GUESS WHAT WE GOOGLED | Reverse Image Game

GUESS WHAT WE GOOGLED | Reverse Image Game

– Oh, what the hell is happening here? – Drawing!
Oh my God! – My brain was,
has never worked so hard. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) How reliant are you on Google? – Very.
– Extremely. – Oh my God.
– Who’s not? – I Google everything! – There’s no information in my head. – Yeah, who needs that stuff.
– It all be on that computer. – (FBE) Well today, we’re gonna
play a game using Google Images. We’re gonna show you
a weird picture we found, and you’ll have to guess
the search term we used. – Okay. – God, I’m just trying to think of
what’s the weirdest thing you could possibly find
on the internet, and it’s going weird places.
– Oh! – (FBE) I’ll show you an image,
and you’ll guess the search term. If you’re wrong, we’ll let you guess
six total letters. Whoever gets the most
terms right wins. – Alright, cool. – We got this.
– Killing it. – Let’s do it!
– Killing it. – Let’s do it!
– Let’s roll. – Ah, that’s nice.
– Okay, okay, we got this. – Yeah!
Can we Bing the answers? – (FBE) Alright, are you guys ready
for your first image? – Yes!
– Let’s do it! – See, alright, so first thing
you think clown. – Mm-hmm.
– But I feel like this might not be the first photo
when you search clown. – Right, right, right right. – I like his bowtie. You know, my critique with fashion
is not enough rhinestones. – You could look up
a myriad of things. I’m thinking like scary clown. – Yeah, he has like
an American ribbon on. I’ll just say clown working. – Sleep paralysis demon? – Joker at the office. – If I wanted to search for this,
I would say happy clown drinking coffee at the office
wearing bowtie. – Kiss the clown.
– I’ll do an American clown. – Receptionist clown, possibly.
– Office clown, something like that. – Office clown, yeah yeah.
– Could be that. – (FBE) You got one
of the words correct. So I went ahead
and filled that out for you. – One word!
– Probably clown. – (both) Clown. (laughs) – (FBE) So now you can guess
letters if you want, and I’ll fill in any letters
that are correct. – Hmm.
– Alright, so. – We gotta go with vowels.
– Yeah for sure. – Vowels fill up words
pretty normally. – Do you wanna throw an A out there? – Okay, let’s throw an A in there. – (FBE) There is not an A.
– There’s no A. – Dude!
– C. – (FBE) C is not one of the letters. – Why would you say C? Go for a vowel,
that’s how you play these games! – Okay, that’s true. – Let’s throw an E.
– (FBE) There is an E. – Okay, that’s, that’s crumbs. I feel like an R is in there
somewhere maybe, possibly? – For sure.
– (FBE) There is not an R. – Ugh! – T.
– (FBE) There is not a T. – No T either.
– Frick. – I will take S, for sure.
– Ah, fine. What, it’s…
– There’s like three! There’s three S’s. – S’s, whoa!
– Yeah! – U or O?
– Let’s do O. – Alright, let’s do O.
(buzzer rings) No, alright, so it’s U,
it has to be U . – It’s not even
on the tip of my tongue. Like I can’t.
– I have no [bleep]. I have no idea.
– Yeah. – (both) Distress clown. – (FBE) That is incorrect.
– No! – Business.
– I think business is good. Business clown?
– Business clown? – (FBE) That’s correct! – Yeah!
– Ah! (laughs) – Business clown!
– (FBE) That’s correct! (both scream) The answer was business clown.
– Oh, so me. (both laugh)
A business clown. – The word business is so vague.
It’s just so broad. – Dude.
– That it didn’t even come to my head. – Is that, what’s his name?
– It’s Danny Devito. – Yeah, Danny Devito. – I know that a lot of people
wanted Danny Devito to voice Pikachu
for like Detective Pikachu. – Danny Devito Pikachu.
Just very straightforward. – Frank Pikachu. – Pika Devito!
– Pika pika! – You wanna go first?
– Mr. Pikachu. – Danny Devito Pokemon. – Detective Pikachu.
The one and only. – Devito-chu.
(both laugh) – (FBE) Alright, so yes, you got
the word Pikachu correct. – It’s not Danny or Devito? – Okay.
