I made Super Mario Bros into a Battle Royale

I made Super Mario Bros into a Battle Royale

What is up my epic FORTNITE gamers, Today I have some bad news. over the past few weeks I have taken one of the most beloved classic video games of all time, and I turned it into a battle royale. (T H I C C STUFF👏👏) What I have done here is a true sin. Something so utterly horrible, So vile, that I can only hope Miyamoto senpai saki-sama will take pity on my poor Blackened soul and forgive his transgression. Oh boy (MARIO D E F A U L T. D A N C E) (Boy Miyamoto be M E M I F I E D For sure) I’m also a little worried that Nintendo might yeet me, (wot?) But what’s life without a little copyright infringement after all. so without further ado, may I present, Mario Royale. ( P I P E S O U N D) (RIP HEADPHONE USERS 2019) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Unlike most YouTube videos this isn’t some joke or clickbait, This is the real thing. A fully featured Recreation of the original NES classic written from the ground up in html5 and using a Java server back-end. I unironically spent three weeks in this and I have no regrets. Unless I get sued. (😥) Then I’d have one regret… Getting sued. The game is super easy to pick up and play with most rounds only lasting a few minutes Or a few seconds if you play like me. (CLASIC MARIO S H I T SHOWER) It runs on all modern web browsers, no, not that one and it even has controller support which is kind of Ah… Well, like 90% of the professionally published games in my Steam library Still don’t work with my ps4 controller, but my game that runs in a web browser Does work (INSERT HALO THEME HERE) Hmm that’s uh, that’s a pretty big think right there Okay, so enough with the technical specifications, I know most of you don’t care What the hell a WebSocket or html5 context is so let’s get right down to the game. How do an Mario? (How does it play?) Well, my friend It’s basically identical to the original game, but with an extra 98 morons running around stealing all your power-ups. The core design of Mario Royale is the players don’t really interact directly with each other, but instead interact with each other through the game world itself. the simplest way to put this is Watch out for Koopa shells (THAT IS NOT IN FORTNITE IF UR ADDICTED TO THIS SHIT) oof This system creates a lot of really interesting Interactions throughout the game from something as simple as breaking a block Someone is standing on, all the way up to the perfect long-range Koopa shell snipe This also makes every powerup a valuable resource as only one player is gonna get that mushroom right at the start Oh, and of course, there’s also the star which is rather unique in mario royale as it makes you actually tangible and other players games meaning that if you have a star and you run into someone It will kill them So be careful my dudes. It’s a dangerous world one out there. So how do you win in mario, royale? Well, you defeat Bowser, of course Each round of Mario Royale has you played a randomly chosen world from the original Super Mario Bros Currently worlds 1 2 & 3 are all finished and in the map Rotation and the first player to reach Bowser’s Castle and grab the axe wins Second and third place are also awarded a victory royale as well. But anyone after that is unfortunately doomed to the log pit This means that Mario Royale is both about survival and speed Taking a few seconds to grab an extra life or a fire flower can be incredibly helpful But it also might make the difference between an epic gamer moment and a heated gamer moments There are a few bridges in this game after all so be careful out there Felix (PewDiePie Moment) So if you want to give this abomination a try head on over to http://infernoplus.com/ There’s no account creation or anything annoying like that. You just pick a name and jump straight into the game My only request is that you try and be better at the game than I am because wow oof Building and testing this game has been a super interesting experience and I’m really anxious and excited to see how people like it This will actually be my first game I’ve ever really published as a standalone title as everything I’ve done before has always been mods or goofy hacks of some kind this is actually my own codebase that I built from the ground up for this project and I’m super interested to hear you guys. Think about it So thank you all for watching and supporting the channel and let’s just hope that no one else ever does this again? Because this is cursed so cursed (Captions by The Blast Network)

100 thoughts on “I made Super Mario Bros into a Battle Royale

  1. dude, what if you made a torrent addon for chrome? that way (at least i think) even if they bring it down many people could share it with peer2peer

  2. Wheres the comment that made Kotaku call him memelord racist trash? Was it when he begged Miyamoto for forgiveness?

  3. the sad part about all this – aside from the shutdown of a really nice project – is that this kinda worked and mario maker's online multiplayer is garbage.

  4. Keep your head high. You thought of something Nintendo didn't and they are raging that their $40mil+ dev staff couldn't come up with.

  5. Huh? Looks like someone tribute Mario Royale.
    Mario Royale its back guys i didn't help with the game
    Here the new mario royale : http://marioroyale.cyuubi.gq/


  7. I just wanted to play it, and i see Nintendo forced you to put it down, i'm sorry for that, but i think it's an amazing idea, i know i'm late (like months late) but just wanted to congratulate you for an incredible job, and hope to see something similar in the future 🙂

  8. Hey man, I got to play it 9 times, rage quit, and then next thing I know, Nintendo-chan takes down the game because THERE sUpPoSED tO maKe ThE MaRIoo GameS nOt A yoUtuber.

  9. I remember the halo 2 videos then i reliased someone made a battle royale then i saw… it was you, damn man, great job and sad that poointentendo

  10. Sorry, your battle royale is in another castle.

    Unfortunately, Uncle Nintindie's lawyers have informed me that, despite my best efforts, the game still infringes their copyright.

    They refused to give me specifics (I asked multiple times) but it would seem that either the level design or general mechanics are still too close to the original game.

    As a result I can't just blindly change the game and leave it up. Doing so would put me at risk of further legal action.

    I'll likely talk in detail about the game and it's short lifespan on my youtube channel in the coming weeks.

    I'm sorry about this guys. It was fun while it lasted.


  11. I hate Nintendo for this dmca bullshit. They shut down a certain 4 year old adult eevee comic that i was following 😡😭

  12. i loved it when it was out. ive gotten lots of kids in school playing it. it was lit fam lol. but tbh i hope Nintendo makes Mario Royale and if they do id get it in honor of your game.

  13. Would you consider posting a series of tutorial videos explaining how you coded this? Myself and (I'm sure) others would be very interested in it.

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