How To ABUSE The Strengths Of Controller Fortnite! (Controller Fortnite – PS4 + Xbox)

How To ABUSE The Strengths Of Controller Fortnite! (Controller Fortnite – PS4 + Xbox)

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today
we’re gonna be going in-depth about controller Fortnite vs. mouse and keyboard Fortnite and
more specifically,,,what controller players can do to give themselves the best chance
against mouse and keyboard players. For a long time in Fortnite if you played
on console, which probably 90% of controller players do if not more than that, you almost
never had to worry about running into mouse and keyboard players. The only instances that would occur is if
you were playing with a friend on PC, playing arena mode, or playing some kind of in-game
tournament/competitive event. But as I’m sure you’re all aware of by now,
that changed a few months ago, and now every game mode in Fortnite is cross platform at
all times. So it doesn’t matter if you play on ps4, xbox,
or controller on PC, you’re gonna be running into mouse and keyboard players in every single
lobby you play in. Therefore it’s important to understand as
a controller player what your strengths and your weaknesses are when it comes to facing
these players. And without further ado, let’s get right into
it. Alright so let’s start this video off by breaking
down the most interesting part of these controller vs. mouse and keyboard engagements, aim. A lot of people will tell you that controller
players have the advantage when it comes to aiming 100%. They’ll point out that controller has less
recoil and probably reference some clips of controller players using aim assist to hit
a bunch of shots in a row. But I’m here to tell you that it definitely
isn’t as simple as that. The one area that controller players definitely
do have an advantage is at medium range with ARs, that part is definitely true. It doesn’t matter if you use legacy or linear,
aim assist combined with less recoil is basically the perfect formula for success at medium
range. However at close range is where things get
really interesting. I think most people would agree that the most
important fights in all of Fortnite are shotgun fights. You can hit people with AR chip damage all
day, but probably 75% of the time at least, you’re still gonna need to rush that player
and hit them with at least 1 shotgun shot to get the knock/elimination. So when it comes to controller vs. mouse and
keyboard in these shotgun fights, a lot of it really comes down to whichever shotgun
is meta. The biggest advantage of mouse and keyboard
for aiming is the ability to make quick and controlled flicks. Since you’re using your entire hand/arm to
control the mouse, you have enough strength and control to quickly and accurately move
your crosshair from point A to point B, even if it needs to go across almost your entire
screen. So that’s obviously helpful with all the shotguns,
but it’s definitely most impactful with a weapon like the pump that has a small crosshair
and fires very slowly, because you need to be almost perfectly accurate to deal damage,
and due to the slow rate of fire, if you do miss you’re in big trouble. Now if you’re a controller player that uses
linear, you’ll be able to perform hit flick shots much more than a legacy player, but
still definitely not as much as someone using a mouse. However where controller players can hold
their own and maybe even have a slight advantage is with spray shotguns that have large crosshairs. Those types of shotguns are less about hitting
your first shot, and more about being able to track the enemy and land a few shots in
a row. The good news is that’s easier to do on controller
because you have aim assist. And I believe a big reason why controller
players have been so successful in competitive play recently,,, is because for the first
time maybe ever in Fortnite history, the tac shotgun is just as good if not better than
the pump shotgun. So with shotguns I’d say as of right now it’s
pretty even, but typically mouse and keyboard players have a pretty significant advantage. However the other weapon typically involved
in close range fights, SMGs obviously, are a whole other story. The SMGs in Fortnite are fully auto spray
weapons that reward aggressive play and are deadly when combined with aim assist, specifically
linear aim assist. I can’t remember who it was exactly, but a
few days ago I saw a tweet from a mouse and keyboard player that basically said something
like “everybody complains about legacy aim assist and l2 spamming, but I think SMG spraying
with linear aim assist is even more OP.” So if you’re a controller player, you wanna
abuse those SMGs and tac shotguns as much as possible, because they’re definitely your
biggest advantage against mouse and keyboard players up close. But what increases your chances in close range
fights even more, is if you can start the fight at medium range and deal a some AR damage,