– So what could the first word be? Oh, there’s three. The first word probably
has to be Danny, right? – Yeah.
– Let’s do O. So we got some top, that’s it? – Let’s go for E.
– (FBE) There is not an E in this puzzle.
– You’re kidding. – Is there D?
– (FBE) Yes, there’s one D. – Okay.
– S. – (FBE) There’s an S.
– Yay! Just one.
– I’ll take a couple A’s. – So the second letter isn’t an E,
but it’s gotta be a vowel. Or no, drat, Pikachu drat. – Dragon. – G.
– Ooh, that’s a random letter, but sure, I’m down.
– Something, okay, G. – (FBE) There is a G.
– At the end, okay. So now let’s assume ING.
– G, okay. – Should we do S, T, R? – Yes, all three. (laughs)
– Str. – At least all four.
– Sk! (laughs) Because those are really common. – That is true.
– Yeah. – A W?
– (FBE) There are W’s in this! – What, I was about to yell at you,
like really, you just said W? – Drawing, Pikachu drawing! – A?
– (FBE) Yes there are. – Pikachu. – Worst Pikachu creation?
Drawing! Oh my God!
Worst Pikachu drawing! I’m a genius! – What would come after the S? Worst Pikachu something.
– Drawing! Worst Pikachu drawing!
– Let’s go! – Yeah! – Worst Pikachu drawing! (bell rings)
– Whoa! (laughs) – (both) The worst Pikachu drawing! – I would not say this is
the worst pikachu drawing though. – That’s what threw me off, I was like best?
– This is the best! – I think it’s
the best Pikachu drawing. Look at it, it’s beautiful. – Yeah, Danny Devito’s a stunner. – Wow! – Oh what the hell is happening here? Is this, are these LEGO people?
Or is this a game? – She’s sitting on top of a guy
who’s lifting weights, right? I think so. – LEGOs having. (laughs)
– LEGOs having sex. While working out. – LEGOs working out. – It’s like too soft to be Minecraft.
It’s like Roblox or something. Does Roblox still exist? – Roblox, red room. – Weightlifting Roblox.
That’s my guess. – Yeah, we’re gonna go with that. – Roblox music video. – Velvet video game simulation. – (FBE) So none of those
were words in our word puzzle. – These are LEGOs though. – This is going downhill
real quick, man. – Wow, we were so good.
– Yeah. – (FBE) Roblox is totally in there.
– Okay. – What, those are long words. Ramona Flowers Roblox.
– Haley Williams. – Let’s guess letter A. – (FBE) There are no A’s
in this puzzle. – What the heck? – Let’s go with I.
– (FBE) Four I’s. – Oh shh…
– Oh! – So the ING makes sense. Something -ing Roblox. – Let’s do the RST, because…
– Okay, RST. – There’s already a lot
of vowels in there. – (FBE) There’s only one
of those three. – Maybe our strategy of RS and T
being really common letters is not working.
– Yeah. – You wanna try I?
– Yeah, I? – Wow!
– Oh, okay, EI? – What?
What is that, that second word must be like made up. – Billie.
– Billie Eilish. – Billie Eilish!
Oh my God, Billie Eilish Rrr. – Does she look like she’s singing? – Who is this?
Alright. Looks like Halsey. – Let’s do S,
since we’re thinking singing. – Sure, sure. (bell rings)
That’s it? – Ist, ist. – Let’s do E. – This is harder than
every test I’ve ever done. (bell rings)
– Oh, there’s a lot of E’s. – It’s hot, oh.
(whispers) Justin Bieber. – Yeah, I think I’m just gonna
have to fail this one, I don’t know. – Yeah, I can’t, this is too hard. – I can’t even like make up a guess. I just don’t know who this is.
– My brain is not working. – What kind of style is block art? I don’t even know what it is, cubes?
– Roblox! – Roblox!
(both scream) Yes, yes, good!
– Oh my God! – Billie Eilish Roblox!
– Such a rush! – Yes! – Billie Eilish.
Oh, Billie Eilish Roblox? – (FBE) That’s correct. – Okay, that looks like the hair! – What?
– The hair! – How many do we have left?
– Oh my God, bro. – What?
– Dude. It’s Billie Eilish Roblox.
