If My Love Life Was a Video Game (ft. SSSniperWolf)

100 thoughts on “If My Love Life Was a Video Game (ft. SSSniperWolf)

  1. I low key high key love this video so much. I’m so happy this collab finally happened!! There’s one more left. Any guesses?!

  2. I’m a little rusty, just like Lilly

    This is gonna be so freaking hard

    Lilly: This is gonna be lit dabs
    Lia: God, no wonder she’s single

    Hello 911? Yes I just witnessed a murder.

  3. ALMOST UNSUBBED WHEN I SEEN THE UNKNOWN CHICK. I was thinking “who the F is this, why am I subscribed to them” seriously be careful with your thumbnail choices.

  4. “Why do you have a sword your at a house party”

    What I want to know is who doesnt bring a sword to a house party.

  5. i see SSSniperwolf, i clicc
    i see Lilly, i clicc
    i see SSSniperwolf AND Lilly, i fricc out (in a gud way) (and clicc, of course)

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