because that’s another area where you have an advantage. Another interesting advantage of controller
that a lot of people don’t talk about is the movement/mobility advantage. Thumbsticks on controllers definitely aren’t
the best when it comes to aiming simply because they’re so small, but they’re actually very
good for player movement. It’s probably not something you every really
think about, but controller thumbsticks allow you to easily change direction, stop and start
your in a matter of milliseconds, and move in multiple different directions at the same
time. What I mean by that, is if you push your thumbstick
at about a 45 degree angle, you’re going to move a little forward and a little to the
right at the same time. Plus while you’re moving your left thumbstick,
you can also do things like spam crouch with your right thumbstick, or spam jump if you
have a controller with paddles. Keyboard movement on the other hand is a totally
different story. The default movement keybinds in Fortnite
are the W, A, S, and D keys with W moving you forward, A moving left, S moving down,
and D moving right. I know some people have started using double
movement keybinds, but that’s a very small percentage of players, so it’s not super relevant. Moving by pressing 4 different keys is obviously
wayyyy move difficult than using a thumbstick. The movement is way less precise and you have
less overall control of it. So that’s another really big advantage that
controller players have, especially in close range fights. If you’re a controller player and you’re really
good at staying mobile in these fights, you’re gonna be so much harder to hit than even the
best keyboard and mouse players. You’re really doing yourself a huge disservice
if you don’t take advantage of that. So thus far in the video you may be thinking
“Hey, based on what he’s said so far, it almost seems like controller has an advantage over
mouse and keyboard.” I’ve said that controller is better at medium
range, shotgun aim is pretty much a toss-up depending on which shotgun is in the meta,
and that controller has a huge advantage with movement. But, the elephant in the room that I’m sure
you guys have been thinking about the entire video is the advantage of keyboard and mouse
in building and editing. Don’t get me wrong, there are some ridiculously
good controller builder and editors. I can totally understand how you could watch
a faze sway or razorx video and say “These guys are absolutely insane builders and editors,
and they’re on controller.” However, that doesn’t change the fact that
like it or not, controller is at a disadvantage with those 2 mechanics. Luckily it isn’t as big of a disadvantage
as it used to be, but building and especially editing on keyboard and mouse are easier for
a variety of different reasons. Unlike aim which a lot of the time is about
small and super precise movements, building and editing is all about quick and accurate
flicks, which again is the #1 thing that mouse excels at. I mean seriously, if you wanna understand
the difference, watch a top controller pro player play for maybe 10-20 minutes, and then
switch to watching a top mouse and keyboard player play. The difference in editing and building speed
and overall effectiveness is instantly noticeable. Plus you can’t talk about editing advantages
of KBM without mentioning scroll wheel reset. I’m sure most of you guys know what this is
by now, but if not, it’s a tactic that first became known about a year ago. I won’t get into the specifics, but it basically
enables PC players to make moving their scroll wheel either up or down a secondary reset
edit bind, which pretty much enables them to reset literally instantly. It’s simply a huge advantage that can’t be
emulated on controller at all. So I know it’s impossible to avoid building
and editing fights because this is Fortnite and the game literally revolves around them,
but you need to be aware that mouse and keyboard players have considerable advantage in those
2 categories. I’d probably recommend contesting high ground
instead of opting for low ground box fights though, since that typically involves less
editing which is the area mouse and keyboard has the biggest advantage in. Trust me, my console friends repeat to me
all the time how frustrating it is to be be forced to play against, and die to mouse and
keyboard players. But if you just remember the types of fights
that you have the best chance in, I think you’ll be able to hold your own. So I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
if you watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment
section below. If you’re a controller player, how often do
you feel that you run into mouse and keyboard players? Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment,
subscribe, turn on post notifications, do whatever the heck you want, and I, will catch
you guys next time!

