It’s Time to Play l PS4

It’s Time to Play l PS4


100 thoughts on “It’s Time to Play l PS4

  1. Yo me vuelvo loco si Kratos y Atreus se me aparecen en mi casa aunque primero me asustaria por el draugur y lo de crash gritaria como un loco también

  2. Anybody noticed that mask following the CTR beginning of the commercial? I may be wrong, but I've never seen that particular mask in Crash game ?

  3. Hi, I have a problem and I am looking for an urgent response. Yesterday I bought a ps4 game in digital format. The seller handed me a PSN account that contained the game. He told me that I should not change his email or password because otherwise the game will be blocked. Is what he says true? I think he's a scammer I don't know

  4. In the part where crash appears, if you put the video in 0.5 speed you can see how another mask goes behind coco. ????

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