How To Install Xbox 360 Full Games Non Jtag Usb

How To Install Xbox 360 Full Games Non Jtag Usb

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How To Install Xbox 360 Full Games Non Jtag First of all If you haven’t Subscribed my channel
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and one thing i want to know if anyone have hitman absolution downloaded
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i just want file not your profile only file further information i’ll tell you on facebook
i want to crack some games for latest dashboard so kindly send me In This Video its work on old dashboard or
flashed i just cracked some games
but its too complicated to me to cracked these games
but i showed you in my previous video in that video some games are work or not
but there’s different code to apply in this file so let’s do it Download this file
Download Horizon Download ISO2GOD
so i’m starting with GTA 5 Download GTA 5 ISO
I have Gta 5 iso disc 2 open ISO2GOD
add iso file then convert it now it’s completed Now open the folder where you convert the
file Copy the crack in this folder
and rename the folder like this GTA after all these
Open horizon plug in your usb in the computer drag the file gta 5 into horizon and click on save it’s complete and
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67 thoughts on “How To Install Xbox 360 Full Games Non Jtag Usb

  1. Would this work on an xbox 360 E with no modifications? It has USB ports but I have no idea what flashed or jtagged is…

  2. Yeah, I've gotta say… it seems mildly fishy that you never showed proof of it working. No offense ^-^

  3. i have downloaded wwe 2k15 and it is showing needed original disk for playing . What will i do..???

  4. stop disrespecting kids dont laugh for hes nacunality he did noting wrong if u dont worked just leave him alone!
    and im not indian !

  5. Excuse me mr dell do you have the 44kb of naruto ultimate ninja storm revolution and lego marvel avengers and dance central 2? Can you include those files any help would be appreciated i subscribed already at your channel

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