84 thoughts on “How To ABUSE The Strengths Of Controller Fortnite! (Controller Fortnite – PS4 + Xbox)

  1. A Quote To Get You Through The Day

    Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help & brave enough to ask for it.🙌

  2. Who else plays on a controller?

    Have a great 2020! You don’t have to but I’m trying to get to 1k so any support would be appreciated! Thanks 😊❤️

  3. I run into pc players all time and it’s so annoying when they start cranking edits and take my wall on the first time cuz of better FPS and ping cuz I play ps4

  4. So if you play on a switch and are the party leader and 2 of your friends are on console who do you go up against??? Is it mobile/switch or is it ps4/Xbox/pc players???

  5. I don’t even care about playing against mouse and keyboard players. They don’t have too many advantages. I just can’t stand playing against PC players when I’m on console

  6. Tbh u kinda can edit just as fast on controller as on kbm if u learn how to use a high edit and build multiplier. I play 81% on legacy with a 3.0 build and edit multiplier and my edits nearly look like bughas

  7. One adv. Of Kb + M is that they have the biggest advantage when it comes to weapon swapping what I mean by this is that a kb+m player can simply switch from his sniper to shotgun by just hitting one key and controller players have to repeatedly tap their L1/R1 to switch.

  8. Gronky is wrong there is ppl who play kbm on ps4 because its supported. Some ppl play kbm on console bc they cant afford pc

  9. SypherPK and Nickmercs are a good example of duo partners who use different platforms, but combine the strengths of each to compliment each other

  10. I don’t think the linear aim is better at medium distance on controller. Recoil is less because with a mouse you can counter recoil much easier, it’s like that because controller aiming can’t do that efficiently. And Linear aim assist stops at 26 tiles while legacy goes to 39 and it doesn’t have the snap on so hitting even at 26 tiles isn’t as constant as a mouse or legacy. shotguns are closer to even, but you still can’t flick nearly as fast as a mouse without making your sensitivity close to unmanageable. Its easier to be accurate with shotguns on controller though. I agree on SMG, but it does have its issues on linear. If you ADS when you shouldn’t or hip fire when you shouldn’t usually mean you’re done. You can’t track them when ADS I they are too fast and you cant hip firing the aim assist sometimes slows you too much so you can’t catch the enemy and when you push further to compensate you can fly past the enemy.

    Personally, I think Mouse still has the biggest advantage aiming overall. Without any sort of acceleration on it, you can literally move the mouse by one pixel are do a full 180 in like 2 frames. Not having acceleration, which basically is needed on controller unless you have a steam track pad controller, is basically like aim assist. Not L2 but the slow down mechanic. Its like driving a car vs a hover craft. You move the mouse an inch it moves an inch (or a ratio) on screen like how you turn a steering wheel and the tires move a specific amount. With a hover craft, its based on how much you throttle the left or right fan, moving the throttle to the same position and for the same duration is never exact like aiming on a controller, which also uses acceleration.

    Legacy slows you down and acts like a second automatic level of ADS. Its to compensate for its inability to move at a 1:1 ratio. I don’t like the “whole arm” argument because the same could be done with a track pad or touch screen without needing a whole arm. Its about how the crosshair movement is accomplished.

  11. sorry for my bad English
    First of all, I'm playing console, to be precise, PS4
    When I started playing Pc's were still consoles where you had to connect to the TV and a shot was so big that it literally covered half the screen. When SuperNintendo and Sega 16bit came it was a highlight.

    Now for Fortnite. PCs with and without controllers are pure console farmers. That's why Sony didn't want the PC player to play against the Playstation for a long time. 60FPS vs 244 and more FPS? for example….
    It is even impossible for an OG gamer who has been playing since Session 2 to play with fun. Also in this video you can see how easy Ninja and co does the players. Then the PCs cried just because they couldn't distinguish automatic aim from assistant aim. Which is why you now have to aim with the stick in exactly the same way as with the mouse. For many players an absurdity. In addition, there is the rumor that Epic wants to force everyone to bind to their store so that they can be a competitor to Steam. Apart from the fact that Epic will never get Counter Strike. (Legend)

    Fortnite is a console game that has been broken by PC players again. Just like many other games like Dragon Ball.

    Also, many don't want to spend thousands of dollars on a game to have a high-end PC. Just to have no unfair technical disadvantages.
    Anyway. I can no longer hear the PC ego talk and I feel that way.

    One can only hope. Otherwise, the next generation of the console will be the last.

    As someone who has been playing for so long, Fortnite has unfortunately only become a tragedy.

    Thanks anyway and greetings go out

  12. Am I the only one that gets a mean shotgun pull out delay randomly after an edit

    Like the shotgun is out and ready to shoot but I can't shoot sometimes after an edit , and I play with decent ping around 10

  13. Man Fortnite has come Far
    What would you like to see Fortnite do in the future?
    Maybe a new Island?
    Weather effects that change the mood of the game as we get to final circle?
    What are your are your thoughts?

  14. M&K vs controller is not an issue for me. I can personally hold my own but the problems I have is keeping my Xbox at above 20 FPS and ping below 60.

  15. I discovered a new box fight trick that can be used offensive and defensive, it's appreciated if someone shares it
    Thank you

  16. Who's been a HUGE fan of gronky before 2020??

    👇I'm gifting my next 79 loyal subs 🎁
                       Must have notïs🔔

  17. Then mobile is the best
    Aim assist
    And mobile even has reset/edit
    Need proof watch this kid he is insane

  18. I use my left trigger as edit reset… I don’t understand the difference between that and scroll wheel. As far as a crazy advantage.

  19. I say scrape the boost speed and give us a higher x and y sensitivity scrape the edit bind when resetting and make linear the same as legacy hip fire aim assist is for trick shots please and thank you 😊

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