How to use a laptop hard drive in an XBOX 360 slim using HDD HACKR v1.30

How to use a laptop hard drive in an XBOX 360 slim using HDD HACKR v1.30

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Hey guys it’s Andrew Esquivel back here with
another guide now what I’m gonna be teaching you today is how to install a laptop hard
drive on your XBOX 360. Now the reason why you do this is because it’s a heck of a lot
cheaper to do this than to actually buy an official XBOX hard drive. Now there’s a few
things i have to let you guys know before you end up doing this 1) you have to have
a Western Digital Scorpio Hard drive it gets a little more detailed than that, but we’ll
get to that in a minute. 2) you’re going to need a flash drive, one that you’re going
to have to format it in a special way and you’re going to need 2 software’s, I’ll link
to where you get the software’s, and I’ll also link to a text guide where you can read
how to do it but I’m gonna do it for you on video. There’s also a few questions you may
have like, some people wonder “if I use a 3rd party hard drive will i get banned for
it on the 360 network?” No you will not. The only way you’ll get banned is if you modify
the HD DVD Player at all. So there’s that little bit and there’s going to be a bit of
using Microsoft DOS so it’s going to be a little difficult for those who aren’t really
computer savvy but I’ll walk you through it don’t worry. You’re going to need a laptop.
You can use a desktop but it’s easier to use a laptop for this. I’m gonna walk through
all the steps. It’s gonna take a little bit of time but just bear with me you’ll understand
how the heck to do all of this. We’re going to be using a Western Digital Scorpio I think
240GB (around there) basically the gist of all this is I’m going to explain to you quickly
what you do then I’m going to show you how to do it. Basically what you do is take the
flash drive, I just use an 8GB flash drive, you plug it in your computer, download a special
software that allows you to format the flash drive so that you can boot MS DOS from it
and once you have the flash drive formatted and all that you transfer a special file,
which is the HDD Hackr file onto the flash drive and then you’re done with the flash
drive part. Next, take a laptop like the one right here and what you do is you end up removing
the plate which for me is right here for the 2.5 inch hard drive. And what you do is you
remove that hard drive and put in the Western Digital Scorpio and then from there you boot
up the laptop from the MS DOS flash drive and you enter in some command prompts and
what it does is makes the HDD Hackr file run and the HDD Hackr file will then make it so
that the hard drive can be detected by XBOX 360 And then once your done with all that,
The command prompts, the formatting, the hard drive, you take the hard drive out of the
laptop and you put it in your 360. From there you go through a 360 menu where you can format
the hard drive there. Now I know some of you may be thinking why can’t i use a different
hard drive other than a Scorpio? It’s because the software we’re using, the HDD Hackr is
only programmed to use the Scorpio series from Western Digital, so you’re really limited
on the options here. You can use different amounts of space, you can use like a 40 gig
or a 20 gig or an 80 gig or a 120 gig or a 240 gig, stuff like that, it’s got to be the
right increments though. So once you put it in the 360 format it and everything then you
should be able to use it. I’m not quite sure why the software is only designed to use scoprios
from western digital but I’m just fallowing the instructions. One last thing I want to
cover before we actually move on to how to do all this is that you have to use Microsoft
DOS there is no other way to do it. It won’t work on XP, it won’t work on Vista, it won’t
work on 7, this is why we’re booting from the flash drive into DOS. In even command
prompt it’s not going to work. And the way it has to be done you can’t use DOS BOX which
is a DOS emulator. So we got to do this specifically in a certain manor. We’re going to move on
right now to how to format the flash drive, we’re going to go through the links, I’m going
to basically show you the website where you get all the stuff from, I’m going to show
you where to click on the links, how to download it, how to install it, how to format the flash
drive, how to download the other thing and transfer it to the flash drive, So this will
take about 4-5 minutes at the most to do. Just follow the instructions and like I promised,
the link is in the description and it should be the first link everything. So click on
that and just fallow along. Okay so when you click on the link this is the website you
go to to get all the software. The website is yadda yodaa… So this is
where you get the hdd hackr stuff and junk like that. So what you do is you plug your
flash drive into the computer. I’m sorry that I’m using a camera for all this I know i should
be using a capture software it’s just easier to do this like this, so now that you’ve got
your flash drive in there it will say yodda yodda i already did this, so first what you
do is you click on this “bootable USB Drive Creator Tool” my mouse is being a little fussy…
and you click on that and then over here it wants you to download it so just download
it. save I already downloaded it but I’m going to download it again for you guys and over
here on my 3rd monitor it says this you just simply open it up and actually what i did
is i went back and extract it to the desktop, this will be easiest. so yes to all, so I
extracted it to the desktop and if you look up here that is the file you want right here,
so you double click on that and you get this software. What you want to do is you want
to select the actual drive, which my drive is drive “J” and it has to be FAT32, create
bootable drive is what you want to select and in order to do that you need to click
the dot dot dot and search for the actual files you just extracted. Mine are on the
desktop, so you want to go to USB boot drive boot files which is the file you want and
then you’re going to click on MS DOS and that’s the file you want. There you go. And click
okay and click start. And it will ask you do you want to do this because it will lose
all your files so just click yes and it will be doing it. And just wait for it to finish.
It should be relatively quick. And as you can see now it’s actually done. So once you
get that on there you close it then you open up the actual flash drive and now what you
do is you go back to that website. You want the latest one with is 1.3 and you click that
and it asks you to download, save files and save it to downloads, and I already downloaded
