HOCKEY ALL STARS Gameplay – New Hockey Game for iOS and Android!

Hello everyone to Big Paw Gaming! Hockey All Stars by Distinctive Games is a newest hockey game for iOS and Android. Here, you will be in charge of the hockey team on the ice and behind the desk. The game looks great and the controls are pretty easy. However, I feel like the controls are missing a mark and often it is hard to get the players to do what they are supposed to. In that matter, i would try to rush to to get the put and yet the player will just swing next to it. For the gameplay loop, Hockey All Stars award you with coins for every game you complete and you can trade them for packs. Each pack have a chance to have better players and you will decide if these players fit your squad or if it can be trained further. Additionally, you cna monitor some game finances. Change the sponsors, build different seats quality in the stadium and so on. The game graphic is good but the animation could be improved. The sound and effects are fine, but the music is horrible and I recommend you to turn it off while playing. The music alone probably will drive users away and that’s sad! Overall, I didn’t like this game that much. It has a potential to be one of the best mobile hockey game out there but small things like controls, music and animation – all adds up. If the developers work hard on the game, it has real potential and I hope they can see my message and fix the game. Overall, as of today, the score is 4/10. I hope you like this video and watch it to the end. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below. Thank you for watching and please remember to subscribe!

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