How to Upgrade a Sony PS4 Hard Drive

How to Upgrade a Sony PS4 Hard Drive

OWC Installation Videos How to Upgrade/Replace the Hard Drive in a Sony PlayStation 4 System Time to Complete: About 30 minutes
Level of Difficulty: Easy All the necessary tools are included within the kit:
– Small Phillips Screwdriver
– USB Flash Drive Use proper anti-static precautions when performing this upgrade. Before you proceed: Back up your PlayStation 4 data before installation. For details refer to the written instructions included with the upgrade kit, or visit Sony’s official web site. Hello and welcome to the OWC Instructional Series of videos. In this installment, we’re going to upgrade the internal hard drive in a Sony PlayStation 4. We’ve already shut down and unplugged the PlayStation 4, and we are working on a soft, static-free, work surface. We are now ready to begin… Part 1 – Replacing the Original Drive The first step is to remove the top left cover by pushing down on the top and sliding it off. Next. Remove the wide-topped phillips screw at the front corner. You should now be able to slide the hard drive carrier out of the PlayStation 4. Remove the four phillips screws holding the drive in the carrier, then slide the drive free We can install any 2.5” SATA drive we want, whether it’s solid-state, or a platter-based hard drive. In this case, we’re going to install a hybrid SSD/Hard Drive for a balance of speed and storage. Slide the drive face up into the carrier with the connector facing outward, and secure it into pl ace with the four screws you removed earlier. Slide the drive carrier back into the PlayStation 4, and secure into place using the wide-capped phillips screw. Finally, set the cover back onto the PlayStation 4, and slide it until it clicks into place. Part 2 – Setting up the New Drive Now that we have the new drive installed, we’ll need to install the PS4 software onto it. Connect the included thumb drive to your computer, and create a folder on the first level named “PS4”. Inside that folder, we’ll create another folder named “UPDATE”. Once you’ve done that, open a web browser window and go to this address: Read through the instructions, and download the PS4UPDATE.PUP file for a new installation. It’s a large file, so it may take a while to download, depending on your connection speed. Once the file is downloaded, drag it to the “UPDATE” folder you created on your flash drive. Once the file is finished copying over, you can unmount your flash drive from your computer. Reconnect your PlayStation 4 to your television, and make sure the power is plugged in. Attach your controller to one of the front ports, and the USB thumb drive to other. Hold down the power button for approximately 7 seconds, until you hear a beep, in order to put it into safe mode. You can then let go of the power button. You’ll see the boot logo as the system starts up. Then a screen prompting you to connect the controller and press the PS button. Do so, and continue. In most cases, you’ll be presented with a menu of options. Select the option to initialize the PS4 and reinstall the system software. If this menu doesn’t appear, this option has already been chosen for you, and you’ll skip ahead to the next step.
Since the updater is on the flash drive you’ve already attached, you can continue. And you’ll eventually be prompted with a warning about initializing the drive, and potentially deleting data. Since this is a brand new drive, you don’t have to worry about deleting anything. So select “Yes”, and continue. Your PlayStation 4 will begin the initialization process. The initialization will continue, and your PlayStation 4 will restart. Once it completes, your PlayStation 4 is ready to setup and use.

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  1. My OWC 2TB hard drive for PS4 was working fine yesterday. But this morning I was downloading the Resident Evil from PS+ and put on Rest Mode. When I got home I turned on the PS4 and the screen froze for a good minute and shut off. So when I turned on the PS4 it showed that it cannot read storage but the hard drive was already in there. It also shows that to turn off the PS4 hold the power button for 1 second and I did that. And when I turned it back on it showed the same message. I also heard a continuous crackling type of sound on the hard drive. So I called customer service so far and will be waiting for a new replacement… Anyone experienced the same issue?

  2. How do you think the Seagate FireCuda Gaming SSHD 2TB SATA 6.0Gb/s 2.5" Notebooks / Laptops Internal Hard Drive ST2000LX001 will perform?

  3. If I have multiple accounts logged in, do I have to log them all back in, or will they already be logged in (saved on the PS4)

  4. I want to do this but I have a lot of games on my current hard drive. If I get a new hard drive, will my games be on the old one or my PlayStation account? I would really appreciate it if someone answers my question/helps me.

  5. Whenever I press update I get an error, every single time. I've tried again and again but I keep getting the error, I've redone the entire procedure like 4 times and wasted 3 hours doing it

  6. I really want to do this but I'm confused how am I supposed to save my save files ??? Or transfer them from one hard drive to the other

  7. What if there is already a folder named PS4 (I think this happened because I saved my game data on the USB) what would I do?

  8. Can you use any flash drive or would the flash drive you use have to be able to hold all the storage that is on your console, as well, if it does have to be something like a 1tb flash drive, where would I get one from?

  9. When I plug in the box storage port thing, my ps4 says that it doesn't recognize it. I'm trying to format it, but idk how. It doesn't show on my laptop

  10. Just buy a PC, stupid console peasants don't realize they're losing more money than someone who spent 2000 on a PC (Be aware it depends on time and how much you spend)

  11. The PS4 is saying that it is the wrong update, it says to download update 4.07 but on the PlayStation website it says that it is that update, I have followed all of the steps correctly, am I the only one with this problem

  12. A couple of things that might help some people who are going through this process. When you have your dualshock plugged in- you need to use the "press pad" directional keys to select menu items. Additionally, your thumb drive needs to be formatted to FAT or exFAT to enable the PS4 to read the file. I also found that some of the other older instructional sites forwarded me to a site that had older update files… which obviously didn't work either. You need a minimum of 4.7- and you need to 800+ MB file… not the 350MB file. These are all things I've stumbled through- making the process less than smooth and efficient.

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