Honest Trailers – Game of Thrones Vol. 1

Honest Trailers – Game of Thrones Vol. 1

Warning: the following
contains spoilers for seasons 1-3.
For a spoiler-free version,
click here.
Just come back and watch the real version
when you’re all caught up…
wuss!From fiction’s
most notorious serial killer,
comes the TV adaptationof the medieval encyclopedia/
Dungeon Master’s Guide/pornothat is…Game of Thrones.God, that song’s cool!Get ready for the show that has viewers
of the edge of their seats,
wondering what will happen next,and as people who’ve read the books
acting all smug because they already know.
It’s the abusive showyou keep watching
no matter how many times it hurts you.
How long do I have to look?Full of disturbing imagery like…incest,beheadings,attempted child murder,more incest…And that’s just the first episode!Travel to Westeros,a place where everything
is the thing of nouns.
The Hand of the King. – Light of the Seven.
– Brienne of Tarth. – Lord of Bones.
– Lord of Light. – Master of Coin.
– Mother of Dragons. – Son of Dolf.
– Son of Fire! – Warrior of Light.
– Bank of Braavos. Lord of Winterfell
and Warden of the North.Watch as everyone fights to sit
in the world’s most uncomfortable chair,
while completely ignoring
an invasion of ice zombies
that threatens to kill them all.Seriously,
someone should really get on that!
Meet unforgettable heroes,who were still alive
when we wrote this Honest Trailer.
Jon Snow,a mopey bastard
who doesn’t know anything.
You know nothing, Jon Snow.Tyrion Lannister,
a character who’s so awesome.
Imp slap!Peter Dinklage will get
every good dwarf role until he dies,
or Warwick Davis kills him.And Daenerys Targaryen,a super hot queen
obsessed with her dragons.
Where are my dragons?She’s out for vengeance
against the people who killed her family.
Eventually…One of these days…Can we just fast-forward
to that part?
Watch as these heroes struggleto end the reign
of King Justin Bieber.
Leave her face. I like her pretty.God, if he doesn’t die this season,I’m gonna fucking kill him myself!Fucking hate that kid!Ride along on an adventurewhere any lead character can die.Whether you’re Sean Bean,Sean Bean’s wife,Sean Bean’s best friend,Sean Bean’s son,Sean Bean’s daughter-in-law,Sean Bean’s family dogs,or Sean Bean’s unborn grandkid.All men must die…who are in any way
close to Sean Bean.
So begin the epic journey,
so long and complicated,
we hope the creator
doesn’t eat himself to death
before he’s finished writing it.And settle in for a show
with so many monologues,
HBO will desperately
try to keep your attention
by any boobs necessary.Not that I’m complaining.Boobs!Starring the ten characters
whose names you actually remember.
And all these other characters
whose names you actually don’t remember.
Like the sneaky guy.The sneaky bald guy.Carl Drago.Those Gay Dudes.Lord Friend Zone.Grumpy Old Dad.That’s the same person, right?Sand- San- Sansa?Bronn?Bran?Bronn again?Sam? No, Sam’s the fat one
Lord of the Rings.She’s the one who had a demon baby!That’s the guy
that got his dick cut off.
I don’t remember her name,
but she’s super hot.
That’s Tyrion’s hooker girlfriend!Hodor!
That’s Hodor!
Now, you’re just messing with me.No idea.Faceless Assassin!
That guy’s awesome!
Not a clue.Dunno.I got nothin’.None of these are ringing a bell.Go make up your own names, nerds!Game of Thrones.It’s kinda like a history test,
but with dragons
and boobs!If you put any spoilers
in the comments, I’ll kill you.
But to all my book bros:
R + L=J.
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100 thoughts on “Honest Trailers – Game of Thrones Vol. 1

  1. This is probably in the top 5 best Honest Trailers, don’t know how many times I’ve rewatched this

  2. Now that I watched the final season, I would only want to look back at those scenes/episodes abused here with fond nostalgia.

    And now GoT S08 feels like just another fuckin Bollywood horseshit.

  3. I take exception to it being a DM guide. And I couldn't get through the first episode several times and I couldn't get through this honest trailer. Do love honest trailers, but I'll be the roast bait….game of thrones sucked from the get go. It was a half-assed adventure romp scratched over a couple of years.

  4. "She's out for vengeance against the people who killed her family. Eventually. One of these days. …Can we just fast forward to that part?"

    It seems they understood you wrong: Instead of forwarding TO that part, they forwarded THAT PART!

  5. Doesn't know long list of characters but knows Hodor. Well executed. And the joke about Not Sam, Sam's the fat best friend from LotR. Trips me up too.

  6. Came here after watching the final honest trailer, just to remember the good old days… It was just a perfect show!😭😭

  7. Sadly i know each character's name. And even more sad is that this epic show has ended. Even more sad part is that ot ended so badly :/

  8. Like seriously, it's so hard for me to remember most of the characters names in this show lol since they barely speak it out

  9. Game of Thrones…

    "Where any lead character can die whether you're Sean Bean, Sean Bean's wife, Sean Bean's son, Sean Bean's daughter in law, Sean Bean's bestfriend,Sean Bean's unborn grandchildren, Sean Bean's family dog, Sean Bean's son-in-law, Sean Bean's adoptive son, Sean Bean's adoptive son's lover, Sean Bean's Master-At-Arms, Sean Bean's servants, Sean Bean's sister, Sean Bean's sister-in law, Sean Bean's brother-in-law, Sean Bean's daughter-in-law, Sean Bean's wife's brother-in-law, Sean Bean's daughter's virginity, Sean Bean's head, Sean Bean's bestfriend's wife, Sean Bean's bestfriend's brother-in law, Sean Bean's bestfriend's father in law, Sean Bean's secrets"

  10. Rewatching these things give me a sense of superiority, the feel of the all knowing one. Guess this is how Bran feels.

  11. Oh come on, we can all remember Tywin Lanister, because he is the worst dad. Still spot on for how hard it was to remember most of the other characters though.

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