Introducing Apple Arcade — Coming Fall 2019

♪ Music playing ♪ ♪ [CAR ENGINE] ♪ Charles Cecil:
It’s an extraordinary time to be writing games. Beyond a Steel Sky
is super ambitious in that it’s taking a full,
high-quality console game directly to mobile. We’re working with the legendary
comic book artist Dave Gibbons, who co-created
and drew Watchmen. The story, character modeling,
graphics, the audio, all of those come together
to create a gameplay experience that’s completely immersive. Sam Rosenthal: Where Cards Fall
tells a very personal coming-of-age story that other publishers
wouldn’t take a chance on. We’re not shying away from uncomfortable,
formative experiences. We see the characters at school, we see them
at the homecoming dance, we see them have a fight
with their mom. It’s really important for us
to be authentic. Cedric Adams: There’s no guns,
there’s no killing, we’re just telling a story. We’re almost the complete
opposite of the current market and most people typically
wouldn’t see it unless Apple Arcade existed. ♪ Denis Mikan: We wanted Lifelike to have a calming effect
on players. I’m not aware of another game
that uses swarm behavior as its main game mechanic. This fascinating beauty was
inspired by natural phenomenon. We just simply don’t want
to be responsible for adding another layer
of chaos into the world. Bekah Saltsman: Overland
is a post-apocalyptic road trip strategy game. The cool thing about it is every
time you play, it’s different. You never know what people
you’re going to meet or what places
you’re going to go. We’re really excited that Apple
was doing this platform because people have iPads, people have iPhones, and that means bringing
a whole new audience to games. That’s awesome. ♪ Cedric: Apple Arcade
is like the perfect avenue for expanding creativity. Bekah: For us it was like,
“Ah, finally! Finally someone who gets it.” Charles: Apple Arcade
is all about giving developers the freedom to come up
with really interesting ideas that could never have been done
by the mainstream. Everything is changing. ♪

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