Is the 8bitdo N30 Arcade Stick for Nintendo Switch worth your money?

Is the 8bitdo N30 Arcade Stick for Nintendo Switch worth your money?

Hey! Welcome back to the channel! I’m
Raycommend, and today we’re going to be reviewing the N30 Arcade stick for the Nintendo
Switch… See you in minute. With the massive success of the Nintendo switch over the last year Third parties are scrambling to get the
products out of the door. Now 8-bitdo has thrown a hat into the ring with a
wireless arcade stick that’s specifically advertised for the switch. First, let me
give you a few seconds to look at the official specs… As you can see you get a
480 milliamp rechargeable battery which is rated for 18 hours of playtime. The
wireless protocol used by this controller is Bluetooth 4.0 and you get a wealth of
OSs that you can connect with including Windows, Mac OS, Android, and Steam OS. Inside of the box you get an arcade stick, a three meter USB cable for
charging and wired gaming, and finally a manual. The controller weighs roughly
three pounds and is themed after an actual NES pad. There is only one
joystick which allows you to select between digital and analog input. You
also get turbo, select, and pair buttons as well as a toggle for X-input and D-input to allow you to select different connectivity options. To activate the
Switch mode you simply hold down Y and start when powering on the joystick and
then go to the pairing screen on a Switch. Unlike many other switch
controllers this one is a pain to get sync the first time, and eventually I was
able to do it, but I wasn’t all that happy with it. The joystick itself feels
loose and not even close to Arcade perfect. There’s also a giant flaw if you plan to use this on the switch and something that makes me wonder what 8bitdo was thinking… Take a look at the button layout… Notice anything strange?
I’ll give you a second… It’s… an Xbox layout. Normally this would not be an issue, but when it’s primarily advertised as a switch controller, this is a
HUMONGOUS flaw… Now, you may be thinking I’ll just remap the buttons! BUT…
that’s no solution not all games had that option,
and it can make some games unplayable. The base is made of metal and the rest
is made of a decently durable plastic. The travel on the buttons feels a little
short and the controller feels very hollow. If you look at videos where people
take this thing apart, you will see that it’s mostly empty space inside. When
using the controller, I also never felt like this was a great controller for
fighting games. It’s nowhere near precise enough for that. Your best bet is to use it
for simple arcade games where complex motions aren’t the norm. The strength
of the stick lies in it’s versatility. As mentioned before, it does work for many
different platforms, but it also works for 8bitdo’s wireless dongles. You can use this on the original NES, Super Nintendo, and even the NES and
Super Nintendo classic editions with the correct dongles. Apparently it’s usable on
the Raspberry Pi as well but I don’t own one yet to test it on. Some omissions are
Rumble support and Motion control though the latter should be common sense as you shouldn’t be flailing around the house with this beast. As always, 8bitdo
does provide firmware updates so keep their support page bookmarked. Overall for $80 the N30 arcade stick wouldn’t be a terrible deal… if you’re looking for a
jack-of-all-trades Arcade stick then the price may be worth it just for the
wireless aspects and compatibility. However, if you are buying this solely for
the Nintendo Switch, or for seriously playing fighting games then stay far far
away and save your money for a better option… such as the Magic NS adapter
which I also happen to do a review on and I’ll link it at the end of this
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9 thoughts on “Is the 8bitdo N30 Arcade Stick for Nintendo Switch worth your money?

  1. wow , I must be living under a rock cuz I hadn't seen this at all. So out of the loop lol
    it looks huge tho. Have a blast and best of luck in growing your channel. x

  2. This stick is currently on sale on the usual sites for $50 or less. Also it's easy to mod with legit Sanwa or Seimitsu sticks and buttons. At this price, buy two and have a blast with a friend!

  3. I bought this not realizing about the Xbox layout. That's okay though i'm gonna swap the button layout physically when I install the octagonal gate I bought for it unless a firmware update has since fixed it maybe.

  4. the button layout is not a flaw in the design. it's done like that so that in fighting games such as street fighter (which the controller is meant for) all the punch buttons are on the same row and all the kick buttons are on the same row (true to the arcade machines)

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