it but i will download it again. You open that up and what you want to do is see this
file it says hddhackr, you simply drag it over to the flash drive and you let it copy
there. So now you got it dragged over to the flash drive we’ve got everything we need in
the flash drive and that is just step 1, step 2 we actually need to go to a laptop. This
involves taking out the laptop hard drive and putting in a new one. Okay so now that
we got the flash drive all ready to go, the next step is to take the Scorpio blue hard
drive and I’ll give you a little bit of a close up on that. And in order to put this
in the laptop we actually need to take out the actual hard drive that’s already in here.
So for me I’ll have to unscrew this section over here. Just pops off and this gets pulled.
And then wha-la that hard drive is out however mine requires a special adapter so in order
to do this we have to unscrew 4 other screws. Now I’ll use this box to house my extra screws.
Always have a box ready because we don’t want to lose anything so it’s a good place to have
for the extra screws. So i basically just unscrew each of these sides and it’ll take
just a moment to do that, I’m not going to speed up or anything cuz I want you to be
able to do this relatively real time. And I don’t think you can really see what I’m
doing but I think you’ll be able to understand. I’m just removing the hard drive because it
requires a little bay. Okay so now that I got those screws out I can simply just pull
the hard drive off and as you can see they are both just standard 2.5 inch drives I’m
going to pull this little device off, put my first hard drive here and I’m going to
put this device on the regular drive, now your computer might be a little different.
Each laptop’s a little different; mine has to do it like this. And then basically we
just put it back in here. So we just put it back in the housing. We want this thing to
be nice and secure. Then we just screw them back in. Now since this is only temporary
I really only need two, one on each side because I’m just going to be removing it in a moment
anyway. Wha la. Okay so now that i got the Scorpio Blue hard drive in the special housing
for my laptop I simply just line it up correctly and slide it back in. and after that I just
put the regular casing back on. Keep it nice and tight in there so it doesn’t slide off
or anything. And we don’t want it coming out while we’re trying to format it. Alright so
now that we got it all nice and all in there now is when we flip the computer around and
we actually boot it up. And of course as we did before, our flash drive will have the
appropriate software so that it can do what we need to do. So with that in place, now
turn on the laptop. Okay so now we get to the part that’s relatively difficult which
means we’re going to be working inside Microsoft DOS. So I’m going to walk you step by step
through it and we’re going to actually do it. Now since my computer has the new Scorpio
hard drive in there it’s automatically defaulting to my flash drive which has Microsoft DOS
already in. So it’s going to boot up and it’s going to see this screen, alright, it says
Microsoft windows millennium copyright Microsoft corp. So we have it all to that and assuming
you have HDD hackr version 1.3 and the HDDS.bin file and I’ll put a link to both the 250GB
bin file and the 120GB bin file, look in the description for it, you’re going to need the
correct one. So once you have the bin file and HDD hackr 1.30 on the flash drive you
can boot it up, then we’re ready to go. So first thing we’re going to type in is hddhackr
and then it brings us to this now this menu is where you select the actual hard drive
we just installed so mine happens to be #4. so yours might be different so find which
one it is and then since mine is 4 i simply press “4” and then “enter” now it asks us
what we want to do, we want to flash the firmware so we press “F” and “Enter”. Now here’s the
tricky part, based on whatever you decide to name your Bin file is going to determine
how this works. I personally feel you should just name the Bin file “1”, just the number
“1” and here’s the tricky part, it’s a Bin file and this is Microsoft DOS so you have
to be really specific, so we type “1.bin” and then it actually detects it. If you don’t
do it correctly you’re going to get an error, it says checksum error blah blah blah and
you didn’t do it right. So now it wants us to name a backup file. I’m simply going to
call it, I’m going to call it “back up” and I just have to call it back up and that’s
it, i don’t have to enter anything else. Click enter. File backup already exists do you want
to overwrite it? Since I already did this once before it’s going to give me that, but
your you doing it the first time you shouldn’t have to do that. Now it’s going to bring us
to this page and its asking you “information on file 1.bin does not match the drives firmware
info, do you want to flash Xbox 360 compatible firmware?” you want to press “Y” and “Enter”
and then you’ll see this screen, see the green letters and everything right? It says that
it completely did it right, now it wants us to disconnect the hard drive from the computer
and put it into the XBOX 360. So once you’ve done this all correctly that’s all you need
to do. Next step is putting it in the 360. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to
turn off the computer, do not restart, turn off. And now comes the last step. We’re going
to take the hard drive out, got to put it in the 360. So to do that we’re going to unplug
everything here, we’re going to remove said random stuff and now we’re going to take the
hard drive out. okay so when we get the hard drive we’re going to put it in this slot here,
I’m going to let my camera focus, you put it in that slot right there it’s on the top
or bottom, i don’t know exactly, i think it’s the bottom, and you just line up the holes
correctly and it goes in on there. okay you got to go to console settings and you’re going
to want to go to system info and you going to look for the serial number, you going to
write down the serial number, then you’re going to go back to memory and then hard drive
and from there you’re going to go back to go back to the format menu press “Y” and go
to format, click yes, enter serial number, and I’m going to block this out so you can’t
see the serial number, sorry guys, can’t let that serial number get out, and my brothers
going to input the serial number and then from there you should be able to format the
hard drive thus giving you a complete 200 something gigabytes for half the price. So
now the formatting is in progress because we got the serial number in there and there
you go. 228GB free for half the price.

