How to Pair PS4 and Xbox Controller to iPhone & iPad in iOS 13!

100 thoughts on “How to Pair PS4 and Xbox Controller to iPhone & iPad in iOS 13!

  1. Don't forget to get your 3 years of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate using this trick: – do you use a PS4, Xbox, Switch, or PC for your primary gaming?

  2. Is there a way to utilize the headphone jack on my DS4 with my iPhone 7? So that the audio output device is the DS4 and not the iPhone.

  3. Why would you really do this, my answer remote play whether you like PlayStation or Xbox is irrelevant remote play is love remote play is life for both platforms 🤘🤘🤘

  4. For some reason when u try to connect my controller to my phone on Bluetooth nothing shows up and I have the XR

  5. How can you use iOS 13 when it’s not going to be release for at least another month(3 months when this video was made)?

  6. hi how would i know if the game supports ps4 or xbox bletooth controller? does all games downloaded from app store can pair and work ps4/xbox controller. thanks in advance. peace

  7. I have iOS 13 and I’m currently updating to a patch. I don’t have the controller that came with my Xbox One S, it broke. Can I use any other controller at all?

  8. Okay i synced my ps4 remote up to my ipad. Now its synced to my ipad and i cant use it on my ps4. How do i reconnect to the ps4?

  9. I just bought Dualshock 4 to complete my Apple TV 4K. Pairing was smooth. I’ve bought some games supporting controllers, but no game utilizes the vibrations, accelerometer, gyroscope, speaker or lightbar. I think thats the point of having game controller, as it is now, it’s like ergonomic keyboard with two joysticks. For example Real Racing 3 supports the controller, however, gas and brakes works on 100% or 0%, it don't care the pressure sensitive buttons… I am disappointed with this "controller support"

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