Here’s How a Mechanic Checks and Buys a Car

Here’s How a Mechanic Checks and Buys a Car

rev up your engines today I’m gonna show
you how to totally check out a used car before you buy it
I’ll show you everything I do when I check it out now in this case the 2017
Jeep Compass 4-wheel Drive and anybody knows maybe I tell somebody not to buy
this thing in the first place but I’m an honest mechanic the guy has bought it
from one of these places where they give you a seven-day guarantee and if the
mechanics says that it’s got problems they give him their money back so he’s
already bought it but it’s still within the window or the seven days so I am
going to honestly check everything to see what kind of shape it’s enough even
though I myself would never personally buy such a car the first thing I look
for is wreck damage and that’s where this little paint gauge comes in handy
I can check various areas of the paint to see if it’s been repainted look for
colors and look for thickness changes now just by looking I can tell that this
is slightly a different color than this so I know it’s been wrecked here for
sure because when I measure the paint on this side it’s 6.15 mils but measuring
on this backside here it’s a point two five mils this is been repainted and if
you look closer you see then a crappy job right here paints already starting
to chip off and starting to rust and just overall you can see the sloppy work
that’s done on these cars this is 6.45 here 7.5 there 6.0 on the
other side here and down here it’s 4.6 here we’re probably talking mainly of
the sloppy job that Jeep does when they paint him in the first place
I’ve getting these new ones myself brand spanking new the customer buys them
bring them over here they got 20 miles on it and I can often find great
variations in the paint thickness in one area it just means that they painted
them like crap showing the low quality of fiat-chrysler
to begin with but after all it’s just paint if you don’t mind a little chip
here and there and that it’s thick in one part and thin in another and you
like the vehicle well that’s no reason to actually not buy something but it
does show that it wasn’t built that well and that it has been Canton painted on
that one corner at least when you get things in the sevens things in the sixes it really was either painted poorly in the back to begin with
or more often it was wrecked in the side in the back and they did a crappy job
painting both the side and the back but then again that’s cosmetic stuff I tell
the customer they can make a decision what they want to do on it maybe try to
get in to lower the price because they better act or something if they wouldn’t
tell it was wrecked but the main thing is checking it electronically and
mechanically with my giant scan tool we’re just open the door and plug it in
then turn the key on so it has power and click diagnosis
click the automatic selection read the VIN
there’s the VIN ok got all the information right and we’ll do a full
diagnosis of Auto scan it takes a while but it checks an awful lot of stuff now
so far I found two problems one in the central gateway there’s a fault and
another one in the tire pressure monitoring system and in this case it’s
a mild problem c1,000 brake pedal switch circuit performance I often see
these things when they said awhile so I’m gonna race this one got turn the
engine off there yes not gonna erase the code so i one point I’m at at low tire
pressure will reset that to when we road test that we’ll see if any other codes
come back and now I’m gonna do a big test that I do when I check out these
cars I’m gonna look at all the live data there’s a lot of debt a lot of
information this is where you need a mechanic like me why say I always pay
him to check out cuz there’s a lot of data and I’m going through an analyzing
as I look for it but luckily if it’s really bad this system is color coded so
if it’s got yellow or red that means that there’s a serious problem and it
will often make them bold in bold so you don’t miss them so here’s what I
have to analyze I look at all the stuff so far everything I see is pretty normal
but there is a lot of information on these things it can tell you if there’s
a problem or not you just have to look at all this data and a good mechanic
knows how to analyze it you can see minor cars are getting more
and more and more complex that’s why you need a machine like this and the
mechanic knows what he’s doing what he’s checking out a used car for you you
can’t trust anyone and you can’t trust anything except the live data and how
its analyzed by somebody who knows what they’re doing it has a machine like this
of course that will give you problems and they’ll be color coded so far
everything look fine and that as the engine control module now I’m going to
look at the transmission control module because these things are notorious is
the age to get transmission problems but coming really this thing only has 30,000
miles on it so we’re hoping there’s nothing else so we’ll go to the