100 thoughts on “How to use a laptop hard drive in an XBOX 360 slim using HDD HACKR v1.30

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  8. It took me a while (2 and a half hours to be exact) to get it configured but it works! Had to use three different laptops (HP, Lenovo and Dell) and Dell is the one that did it. My boyfriend's a happy camper now that the 4GB Xbox360 is a 320GB console. Thanks!!

  9. I have a scorpio blue 500 GB HDD are there any files for 500? or possibly can I just use it as a 320gb by formatting partition? Basically dumbing down the HDD

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    When I put the Hard Drive in the xbox after doing all these steps it said unformatted !
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  11. Great video, my one complaint would have to be is when you said to name the file 1 in Microsoft DOS. You type whatever the name of the downloaded HDDS.BIN file is named, mine was originally named HDDS_250gb.BIN but other than that great video.

  12. Alright, I have messed around with this for days on end trying to get my money's worth with a hard drive. I have followed your instructions to the T, and each time a step didn't work, I found a solution myself and fixed it. 
    I'm now at the last step of the DOS part, and after it flashes the drive, it gives me an error. "Can't save drive firmware." It says the error is error 0x0815. 
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  14. Here is a fix:Ok so this was a very good tutorial except it didnt work for me because when i typed hddhackr on the correct laptop nothing happened. So i found out that before u type hddhackr type dir and hit enter. Then on the next one type hddhackr -hope that helps

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    Please contact the authors!
    Me: I'm not contacting nobody, I'mma do it anyway
    DOS: *Flashes firmware
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