Is Your Nintendo Switch Internet Slow? Console Network Speed Test

44 thoughts on “Is Your Nintendo Switch Internet Slow? Console Network Speed Test

  1. I ordered the "Network Adapter, Anker USB 3.0 to RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter Supporting 10/100/1000 bit Ethernet" one and it does not seem to work. Have to send it back now…

  2. UPDATE I have updated the list of recommended adapters. I'll be doing some more test on these listed but from my research these should work. I will be providing a video soon on which works and which doesn't from my testing.

  3. I have a hard time connecting my switch to the Internet via wireless or wired I have adult type of connections if I need some help helping me I can also make a video showing you what happens but I cannot get it to connect I know it works because I leave the wireless part is I brought it to the library

  4. I having the same problem, awesome video, and thanks for the suggestion of the ones that do work. I really hope this can be fixed by an update, tonight was the first time it wouldn't connect at all and I don't know why, unless I put right next to the router, other times it worked well.

  5. I have 210mb net and was getting 14mb wireless. bought an Amazon 3.0 adaptor and I'm now getting….15mb lol wish I hadn't bothered

  6. My internet speed is approximately 4 times faster than dial-up. Can I still download games slowly, or will a message pop up saying "Sorry, your internet speed isn't compatible with our service" or some such message?

  7. I know nothing about internet connections and speeds and crap, and checked my connection after playing a lot of splatoon 2 (with lots of connection issues, hence why I’m here) and have a download speed of 4.2 Mbps and upload of 2.9 Mbps. I’m guessing that bad, but what affects your online gameplay and how do I improve these speeds?

  8. Just hooked up the officially licensed network adapter and getting only 35mbps down and 4.3 up. Wifi was 29 down and 9 up…. I don't understand. I have 150mps from my ISP.

  9. This is gay as fuck why do I want to hardwire something to something that supposed to be a wireless device defeats the whole fucking purpose of the switch I'm salty as fuck right now

  10. does anyone know if a wifi extender would help? I use my switch mostly as a handheld device since i dont have a TV in my room, and my router is just a room away but it seems to be enough for my switch not to get good internet.

  11. No one should be using a 2.0 adapter, for future proofing alone, unless you plan on using the single 3.0 port for something else. Fuck Nintendo for being cheap and only including one to save money on something that costs $90. Then again they bitched out like apple by not including Ethernet on this expensive as fuck overpriced dock in the first place. Fuck me, they are so out of touch.

  12. I had the same numbers (8.9mbps) on a 2.4Ghz wifi, and I was wondering if something was wrong with by Switch … Obviously it's "normal" … Thanks for the video

  13. I have the Ugreen USB 3.0 adapter and my wired connection on the Switch is slower than when I just connect to WiFi (50m on Wifi and 30m on Ethernet)…ethernet connection on my PC goes up to 140 using the same adapter. So, something is off with the Switch.

  14. I have fiber but only get 140mbs via Ethernet cable so switch or Nintendo severs are bottlenecking most speeds. Feelsbadman

  15. I don't get how you get that high cause I have a 400 down and 23 up as my plan with my provider, but I only get 23 down and 10 up with the usb to Ethernet adapter the one im using is usb 3.0 j5create

  16. I get 950 Mbps down and 900 Mbps up on my wired desktop. On the wireless, my MacBook and other devices get 300~500 mbps. Cellphones are usually at 150 Mbps. Switch, 20 down…. WHAT THE HECK!!!!!

  17. Dude how are you getting 104mbps? I've tried everything including what you did with the same LAN adapter. I have 500gbps on my PC but only get 51gbps on the Nintendo switch. Wired and wireless same results

  18. I have seen some people claim recently that their adapters are now giving them speeds closer to what they get on their other devices and pc…. But for me i get the same terrible connection on wifi or ethernet with the adapter. I have solid internet and average 200 dl 50 up on my pc and other devices including with the same adapter. Yet on the switch i get 20 dl 3 up, no matter what. GG nintendo. I have bought 4 diff adapters including the nintendo licensed one. Same terrible speed. Nintendo does so much right but so much wrong. How can i take smash bros online seriously if i cant even get a decent connection? Wifi "fighting" games are miserable to play.

  19. I have a 300mb connection with the switch on wired internet and I can't get anywhere near 100mb. But my One X hits 200+ MBS.

  20. I use a usb 3.0 ethernet connection with my 200gb internet service but i get even slower speeds then my 2 4 gtz wifi speed. Does it matter what usb slot you use on your switch doc?

  21. My internet is 10mb download and 2 upload. My switch was 7 and 1.5 but now wired with my adapter its 9.8 and 1.8. The Ugreen 2.0 is the one i recommend.

  22. I have a connection over 200mbps but my Switch won't get over 40 and feels like 1mbps and drops packets. Tested side by side with my Note. There's a 160-180mbps difference side by side.

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