How to Play Gameboy Games on Android! OldBoy Android Emulator Setup! Gameboy Emulator for Android!

How to Play Gameboy Games on Android! OldBoy Android Emulator Setup! Gameboy Emulator for Android!

Hey guys My name is Scooby today I am going to be showing you how to play original game boy games on your Android device This is going to be a nice quick and easy tutorial on screen right now. You can see me playing some tetris Let’s jump right into this, so first thing you want to do is open up your play store and once you get your play store loaded up We’re going to be searching for my old boy free Gameboy emulator It’s also going to work for game boy color games But it will not work for game boy advance games if you want to check out the Gameboy advance emulator for Android Click the card on screen you can check that out, the first time you open it up It’s going to ask for access to your phone storage you’re going to have to allow this because later on we’re going to be needing To search on your phone storage for where your games are located to run on this emulator so as you can see on screen Right now you have three games currently, and I have all these games located in my game boy folder I’d recommend creating a new folder just so you can keep all your games nice neat and tidy of course you can just keep them In your downloads or wherever you want to keep them on your phone storage once, you have your games downloaded I’m not going to be showing it to this video where to download games, a quick google search will help you out You simply want to locate where your games are with this emulator But thankfully you don’t need the zarchiver in this case because the games do not need to be extracted you can run them directly from A zip Once you locate where your games are and you have them downloaded always do a select game you want to play? And the emulator will start playing the games instantly as you can see right now I’m playing Tetris and it works as simple as that thankfully the simulator is really really easy I wasn’t actually aware that you needed a second emulator to run normal Gameboy games versus the actual advanced version because I thought they were The same thing because in the original console you could actually play normal game boy games on the advanced And that’s why I had to create this tutorial to create a full unified feel over here in the channel Anyway guys If you enjoyed this tutorial be sure to drop a like, subscribe if you’re new check out the other videos on my channel. I’m my payPal Down below if you want to support the channel if you found these videos helpful. Anyway guys Thank you so much for watching until next time as always Keep it’s saucy, peace!

8 thoughts on “How to Play Gameboy Games on Android! OldBoy Android Emulator Setup! Gameboy Emulator for Android!

  1. Can you play GB and GBC games on the MyBoy emulator? I don't want to have to install 2 separate emulators on my phone

  2. Telling people to download an app isn't hard. You gave no help in downloading the games and Google doesn't help there are 100 of sites and not all of this work

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