Jtag/RGH Tutorials Installing Aurora (Custom Dashboard)

Jtag/RGH Tutorials Installing Aurora (Custom Dashboard)

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Hello Dear Friends, Welcome to My Youtube Channel Today i am here with new Jtag/RGH Xbox 360 Tutorial Friends in this video tutorial we talk about Aurora Dashboard That how we can get the aurora and then how to install aurora on Jtag xbox 360 and we also talk about it’s settings too aurora dashboard basically gives whole new look to xbox 360 in addition you will see a fresh layout you guys can also change it’s skins too and also able to play your games with the press of a button Aurora is amazing dashboard and you guys can use it for free Let’s begin and see how to get aurora first and then how to imports it in USB Stick and finally how to install and play aurora in our Jtag xbox 360 the first step is link of the aurora is in the description of this video either left click on it or copy it then open any browser and paste the link in the search bar of your browser and press enter and then you observe a new page opens up Names as phoenix.xboxunity.net Here you need to scroll down a little bit and it will be on top Aurora 0.7.b.1 This is the most latest version of aurora Simply left click on it plz and it’ll begin instantly cause i already have it so i won’t get it again but this is the way guys to have the latest version of aurora remember this is the most latest version of aurora dashboard once you install the latest version of aurora dashboard in your jtag xbox 360 then it updates automatically Ok so if we install 0.7.b.1 then it will automatically catches the future updated. so guys when you have it it will show up in shape of zip folder here i placed it on my desktop with name aurora 0.7b now we need to open it after opening a aurora zip folder it will show you all the files and folders of aurora dashboard Now we need to create a new folder at desktop and then we need to names it as Aurora dashboard Just like that so we need to names it as aurora dashboard now we need to select all the files and folders of aurora dashboard from opened zip folder and then we need to drag and drop all the files into newly created aurora dashboard folder now our aurora starts extracting to the newly created folder at desktop and here it extraction finished now now guys if i opens it up it’ll show up like that Next step friends you need any size USB Stick and you need to insert it into your laptop or pc port You can also connect external harddrive too but it’s size is quite small so USB is a better option now i am inserting my USB stick and will tell you what to do next so friends i sucessully attached my USB Stick to my laptop Next you need to ensure i thing that your USB is formatted in FAT32 File System to check whether USB is formatted in correct format or not just right click on your USB and then left click on properties then it shows you it’s file system see here it is already formatted via FAT32 File System If it shows other than FAT32 File System then you can format it in FAT32 file system via laptop or pc if your USB is less than 32GB mine is just 7 GB So in order to format it via FAT32 System just right click on it and then left click on format and then from here you need to select FAT32 file system and then you need to click on start and finally click on OK button then you USB will be formatted in FAT32 Filesystem If your USB is bigger than 32GB then you can format it in FAT32 File System via Jtag Xbox 360 if you don’t know how to format your USB via xbox 360 then you need to see my xex menu tutorial in which i also explained about formatting a USB in Xbox 360 so friends now our USB is ready next we need to open it rightnow it’s empty then we need to head back to our newly created aurora folder and drag and drops it into my USB wait a sec now our aurora is moving into our USB ok friends now our aurora dashboard is successfully moved into our USB next we need to eject our USB stick here i right clicks it and then left click on eject Now we need to unplug our USB stick from computer or pc and then plugin to Jtag Xbox 360 so lets move now to xbox 360 and see how to install aurora in xbox 360 and also see how i do it’s initial settings Back to Jtag Xbox 360 Friends now we are on Xbox 360 now we need to plugin our USB stick which has aurora dashboard into Xbox 360 and then we need to open our XeX Menu in order to open the XeX Menu first we need to open the Jtag xbox 360 original dashboard then we need to go to system settings so here we are on original dashboard of xbox 360 now we need to open the my games folder here is the xex menu simply Press A on it and it will launch here we successfully open the xex menu Now you need to press the right bumper from your xbox 360 controller then you need to press X button from controller in my case my aurora is in USB1 so i go to USB1 and press A on it and now my attached USB stick is opened Now you see Aurora dashboard folder is showing simply highlights it next press Y on it and then Press A to Copy it First press Y on it so it’s options shows up then simply highlights the copy option and press A from controller next we need to press the X button from controller so all attached drive shows up and then we need to save it in our internal hardrive simply go to your HDD1 and press A on it Now my HDD1 is opened Now if you have homebrew folder then go to it and press A on it and here you need to press Y and then go to paste and press A on it after that your aurora dashboard will be in your Jtag/RGH xbox 360 now we need to launch aurora and there are two ways to launch it instead of