HOWTO: Play Dreamcast games in your Laptop (w/ pad)

HOWTO: Play Dreamcast games in your Laptop (w/ pad)

ATTENTION: Enable the Youtube’s subtitles (CC)!! HOWTO: Play Dreamcast games in your laptop.
July, 2009. By JACnail. We have two pair of files. At your left,
the files of the emulator (nullDC 1.03) and the BIOS files. And in the right side, the optional files
(See description). We are going to uncompress the emulator
and the BIOS files. I deleted the compressed files just
for tutorial purposes. Now we will move the BIOS files
onto the folder called “data” To avoid confussions, we’ll use
the “noMMU” executable version. So we’ll delete the “_nommu” suffix
by renaming the file. We’ll run now the emulator. Now, We’ll set nullDC optimally
for your laptop. Pay attention: 1. Enable “Underclock FPU” 2. Enable “VGA(0)RGB”. 3. Click on “Select Plugins” 3.1 Choose the Chankast’s plugin
“Chankast’s video…” 3.2 Leave the GDRom plugin intact
“Image Reader…” 3.3 The same with the sound plugin
“nullAICA…” 3.4 Leave the Maple intact too.
“nullDC Controller [Winhook]…” 3.5. Downside there are the save units,
where you need to keep intact too. 3.6 We’ll finish by clicking OK. 4. Now, let’s enable “Fullscreen”. 5. In “Aica”, We’ll configure the sound. 5.1 We’ll make sure the following options:
“1024”, “Sync to audio”, y “Global Focus”
to be setted up. 6. Now let’s set the controller, by choosing
“Config Keys for Player 1”. 6.1 The only thing to change, is to
assing the START button with the BACKSPACE key (This is just to utilize the pad correctly). 6.2 If you are going to use a pad,
write down the key config. in Notepad. 6.3 Let’s minimize Notepad,
and finish this part with “OK”. We are ready now.
We just need to load our game. 7. Select File, Normal boot. The file extension is important.
It’s not any ISO… Just the “CDI, MDS, NRG y GDI” formats
are supported by nullDC If you have games with the .BIN format,
download the “Bin2Boot” program.
(See the description). It’s very easy to use it.
We’ll uncompress it… (We’ll uncompress Joy2Key too–) (And we’ll delete the ZIP files for better space view). Run the program… And the only thing to do is to drag & drop
the .BIN file onto the program’s window. Here, a little example. *If you want to play without pad… *
*You are finished… and ready to play!* Now we’ll configure the pad with joy2key. 1. We’ll create a new profile
called “nullDC” 2. Now, let see the actual pad configuration
by opening “Game controllers” in the Control Panel. 3. Then restore the button configuration window
we created (with Notepad). The idea is to adapt the three opened windows. The first column shows the PAD buttons. The second one, the Keyboard KEYS to replace with. 4. We’ll asign the PAD arrows
with the KEYBOARD. 5. Choose with your pad, which PAD button
are you going to assign to the “A” button. (Button A=Key “V”) 6. Press the PAD button in the
controller’s properties. 7. THAT number (2) is the one to consider
by assigning it with “V”. 8. Follow the same pattern (4. 5. 6. y 7.)
with the other buttons, finishing with
the “START” button. (Yes, it’s somewhat confusing, but it’s just
a matter of going back to step 4…
Just concentrate, and you’ll be succeed.) After doing this… you MUST minimize
the Joy2Key’s window. Now, You ready to load your game…
and ENJOYING with your laptop just
like a real Dreamcast!

47 thoughts on “HOWTO: Play Dreamcast games in your Laptop (w/ pad)

  1. 2 of the links dont work the one for the program tha converts .BIN files to CDI
    and the one that shows ur laptop running the emulator

  2. Ok I'm got everything working though I"m stuck I get this set time on and I try to get past it but can't get it work all keys seem to work just can't get past that display time part

  3. i have a problem. i want to play with game controler in DC but it doesnt allow me to configure it. what can i do to enter a game controler?

  4. Im playing a Tokio extreme racer 2, when i go to save game, the game freezes. But, I could save in other games like marvel vs capcom 2. Also, the graphics ins tokio extreme racer 2 are like white all the time. But the other games run perfectly fine, with every color. How can I fix this?

  5. you have to get xpadder this help any game with
    controller you can used xpadder as a mouse or
    keyboard with your 360 controller is fun (^_^)

  6. The emulator works fine but when i press forward when playing SA2 the characters don't run straight they steer to the right slightly is there a fix??? btw i use joy 2 key

  7. Please help…when I load the jet grind radio.cdi file, the sound is poor and the emulator tells me what is not a game to load :x…any help?

  8. After i opened the nulldc i get this

    "the program cant start because d3dx9_37.dll is missing from your computer.try reinstalling the program to fix this problem."

    can someone help me please!!!

  9. Hey, thanks for all of the info, but I still seem to be stuck, when I finally got a working emulator with bios I now don't know how to load my games and also because there are so many MVSC2 games, which one will work better on this emulator, because they have the same game in cd formats and I just don't know what to do to get this game to play on my laptop. Please, if there is anything that any of you could do, It would be greatly appreciated!

    Also, where is this music from? I really like it.

  10. I can do all of this and I haven't really had a problem before… But i just cannot for the life of me get BIN2Boot now… It's really irritating because the link is down and i can't find it anywhere else. =

    Any help?

  11. hm… this works pretty good but if I play SA2 i can move in the options etc but if i start the game so i can't move Sonic or any other character.
    I can use their moves but no move left or right or else where but in the menu it works. Can you help me in that situation ?
    P.S.: I even tried with keyboard …

  12. Thank you for posting. Its the only tutorial I seen that made sense and ironically its by someone whos native language isnt english.

  13. I can't play any games… :/ could you try to play kiss psycho circus the nightmare child and see if it works for you it doesn't work for me and i only want the dreamcast emu to be able to play this game i haven't tried anything else..

  14. I need help setting the most recent NullDC. I'm trying to play Jet Grind radio. Its just the analog Im having a problem with as Im using a keyboard. Is the pad the same thing as the analog stick or referring to something else? The setting between the new one and this one are different for plugins. Not seeing a Chankast video. Can anyone help me find the proper setting with that. I tried the Joy2Key thing but it says to make sure the joytick is connected and that I have DirectX6 when I have 11.

  15. You dont need this Gamepad Workaround with key programming,you can use a gamepad directly.
    On Input Screen select PuruPuru Dreamcast Controller,on the 2 fields below PuruPuruDreamcast Controller you select PuruPuru Xinput and on the last field NullDc Logitech Friendly.After that you go to Options-Maple-Port 1 and select Config Key for Player 1.Now a Window with a Dreamcast Controller apears and a select field for any controller plugged in,for example a xbox controller.Then you can map the Buttons from original Dreamcast Controller to any plugged in Controller 😉

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