How to Download and play PSP games on android? With best Emulator.

  03 Dec 2019

Hello Friends, This is Harish Bali from
How does it sound to play PSP games on your android phone? yes it is very much possible.
All you need is 3 things. A – Emulator – You can get that from playstore. B. -You need
ISO or CSO file of the game that you want to play. CSO is compressed copy of ISO. C.
– You need an application that can unzip the rar file on your android phone. There are
many emulators available on playstore, I found PPSSPP and ultra PSP to be the best among
the lot. Let me open PPSSPP, this is open source. I am on the home page. Let’s explore
settings- Graphics rendering on the top right- You may skip buffer effect when playing large
size game on android. There are instances of games that work only with buffered rendering.
Then you have the frame control settings. You may explore controls and make changes
in on touch screen controls if needed and then explore other settings. That was quick
glance of PPSSPP, let’s have a look at the interface of the second emulator- ultrapsp.
As you can see – now i am opening ultrapsp. It’s a copy of PPSSPP, they have this additional
link of how to get games. This takes me to the games download page. There are many websites
like emuparadise, pspshare or They provide copies of iso files of the game.
Redistribution of games is certainly not legal, so download at your own risk. Ideally you
should make a iso copy of the game that you own and then play it on your android device.
I mentioned that you will need an application that can unzip rar file on your android phone.
There are many apps that are available on playstore. I use Zarchiver, its interface
is easy to follow. Let me show you demo of how to unzip the rar file on your android
phone. I have the rar file of Tekken game. In case if you are shot of space on your android
device- i would suggest you to extract the downloaded file from your PC and then shift
it to your android phone by using a usb cable. Here we are on the ppsspp- browse the game
where you have copied it. In my case it is on the sd card, here is the folder – games
psp. This is the game. Let me address some of the frequently asked questions. Open a
file management app and go to system storage, open the PSP folder then the game folder and
delete the iso file but in my case i have them on the sd card. Let’s go back, i have
this folder games psp. I can delete it from here. Yes it is illegal to download psp games
from any website or torrent. I don’t know how do these sites like emuparadise, pspshare
and many more sites escape the law. Installing custom firmware is a fairly complicated process,
yes you can create iso file of UMD. wikihow has a article which is step by step explanation
of how to do that. I have given link of the same in the description of this video. Yes
you can comfortably run games of 1 to 2 GB in size. All you need is a high ram, good
GPU and obviously storage. There can be two reasons if you are not able to play the game.
A – your android device does not support that game. B – Your emulator which is PPSSPP here
is not supporting the game that you want to play. Please try playing psp games on your
android device and if you face any difficulty, put that in comments below. I would love to
hear from you and if you have not subscribed to this channel till now, do that. Thanks
for your time.

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