transmission control module click OK and then we’re gonna analyze the live data
for that and here comes all the live data and as usual I have to look at it
and see if there’s any bad data this is where a mechanic who knows what he’s
doing it’s very important now it didn’t show any bad data that’s a good thing and when you are fixing the cars you also need a machine like that because you got
to do bidirectional testing of solenoids and switches and stuff so really modern
cars you need a good mechanic to check it out
either when you’re getting a checked out for purchase used or fixing that they’re
no longer my grandfather’s day where you got a hammer and a screwdriver and bash
things to fix them low stakes are pretty much gone of course you can’t trust
anybody so you gotta check all the windows make sure they all go up and
down front and back and then back on the other side and then go outside have the
headlights check all the turn signals make sure everything’s working because
stuff can be hidden that you’ll miss maybe it’s just a bulb that’s not
working but it could be even worse so always check everything and a wiper
blades and of course you want to make sure an air conditioning works get a
little thermometer turn the a/c on full blast recirculate it cause the door
maybe five minutes see how cold it gets make sure the fans are coming on
these are blond nice and fast who look for the air-conditioning hey here we go
inside now let’s see how cold it got about 40 degrees that’s pretty cold 99
degrees outside here in Houston so this got down to 40 the a/c is working
perfectly fine now I already know that this is been repainted hey maybe it was
just a little minor stuff so we’re gonna check is the distance between the tire
and the front that’s four fingers now we’ll check the other side four fingers
again so it hasn’t twisted the frame or anything
now changing off the owner just called me on the phone and said he was worried
about our shift it’s so we’re gonna take it for a ride and see how chips realize
that they weren’t on transmission close and the data looked okay but this is a
Jeep and they have notoriously crappy transmissions they don’t shift that well
I’ve rented them in the past and I’ve running them with four or five thousand
miles on when I started sure crappy even then so we’ll take it out on highway and
see how it’s shifted he said that when he let go of it at
certain speeds he kind of feel a little jiggle in it I can feel it right now
when it goes down and jiggles a little bit pretty much normal for these Jeeps
especially when you slow down and come to a stop you’ll often feel the
transmission go a little bit squirrelly on these jeeps we’ll see what it does
when we take off yeah a little bump there but nothing
outrageous these six-speed ZF automatic transmissions slip and slide when you’re
driving them around this one actually is less than most I mean you can feel a
little they’re kind of sloppy slippy shifts that they have but this one’s
working pretty much as it was designed and I say it’s nothing special and as
they age they can be really expensive pains but this particular one isn’t
falling apart yet yeah it’s got a little bit of a slip in a little clunk once in
a while but that’s pretty much normal for these things so that’s pretty much
up to the costumer I didn’t find anything serious wrong with it other
than a bent hip and repainted in a few spots but everything in it works pretty
good I tried the four-wheel drive that worked fine so if he wants to keep and
even go ahead and keep it like I said I wouldn’t a buy it myself but I checked
it out professionally and honestly and this one is this good shape as I’ve ever
seen one that had 30,000 miles on so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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  2. I checked out a '08 Mazda 626 (notorious weak transmissions)for a female. The sales guy started it and said, "look, hear that? the Engine and Transmission have Good Connection, yah yah." I kept my mouth shut. I got on the freeway and it would't go into 4th. it just stayed stuck in 3rd. And it felt like bad CV joint also when making right turn. The dealer was Drive Time on I-45 S Houston. I even had to buy $5 gas just to test drive it…..

  3. Should I buy a used 2008 Lexus RX 350, 149,000K, one owner, we know the people well (and it has no issues from the past, plus its history is completely known)? Scotty ever talk about this particular car/SUV, any known issues I should prepare for?

  4. Any idea where I could find a ODB1 code reader for a 92 Toyota Celica? Tapping wires at timed intervals is to much like voodoo for me to clear the air bag codes.

  5. Wish mechanics would be honest like you. God bless you for the work you are doing. Saving people time and money. You're the best!

  6. Scotty…..please start a franchise called "Scotty's Auto Service", and put the first one in my neighborhood! Trying to find a mechanics that's both honest AND skilled is extremely difficult. No joke.

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