ya

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