Jalapeno Snacks Taste Test

100 thoughts on “Jalapeno Snacks Taste Test

  1. 8:35 THEE BEST item they tasted. If you haven’t had these go change your life. Pick up a bag of the honey mustard while your at it. Your welcome.

  2. I wanna see Rhett and Link do a food episode with LifeofBoris, i feel like introducing these two to traditional holodets would be awesome

  3. Rhett, keep growing your hair, it's amazing! Link, your hair is also luxurious. Thanks for everything, guys!

  4. Honestly CHEETOS JALAPEÑO look them up. They are amazing!!! And if you are a habanero lover, TOREADAS ABANERO!!!

  5. this episode had such a weird vibe and honestly it’s a wild thing to experience, rhetts character at the beginning, the clarification of the scale, the peanut butter, the ambiance, just everything…. i’m here for it though

  6. Hey mythical brothers, i left my grandparents house because of so much that is happening and i dont even feel like I’m apart of the family anymore and now I’m sleeping in my truck lol . Don’t worry I’m 18 so I’ll be fine. It is a lot and it is taking a lot on me and your videos are making me so much happier and it’s putting a smile on my face keepin me going. Thank you guys so much and keep doing what you guys are doing. Mythical family for life ❤️

  7. Not a true jalapeño with no seeds inside. You guys sure arent just testing if those snacks are just green pepper flavoured?

  8. I called it. I love those kettle jalapeno chips specifically because of how much the jalapeno flavor comes through

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