homebrew folder i pasted aurora here so i go to aurora and press A on it and you see it’s exe file named as Aurora.xex if i go to it and press A then my aurora dashboard will be launched second is much better way in which we can make it our default dashboard via dashlaunch if we set aurora as default then whenever we poweron our Jtag xbox360 aurora dashboard will show up lets suppose from here if i press A on aurora.exe then see guys now it’s launched now see all on my installed games are showing here with original covers It’s much better and far attractive then original dashboard in order to play the game simply go to the games and press A from Controller Now i explains you how to make aurora your default dashboard for that you again need to open your xex menu Now i am launching my XeX menu to make aurora default go to your internal Harddrive then go to dashlaunch and then run dashlaunch now my dashlaunch is open now see what to do to make aurora as default from here go to paths and press A from controller and your paths will be opened see i already set aurora as my default dashboard but i am pressing Y now to clear it now go to default tab and press A on it then go to HDD and again press A on it then go to your aurora folder and press A on it now go to Aurora.xex and again press A on it now see guys aurora is now sets up as my default dashboard next stay here and simply press X from your controller and then your settings will be saved next friends you need to press right bumper of controller then go to your HDD press A to select it then Press X again to save your settings in HDD Now aurora is your default dashboard now whenever we poweron our xbox360 aurora dashboard will automatically showup & launched Lets suppose if i exists from here then aurora will launches automatically To exist we need to press B from controller & now we are exiting from dashlaunch and see guys now aurora is our default dashboard and it will run automatically hereon and here i already setup my gamepaths in it Now i tell you how to add gamepaths in aurora dashboard When you install & run aurora for first time then your screen shows empty and you need to add game-paths manually so to add gamepaths in it first you need to press start button from controller then aurora settings will show up then go to content and in front of it you will see a word written manage paths next friends go to manage paths and Add button lights up then press A on it Then this page will show up then go to change and press A from controller then you need to open your game drive in my case my games are in HDD1 so go to HDD1 and press A from Controller see guys here when i press A on my HDD1 all the data of drive is show up including games and softwares now i need to add path of any game so for example i need to give FIFA 18 a path so first i go to FIFA 18 and then press A from controller then we need to search a default.xex file after higlights the default.xex file simply press Y from your controller after pressing Y new page show up there your path will be added then simply press A from controller on save button & finally press B to exit from aurora settings then you will see your game cover on aurora dashboard cause i already added FIFA 18 so i won’t add it again so now i will add something which is yet to be added so guys still i won’t add dashlaunch path in aurora so i go to change and press A on it then i go to HDD1 cause i have dashlaunch in it and then i go to homebrew folder and press A on it and here is my dashlaunch If we press Y here from controller it’s path will be added so i am now pressing Y from controller see guys now i successfully give the path of dashlaunch then go to depth and increase it to 6, it will evaluate how much deep within folders your exe file is placed so here you simply need to check the none now in script data select none cause it works best then others finally go to save tab and press A on it to saves it then from B from controller and we’ll be out from aurora settings then press left bumper and more options shows up go to Show All and press A on it then all of your added paths will show up here and here is my dashlaunch which i adds earlier cause my console is not connected to internet therefore it’s cover is not showing righnow but whenever i connects to internet my cover will be automatically downloaded now guys if you press A from here it’s different funtions & features will show up from here you can add your preferred profile and then sets it as auto signin too then you can also do title updates of your games from here and finally it has about tab if you go to about tab it will show you a version of aurora and see it has updater in it which means it’ll automatically downloads and install aurora dashboard updates for you next friend don’t change anything in security tab let it as default but ofcourse you can change language here next you can also setup unity connection too don’t change anything in assets too and let it be as default so friends aurora is one amazing software for Jtag/RGH xbox 360 so friends this the way to have and install the aurora in your xbox 360 In my next tutorial i will tell you about how to setup a unity connection in aurora then i also tell you about how to do title updates of games in aurora I hope guys now you learn how to download, install and play aurora in xbox 360 friends if you like my video then don’t to press the like button and if you are new to my channel then consider subscribing so that you will get a notification of my new video Thanks for watching my video friend, have a nice day and Good Bye

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