Help, I’m stuck! Nintendo Switch 1 Year Update: Video games I’ve been playing

Help, I’m stuck! Nintendo Switch 1 Year Update: Video games I’ve been playing

Hey, Lauren here, and now that I’ve had my
Nintendo Switch for over a year, I’ve been getting some requests to make
another video updating you on what I’ve been playing. I started out with three
games which I mentioned in my first Nintendo Switch video, which were Breath
of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, and Just Dance. But over the last year or so, I’ve
collected a bunch more games that I wanted to share with you! I got to the
end of the story in Super Mario Odyssey and I occasionally pop back in to
look for more moons. I’m currently stuck in Breath of the Wild because I am
terrible at sneaking around and I have not been able to get the last of the
four beasts as a result. I am sure that I will try again at some point because I
absolutely loved that game. I’ve logged so many hours in Breath of the Wild to not
go back and try again, but all of these other new games have been coming out and
so I’ve been playing those instead! The game that I have been hands-down
most excited about and you may know this if you follow me on social media or
you’ve seen some of my videos in the past, but I got Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu.
I had a really hard time choosing between Pikachu and Eevee, most people
had been encouraging me to get Eevee but I ended up getting Pikachu instead, just
because I could not resist the nostalgia factor of going back and playing a
pokemon yellow remake with Pikachu. There were a lot of other factors involved, it
took me an extraordinarily long time to decide and actually preorder this thing,
but I got it and I love it. I knew I was going to like this game, I did not know
how much I was going to absolutely adore it. Things that I am absolutely smitten
with in this game are the art style and the fact that it’s pretty 3d. I can get
past the fact that you have to manually throw a Pokeball to catch pokemon
because you can see them before you try to catch them. I’ve played a lot of
Pokemon games, I’ve played since I was 10 years old, and one thing that I have
always hated is having to walk back and forth in the tall grass to find a
specific Pokemon that pretty much never shows up. Looking for Pokemon is so much
more fun when you can see what you’re looking for and I can’t believe they
hadn’t done this sooner and I hope that it doesn’t go away next generation. I
really hope that they keep the animation style, I really like playing on the
Switch. I did not buy the Pokemon controller that they made for this game
and I have a lot of trouble throwing the ball with the joy con when I have it on
my TV, so I’ve been playing handheld whenever I need to catch a Pokemon. I’m
much better at aiming, I feel like the mechanic is way easier on the handheld
version of it, and it’s unfortunate because one of the reasons why I was so
excited to play Pokemon on the Switch is because I love TV consoles. I love being
able to see everything when it’s so much bigger, I’ve always felt like Pokemon is
such a huge game so it should be on a big screen. So pretty much anytime I’m
playing and I’m having trouble catching something, I just pick the whole thing
up and catch it that way. With the way they were describing this game in the
lead up, I feel like a lot of people were not really that interested in it and I
was so pleasantly surprised at the way this game turned out. I’m currently at
the point where I’ve beaten the Elite Four but my Pokemon are in no way ready
to take on the individual trainers for each Pokemon. I also found Mewtwo but
was not strong enough to take him on, so now I feel a little bit stuck and I’m
not really sure what I’m supposed to do next. So there’s still plenty more for me
to do in the game, I’m just not really sure what I can do at my current level.
The next game that I wanted to talk about that I have been so excited to play is
Katamari Damacy re-roll. I used to watch my cousin play this game and I was
always completely enamored with it, but we never had a Playstation, we only
had Nintendo games, so I wasn’t able to play it. So now that it is available on
the Switch, I am playing it all the time. It is freaking weird and I love it. So if
you are unfamiliar with Katamari, the concept of the game is that you are this
little prince with a ball that is kind of weirdly magnetic and you can pick up
whatever you want as long as the ball is big enough. So you start out picking up
buttons and thumbtacks and candy and tiny things on the floor and then the
bigger the ball gets, the more stuff you can pick up. You can pick up people and
animals and buildings eventually and it is really silly and weird. I just think
it’s so much fun. I’m currently stuck on one of the later levels where you have
25 minutes which is kind of a lot, to roll up as much as possible and I never
quite get there. So it seems like I just need a little bit more practice, I’m
gonna go back and improve all my other levels and we’ll see how that goes. But
yeah man, I’m so excited that it’s on the Switch so I can play it and just, I’ve
been so excited about it. Another game that I’ve been playing a lot this year
on the Nintendo switch is Stardew Valley and I actually made a dedicated video
just about my stardew valley experience. This is a game that a lot of you
recommended to me in my first Nintendo Switch video, so I just wanted to thank
everybody who told me that I would absolutely
love it because I do. I haven’t played it in a long time because I have completed
pretty much everything I wanted to do and so I feel like I need to probably
start a new farm in one of the new areas and start from scratch and see how that
goes. Especially now that I know how to play, I feel like I could do it a little
bit better the second time but yeah. This game is really fun and adorable and I
have been enjoying it a lot. The last game that I’ve been playing lately that
I wanted to mention was actually sent to me for free, which is kind of exciting to
me. Just the fact that they found my channel and they liked what I was doing
and they thought that I would like this game made me super super happy so thank
you. The other reason why I was really happy that they sent you this game is
that it’s a Harry Potter game. I got the Lego Harry Potter collection for
Nintendo Switch. I had actually never played a Lego Harry Potter game. It just never
really occurred to me that it would be something I would like and so I’d never
given it a try before .I never really understood what these games were,
especially because I had played the normal Harry Potter video games all the
way back to the Gamecube. So if you are also not familiar with the Lego Harry
Potter games, these are puzzle games set in the Harry Potter universe that follow
the Harry Potter story from book 1 all the way to book 7. The catch of
course is that the characters and all of their surroundings are made out of Legos
so you’re doing a lot of building and taking things apart. But it’s set up like
a series of puzzles and it’s actually very clever and fun to play. And so this
game in particular collected all seven books in one volume, you used to have to buy
them separately or at least grouped into several years per game, and they also
remastered it for the Switch which is pretty cool. There are a bunch of
Nintendo switch games coming out in 2019 that I am very excited for, specifically
Animal Crossing which is one of my favorite game series of all time. Also
the next generation of Pokemon is set to come out this year as well as an indie
game called Mineko’s Night Market which is something I’ve been following on social
media for a while and I’m really excited that they are coming to the Switch. Now I
would like to hear from you! Which games do you think I would enjoy that I am not
already playing? Last time I got so many amazing recommendations and one of my
favorite games of the year is because all of you recommended it to me. So let
me know in the comments below and I will try them out! Lately I have also dabbled
in making DIY tutorials inspired by some of my favorite video games so if you
would like to try making those I will link to them in a card above as well as the video description below. Thanks for
watching and I’ll see you soon.

