How To Repair A Scratched Xbox 360 Game

How To Repair A Scratched Xbox 360 Game

Hi, I’m Rene Millman, editor of Absolute Gadget,
and today I’ll be talking about the Xbox 360. On this video, we’ll be showing you how to
repair scratches on Xbox 360 game discs. Now with your game disc, first of all , it’s best
to prevent rather than cure, basically if you can look after your game disc, it will
prevent them being scratched. So, again if you got the packaging it came
with, leave it in the box, you can even leave it in the console because it won’t spin around
too much. Don’t leave it facedown on the table, you’ll scratch it; don’t use it as a drink
coaster, that’s your best preventative tip. If you do find scratches, then you can take
a lint free cloth and some alcohol and try to polish out the scratch, now this will polish
out light scratches but if you’ve got a really heavy gouge, then you have probably ruined
the disc beyond repair and there’s no point in taking it back to the shop, because if
you scratched a car, you would never be able to take it back to the dealer. When you’re polishing out the scratch, remember
take the lint free cloth with some alcohol and wipe from the center outwards, always
from the center outwards, never around and never rub it back and front, from the center,
but keep on going. Remember, prevention is always better than cure. Look after your disc,
and your disc will look after you. And that’s how to repair a scratch on the
Xbox 360 game disc. .

100 thoughts on “How To Repair A Scratched Xbox 360 Game

  1. That happened to me 🙁 my friend borrowed my mario kart wii cause his wasnt working then he switched it. I never got it back… Im sad

  2. The easiest way to fix a xbox three sixty is borrow the same game from one of your friends or store that works and install that game and there you go it reads it off the hard drive not the disk worked for my skate 3

  3. I'm sorry I thought this video was called how to repair a scratched Xbox 360 game not how to prevent it and even if it was how to prevent scratches we would already now all of this!!

  4. Smh its a shame that majority of u people commenting dont have anything positive to say…. if u dont like this method then dont use it damn.. u decided to watch the video and then do nothin but insult this man or get upset I mean do wat the hell u wanna do… u think he is losing any sleep becuz of wat yall sayin lol hell naw neither would I… I used it and it worked if yall have any better solutions then let it be known. … pitiful

  5. You use rubbing alcohol if you are under 18 ask your parents for some, if you are an adult go buy some at walgreens or something

  6. Thanks dude so much it works! 🙂
    -people use disinfecting alcohol and it works (for some sratches), it fixed my halo reach
    -but for some other games/scratches it mite not work, like my saints row 4 it keeps freezing or the whole world would not load so i tryed chapstick (Classic][Original) apply it in a circular motion then gently rub it in with a fiber cloth pressing down enough  in a circular motion then wipe it off after you've gone over the scratches (at least twice or when satisfied) and do this like twice a day (space out the time you do it so the chapstick can fill in the small scratches) then put it in your xbox (and pray to GOD it works) and try to install it. Thanks for reading

  7. Rubbing alcohol kids…rubbing alcohol. Don't drink it either, but it appears I was too late for that advice.

  8. I don't know about this, I know if you washed PS2 games with alcohol it would completely ruin the data

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