Heavy or Light with Ken Jeong and Kate Upton

Heavy or Light with Ken Jeong and Kate Upton

-And here’s how this works. We have a bunch of random
objects on the stands behind us. We have not seen them. Some are very heavy,
while some are very light. Looks can be deceiving. On your turn,
you pick up an object and carry it across the stage. Your opponents will watch you. And then they must come
to a unanimous decision. Is it heavy? Or light, light, light? [ Light laughter ] Then you’ll toss the object
onto this Weight-O-Meter. If it goes through the paper,
it’s heavy. If not, it’s light, light,
light, light. [ Light laughter ] I’ll go first.
You guys hang out over there. [ Laughter ] Okay. Heavy or light?
Here we go. [ Whistling ] ♪♪ -Light.
It’s light. [ Grunting ] [ Laughter ] [ Grunting ] -Are you okay, man? -[ Grunting ] -Oh, man — -[ Grunting ] -Whoa. Ah — -What do you guys think? -If it’s heavy —
-Is it heavy or is it light? -Light! -I — I think you’re pretending
that it’s heavy. -It’s light.
-But it’s light. -Yes.
-But it might be heavier than we think. So, I still think it’s heavy. [ Crashing ]
-All right, it’s very heavy. Yeah.
-Wow. [ Cheers and applause ] Wow!
-That’s — that’s a whole tree.
[ Laughter ] -It’s actually too heavy,
actually. -That’s too heavy.
-That was really heavy for me. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
All right. Ken, now it is your turn. -Oh, enchanté.
Okay, here I go. All right, great, great. -Goodness, that was
too heavy for me. -Okay — [ Clapping ] Okay. -You guys can clap along
if you want. -Okay.
[ Clapping ] [ Laughter ] [ Cheers ]
-Wait, I think — -Oh, I think it’s real popcorn. -No, I think he’s acting
like it’s light, but I feel like it’s heavy. -I’m a weak man, Jimmy.
I can’t — [ Laughter ] [ Cheers ] -Wow.
-I don’t know it. -What, what do you think? -♪ I’m going to the movies ♪ -He’s a really good actor.
[ Laughter ] -Oooh. -Cool. [ Laughter ]
-I think it’s light. -Heavy or light?
-Light. -I say light as well.
-All right. [ Crashing ] [ Cheers and applause ]
[ Buzzer ] [ Sad trombone ] -Why did you listen to me?
-I listened to you. -Why did you listen to me? -You’re the one who did
it to me! [ Laughter ]
Gosh! Of course it was heavy. You’re a good actor.
Very, very nice man. You’re almost a little
bit too dancy with it. -Yeah.
-I thought maybe that’s a — all right.
-You’re so strong. -It’s your turn, Kate.
-Okay. -Go for it. Sorry, bud. I mean, that was fantastic.
-Thanks, bro. -You’re in the lead.
-Thanks, bro. [ Cheers ] [ Clapping ] -Let’s see. [ Clapping ] -♪ Heavy or light ♪ -♪ Heavy or light ♪ ♪ Heavy or light ♪ ♪ Heavy or light ♪ ♪ Heavy or light ♪ ♪ heavy or light ♪ -♪ Kate Upton, is that
heavy or light ♪ -I think it’s light. I think it’s light.
-Really? -I’m a doctor, dude.
I know what I’m saying. [ Laughter and applause ]
-Okay. -Yeah.
-It’s light. [ Crashing ] [ Sad trombone ] [ Cheers and applause ]
-See what I’m saying? -Yep, yep.
-He’s a doctor. -No, no.
I should correct that. I was a doctor.
[ Laughter ] -Yeah.
-I’m not anymore. Yeah.
Yeah, that’s right. -It is time for the final round. Ken and I are going
to go together. -Okay.
-Carry the same object. -All right.
-Kate will have to guess. This one is worth 3,967 points. -Oh, my gosh! -Yeah, this is for the game. -Dude!
-Yeah, whoever wins this. Either we win or Kate loses. -I thought this was only —
-Fun? -It’s just for fun.
Yeah, I don’t understand. Here we go.
-Okay. -All right.
-All right. Oh, God. I don’t know.
-I don’t — [ Clapping ]
-Okay, maybe this. [ Clapping ] -One, two, three. -Oh, dude.
[ Clapping ] -Ugh. -Oh, no.
-All right, dude. Don’t — -My heart is literally racing.
I want to win so bad. ♪♪ Uh! -Heavy or light? -What do you guys think?
-Light! -Light?
-Light! Light! -I think it’s light.
I think it’s light. -One, two, three.
[ Light crash ] [ Cheers and applause ]
[ Ding ] [ Sad trombone ] [ Ding ] -Kate Upton, everybody! Kate, come on over. [ Cheers and applause ]
Fantastic! -Thank you.
-Ken Jeong, Kate Upton. That was, “Heavy or Light.”
-Wow. -If you’re just tuning in that
was, “Heavy or Light.” We’re talking with Ken
after the break. Stick around, everybody. [ Cheers and applause ] -That’s crazy, man!
That’s crazy!

100 thoughts on “Heavy or Light with Ken Jeong and Kate Upton

  1. Yay a game!!! I'm soo happy! i love these, they are my favourite! I hope they do more of them and I do wish they'd bring more of the old classics back like the password and charades and pictionary!🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🤗

  2. lol We got introduced to this new game on the show and we will never see this game played again it will only show up in our recommended years later😂

  3. Bring back the game where they have to decide if it chocolate or not! I was truly stumped! Incredible chocolatiers!

  4. If a lady tells you she is a professional in bed, picture kate upton…. looking sexy as hell in that night gown with a blazer 🤩

  5. I think this "could" have worked as a game if they would have put the item ON the paper instead of throwing the items through. Maybe the popcorn for example would have stayed on the paper?

  6. Chicken legs, Hank Hill ass, water heater torso, gummy dolphin teeth…

    Oh, but she has big tits.

    That makes her the hottest woman on the planet.


  7. It's very easy to tell. All you have to do is focus on the hands, when it is heavy, your muscles tense up, you can't really hide that.

  8. The real hero is Ken. With his eye level, he has to be in full concentration mode; "must keep eyes forward, must keep eyes forward".

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