How to Cancel Disney Plus Subscription

How to Cancel Disney Plus Subscription

Hey everyone. I’m Max Dalton, and in this video I’ll show
you how to cancel your Disney Plus subscription. The Disney Plus streaming service has something
for almost everyone. However, if you find yourself wanting to cancel
your Disney Plus subscription because you’re having too many technical issues, there’s
no content on there you care about, or any number of other reasons, that process is fairly
straightforward. It’s important to note that you can only cancel
your Disney Plus subscription through the Disney Plus website, and you can’t do it through
other platforms like iOS, Android, Roku, Xbox, PS4 and others. Now let’s walk through the steps to cancel
your Disney Plus subscription. Step 1. Open your web browser and navigate to Log in to your Disney Plus account if prompted. You’ll arrive at your Disney Plus Account
screen. Step 2. Click “Billing Details” to the right of Annual
in the Subscription section. The Billing Details screen is displayed where
you’ll see your current plan, your next billing date, and your chosen payment method. Step 3. Click “Cancel Subscription.” The Cancel Subscription screen appears. You’ll be informed when your cancellation
will take effect, which should be at the end of your current billing period. Click the red “Complete Cancellation” button. A screen appears informing you that your Disney
Plus subscription has been cancelled, where you’ll be prompted to choose your cancellation
reason. Step 4. Select your reason for cancelling Disney Plus,
and then click “Submit.” A Thank You screen appears. You’ll receive an email at the email address
associated with your Disney Plus account confirming your cancellation. Let me know why you decided to cancel your
Disney Plus subscription in the comments below. If you liked what you saw here, click the
video link on the right side of the screen to check out another video, or click the logo
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29 thoughts on “How to Cancel Disney Plus Subscription

  1. Hey, when I pressed billing details, there's only one option to press "go to google play" I dont see "cancel subscription" Can you help me please

  2. What bugs me is how easy it is for them to take your money but you have to go through extra hoops to cancel. Almost like its by design.

  3. Do I Have To Have My Disney Plus Free Trail Longer Than 24 Hours To End My Free Trail?? I’ve Tried Everything And Can’t Seem To Delete It. I Have A Firetv Thats Link To My Amazon Account That It’s Keep Sending Me To End It But It’s Nothing There . I’ve Tried 10 Times And Still Nothing

  4. okay so i made two accounts by accident one will not let me log in. and says my account is blocked i tried calling and was on hold for more then an hour and the help website didn’t working. so this was no help at all 👍🏼 so it would be nice to know why this is happening

  5. In order to cancel if you have the bundle: call your credit card company and cancel your credit card. That is the only way to not get billed. No other option.

  6. It's great for kids under 12years old boc's I told my 15year old we have Disney plus & he said to me on his way out the door 1st why? 2nd I hope u like it & 3rd I'm not into Disney lol so that didn't go over well lol now it's going to take days if not weeks to cancel & that really sucks & if I'm rite as soon as I cancel the kid will be back asking I thought we had Disney plus & me being the nice father I am will half to set out and renew the account & start the process all over again dose anyone else deal with issues like myself???👀

  7. I signed up. After checking out the content, I wasn't feeling it. Can I still cancel during 7 day trial? Or do I need to wait til the week is over? 🙂

  8. I cancelled it on the app it said cancel and when I canceled it nothing popped up some tell me if it cancelled or not 😭 and it tells me pick a option to resubscribe does that means it’s cancelled ?

  9. There is no cancel subscription on my billing details screen!  I"m not a part of a bundle and I have gone to the website, the app and even my Apple ID to try to cancel the subscription.  I just sent an e-mail to customer support and will be calling them later today.  I will also be contacting VISA regarding this issue as well. It should NEVER be this frustrating and unintuitive to edit/delete my personal billing information.  If anyone figures this out please let me know, Thanks!

  10. Ill probably wait till the mandalorian's last episode drops so i can watch them all in one week + the rise of skywalker

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