IS The BenQ EX2780Q The Best Gaming Monitor?

42 thoughts on “IS The BenQ EX2780Q The Best Gaming Monitor?

  1. This is a really nice monitor with many features never seen before on a gaming monitor. What do you guys think about it? You can see my new Dog Lady Bug in the intro…..

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  3. The ips monitors are best looking monitor that I seen to date! but I have not seen a VA panel yet! All I know for looks TN panels suck!

  4. I've been waiting for my 2013 Susa 1080p 60hz monitor to die so I can replace it. I hope it doesn't last 16years like my last monitor.

  5. IPS with no FALD is kinda meh for 2019. The colors might be great on these monitors, but the contrast just isn't there. Not to mention IPS glow, which makes me want to throw my monitor out the window… Until affordable OLED monitors start appearing on the market, I'm gonna stick to VA panels.

  6. Are you guys going to review the lg gl850?? Also they had a promo code for this monitor i got it for 470$ and currently testing it, been playing with it for like a week now!

  7. Who wants a monitor with sound? Remove them and let us save money, rather than slapping a premium price on a monitor with speakers I won't use. Holy sh!t, 178 degree viewing angle?! My dad would still complain about the 2 degrees lolol

  8. Maybe next version of this monitor will have 2 x 5w speakers and 10W subwoofer and freaking flat stand that I can use like always mehh.

  9. Nice , very nice a hdr monitor that's isn't 4k . That's good because I don't have to update my gtx 1080ti in order to get a solid 60fps . Now if we can get a 16:9 34 inch of the exact same monitor then I'd cry like a baby lol. How did you find the black levels and light bleed on this montior?

  10. Wait a minute…
    300nits is nothing special, freesync is nothing special today, 144hz is nothing special, the design really is not much to brag about, the bezels is really not that small, the remote is not very useful and will only get lost, it's not even ultrawide, you can't control the height… Basically this is a meh-speaker with a meh-monitor attached to it. I'm pretty sure the price is the best thing about this monitor!
    Nah… I'd choose the BenQ EX3501R before this one for +50$ any day of the week and even that is nothing special!!
    How can this be an Editors Choice?!

  11. Right now for a very limited time we have a huge 25% Discount code: 25EX2780Q1 This is a limited time offer until Monday the 18th Of November!!!! Act Fast

  12. Love a set of good speakers in a monitor. Specs are nice as well. I'll probably wait a year or so when it is dropped to 500.

  13. everytime there is a monitor/gpu/cpu review -> DOOM 2016 still loving it xD hope you change it to the next one when they launch it! m/

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