Halo 3, The Pit – Graphics Comparison: Xbox 360 vs. Xbox One X

Halo 3, The Pit – Graphics Comparison: Xbox 360 vs. Xbox One X


100 thoughts on “Halo 3, The Pit – Graphics Comparison: Xbox 360 vs. Xbox One X

  1. I really don't see a big difference like with the other games they showed. The difference I see is like minor details, nothing that really stands out to me. I mean if you gone do a "4k" update at least go all out with it.

  2. Halo 3 isn't that old of a game, when it came out it was really ahead of its time visually so if people aren't spotting much of a difference thats why. It already had decent visuals and textures.

  3. Strange choice for first 360 game enhanced on one x considering we already have a remaster but I'm so glad they're tackling resolution improvements to 360 titles on the x. It kind of changes everything for me and I'm totally buying one now.

  4. For years Xbox fanboys have said graphics don't matter its about gameplay, now look at them jerking off over a very slight improvement. You people are so inconsistent.

  5. There is literally no noticable difference! What happened to backwards compatibility games running better on X? There goes another dropped promise! This console is full of it!

  6. Games don't work on Normal first launch Xbox1, only for Xbox1S and Xbox1X. Way to go Microsoft! Way to fail those who helped you out from the beginning.

  7. How loud will the Xbox one x be. The Xbox one was 50% quieter than 360 cooling system. I noticed a difference

    With this new venting technique in the Xbox x will the system run any quieter or louder?

  8. I'm a big fan on the halo franchise. This video only shows you that the difference is clearer but that's it. Kind of a let down

  9. The difference is really insane , on the screen is does not look that much better but it really is have the update now for the one s its maxed out and it's amazing MCC is about to be lit again !!

  10. I don't see much of a difference except maybe the texture of certian things like the explosion and energy sword, otherwise big whoop. Its Halo 3

  11. The idea isn't to change the Graphics into 4k. The game is rendered higher and the down-scaled to 1080p. It's a very effective method of Anti-Aliasing and it can bee seen if you look closely in the footage. Everything becomes sharper!

  12. I see the difference, but I’m curious with the updates to the Xbox One S and my TV’s upscale feature would the graphics be as night and day, or just not as good as the X?

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