How to get free mods on BO2 (2020)| Xbox One and Xbox 360

Hello guys, its your boy crush joy here and today guys I’m gonna show you how to get a free mod menu on the black ops 2 There’s been a lot of problems lately because the Creator who put the clips has deleted them all and so Your console starts crashing whenever you go to the person cuz he the person took away the videos So I just found it shout out to dice if I’m saying this wrong But shout out to dice on link channel will be in the link in the description Shoutouts to him all you had to do from him is you add him as a friend. So I add him as a friend So add him as a friend hisses chant his channel. I mean his gamertag is Diced, I’ll put his link in his channel link in description. I’m what you wanna do is press Y And you want to see his name. His name is right here. So dice What you want to go after that and go no go forward out you want to go to custom games? There you want to go To dice the friends by you. Gotta go to friends list by president. Why there you wanna click on him, press a Day, you want to go to players channel once you do that go To edit films you need to go to edit films and you see all the videos he has here once you do that click On anything you want so I’m gonna click this one You want to watch it once you do that you need to watch the phone And then since it’s taking a long time I’m gonna just wait for it After that you want to start the thumb It’s not going to take that long so there’s only like 40 seconds, but you want to watch the whole film So in order to get this So the videos almost done Then once you’re done with the video you wanna end the film Then you wanna go to The same thing gets a new team go to the guy again Then you I got a purge channel And you want to go to ed phones again and then you want close the part two of it Then you want to start watching the video again Then after is done with end the film Yes, I want to leave Then after you leave the lobby you go custom game set up your bar I don’t care what you wanted someone put eat What does this table did and said And I’m gonna put mine at 9:00 then you want to go back? and Then you want to start the match Right now my ninja so you see why I have them our menu so Someone played happy gonna And there you go And you have a mod menu Now you can Do anything you want like god mode? You can basically give yourself god mode You can give yourself anything Now I’m gonna go gain Stern no sex only Now you see I’m just family killing everyone now My job Junior I got if they kill my job Why not you see I’m getting unfair bot so yeah, this tutorial is like really good now now you can get in the lobby and just like Now Now I can change weapons

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