“I Am Jesus Christ,” a Ridiculous New Video Game | The Daily Show

“I Am Jesus Christ,” a Ridiculous New Video Game | The Daily Show

Have you heard the good news
about Jesus? Yeah? Now, have you heard
the bad news about Jesus? NEWSWOMAN: This might
actually be the Holy Grail of new video games. It’s called I Am Jesus Christ, and it lets gamers play Jesus– to heal a blind man,
make fish appear in a bucket, and end a thunderstorm. The New Testament-inspired game
has not been released yet, but it is expected
to launch soon. (groaning, jeering) Okay, this… this is extremely offensive. Especially for me–
someone who has already accepted Super Mario as my video game
savior. I mean… And I say unto you, it’s-a me! -(laughter)
-Look, I’ll-I’ll be honest, I don’t want to play
a video game about Jesus. However, I do want to play
as Jesus in other video games. Think about it. Yeah. When Jesus was alive, he rolled
with sinners and prostitutes, so he’d kick ass
in Grand Theft Auto. He’d be amazing.
Or even better, I’d want Jesus to be in Madden
as a quarterback. Be like,
“What’s the play, Jesus?” “Hail Mary, same as every play.” (laughter) -(applause)
-Or… -(whooping, cheering)
-or… I’d want to play Jesus
in Mortal Kombat. Yeah, just ripping out
dudes’ spines, then immediately healing them. (deep voice):
Ressurrect him! So look, I don’t know
about this video game, but if you are gonna play it
and you do get stuck, at least we all know
the cheat code– it’s gonna be up-down-up-down-

100 thoughts on ““I Am Jesus Christ,” a Ridiculous New Video Game | The Daily Show

  1. Feel like there is an all out asult on Jesus by Holywood. Spirit of the anti christ. Read the age, we are almost winding up

  2. i still know some old cheat codes… if he was going after the cheat code from the Nintendo game "Contra," he did it wrong.. it's up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, A, B, A, B, select, start. (i also have all 3 cheat codes memorized for "Mortal Combat 3," for the Sega Genesis) B, A, down, left, A, down, C, right, up, down. (which i memorized by remembering "bad lad crud") & there's C, right, A, left, A, up, C, right, A, left, A, up. &then there's A, C, up, B, up, B, A, down. – putting in these cheat codes, at the start menu, will give u ALL KINDS of advantages!! (including multiple types 1 button fatalities/Friendshipality, Babality, Animality, etc) … FINISH HIM!!

  3. This feels weird. I can see it being an alternative to violent and sexual games like GTA or something but Jesus? You couldn't come up with other alternatives to those crazy games? ?

  4. How effortlessly they make fun of our Saviour. Only time will reveal the truth, when He finally does return. If the game teaches good values, which I'm guessing it does then its great. My problem is with people's reaction. Goes to show how much Jesus is "not needed". It's saddening.

  5. Trevor, I love you but you’re going to Hell lmao ??? Edited to add: I also don’t believe the real Savior wasn’t a prude either. If he was he’d be hated. I believe he definitely had a personality and I’m sure there were down times when He and his followers had fun. I mean he turned water into wine so…

  6. Jesus’ feet looked “like fine copper when glowing in a furnace.” (Revelation 1:​15) Also, his face was “like the sun when it shines at its brightest.” (Revelation 1:​16) Since no race has skin color matching these descriptions, this vision must be symbolic, showing the resurrected Jesus as the one “who dwells in unapproachable light.”​—1 Timothy 6:​16.

  7. I don't see the big deal. I think seeing Jesus in that Fighting game about a year ago on steam was more of a big deal due to how crazy and ridiculous that game was and doing supers with him on the cross. And now I did not make that up. There is a fighting game with Jesus as a playable character

  8. This is a way of desensitizing people to the truth about Jesus, Lord Jesus have mercy on us all, this almost brings me to tears, I can’t watch this abomination! Come Lord, come quickly and judge this wicked world. ??

  9. A lot of online players already feel like their gods gift to the game they play. This just takes it a step further.

  10. This is blasphemy at it's best. There is no more hope left for mankind in this system of things but for some reason He hasn't decided to destroy most people of this generation yet. But I will be glad when he does so that if I were chosen to live forever on Earth as promised I could finally not wake up to this everyday.

  11. Dude the way you tied the old konami cheat code in with the sign of the cross was maybe the most beautiful thing I have ever seen

  12. The Ignorant World we live in….2019…and people still believe in these OBVIOUSLY IGNORANT religions. Wake up Sheeple!!!

  13. Astaghfirillah chritians really have no respect for their own religion I’m shocked & I ain’t even chritian. Us Muslims just like wtf is wrong with them

  14. Come on at least make him brown, he’s not white. Also did he have a power meter? What happens when it runs out ??

  15. Let's play Jesus inaccurately speaking English and looking "white."
    Would Jesus say this game is blasphemous?
    Up down up down left right A B

  16. Really???????
    Well ,Geez I'm glad that every religion is now worthless to the video game industry[
    Has every smart person now run out of ideas or what?

  17. To make a "game" out of Jesus' pain, suffering and ultimate sacrifice is outrageously sacrilegious, and speaks to where this world is right now. Smh

  18. This is stupid Trevor. Especially when such a thing is from a boy from Africa where religion has a great deal it hurts.

  19. At this point this Jesus took soo long to comeback that he's showing up in a game ??? seriously if he came back ,what platform would he show up on, Facebook , IG, Twitter.. geographically where is he going? Too many people claim to be Jesus Soo now anyone claiming to be is just a person with mental problems ( Kanye)

  20. As a long time gamer myself, I agree. Jesus is kind of boring as far as Religious figures go, but putting him in other games is an untapped market that needs exploring.

  21. No, but I heard the good news about you, little African boy… You're not a citizen… You'll be heading home soon with whatever cash you can stuff in your underwear…

  22. I hope that you know that this blasphemy and very offensive for any true Christian. Please do not carry on with this.

  23. Trevor I am very disappointed in you. I never for 1 minute thought that you would associate yourself with something so blasphemous. That is our Lord Jesus Christ our Creator!

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