22 thoughts on “Help, I’m stuck! Nintendo Switch 1 Year Update: Video games I’ve been playing

  1. Hi! In this game I mentioned where I'm stuck in a bunch of the Nintendo Switch games I've been playing. Let me know if you have any helpful tips for getting un-stuck!

  2. I would recommend Undertale if you haven’t played it already. Deltarune is also available for free. I just think that the character’s are really quirky and they’re both really interesting games.

  3. I also got stuck a while in that Breath of the Wild section, and while I don't want to spoil your fun, I'm going to say one thing: Stasis.

  4. I recommend Gris! The art is absolutely breathtaking, the soundtrack is stunning, and I've found it to be a really enjoyable play. I haven't been able to finish yet (I got stuck on a level that I can't quite seem to get past yet), but I have a feeling it's going to get even better the further I go.

  5. My brother is in LOVE with Celeste, I don't know much about it but I think it has some mental health-related themes and is overall a beautiful game, so I'd recommend that on his behalf. I share a Switch with my brother but I live away at college so I don't get to log many hours on it. I'd love to play the new Katamari game, I've watched plenty of people play it and I played the mobile version for a while, but I'd love to play, like, a real version of it haha. Also!! I'm in love with that sweater!! Where did you get it?

  6. for me the switch's game library is severely lacking. tho I'm loving splatoon's octo expansion and wargroove but before that it was sitting in my closet for a month or two tbh.

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