(Brandon laughs) – What!? – I should’ve known
with that goth girl ‘fit. She da bad guy.
– Yeah. – What the fudge! (Mikaela gasps)
– Oh! – Wait, I used to have one of these. – Why is, his teeth are so green! – These remind me
of the dentist games. – I’m going with Play-Doh Shrek. – Shrek dentist game. – Play-Doh Shrek teeth. That’s what you searched here. – Operation Play-Doh Shrek. – Shrek Alligator Play-Doh game. – Big green muddy monster. – Shrek cavity monster cheese
terrifying ogre donkey waffles? – Shrek dentist Play-Doh
kid set. – (FBE) You got one
of the words correct, which is Shrek.
– Shrek. – Oh, we are doing.
– Dude, if we missed that, we would have to forfeit the game. – That’s, ah, that’s a lot of words. – What the hell.
– Alright. None of those can be teeth. – We’re gonna guess an A.
– Let’s go A. – (FBE) There’s no A. – Shut up!
No no no no, we didn’t wanna guess A,
we wanna guess E. – O.
– Yeah, let’s go O. – We’re gonna start with O. – (FBE) One O.
(bell rings) – Alright, let’s go E, let’s go E.
– Come on. – (FBE) There are lots of E’s.
– Let’s go. Alright, that last word. We have to figure that out. – I think a T is in there.
– I’d say T. – (FBE) There is a T.
– And that’s the tooth. – P?
These are really hard. I don’t know why,
like my brain doesn’t like work like this,
like the whole fill in the blank with a word.
– Okay, I feel like bestest… – Bestest?
(Jair laughs) – N?
– (FBE) There is not an N. – Dang snabbit. – E? – (FBE) There are several E’s. – Okay, okay.
– Ooh, okay. – Hopefully this is gonna help us.
Weirdest Shrek something ever. – Weirdest Shrek dentist ever?
No. – What letters are you thinking? – (Brandon) I.
– You want I? That last word.
I can’t think of anything. – Last one is ever.
– Ever, okay, good, good good. – P?
– (FBE) There is a P. – Okay.
– Weirdest Shrek. – Oh my God.
– Play. – Let’s guess R.
– Okay, let’s go R. – R, what letter would go with
that first word? – I know!
– A, B, C, D. – Bear. – Weirdest.
– Shrek. – Shrek.
– (both) Something ever. – Weirdest! (gasps)
– Weirdest. That makes sense, weirdest.
– Weirdest Shrek. – Creation, nope. – Prr, what the hell’s
just a prr. – Product.
– Product! – Weirdest Shrek product ever!
– That’s so good! – Weirdest Shrek product ever!
(both scream) – I was even gonna say weird! – (both) Weirdest Shrek product ever. (bell rings)
– Let’s go! – Product. Is it really?
– Weirdest Shrek product ever? – Weirdest Shrek product ever!
(bell rings) – Can’t.
– Oh my God! – Ugh.
– Holy [bleep] dude, this is weirdly stressful. – We have to start thinking
like the person who’s, we’re thinking too hard,
that’s the thing. – We are!
– Do not think so hard. – A White Demon Love Song,
New Moon by the, it’s the Twilight soundtrack. – We’ve been saying like words
that sound like they’d make sense, but none of them ever make sense. Maybe one of us
says something practical, and the other one says something
non-practical. – Okay. – Twilight soundtrack motion picture. – Saddest song ever. – Twilight demon song. – Song from New Moon by Killers. – Twilight soundtrack
MP3 file download? – White boy anthem? – Twilight soundtrack song. – Vampire music movie. (laughs) – Dude, hey. – Listen, I’m just throwing out
key words, so we get ’em down. – (FBE) Okay guys, you did
really well on that one. – Really? (gasps) Hey! – (FBE) So you got song from Twilight.
– Song from Twilight! – Okay, Song and Twilight. – Something from Twilight.
I’m gonna guess, I feel like it’s from.
Alright, so R. Alright, nothing else. It’s def, yeah, it’s from for sure. – A.
– (FBE) There’s one A. – Crap.
– Should we go for like an S? – Yeah.
– So that word might be song. – Song.
– Song from Twilight. So what’s the context of the song. – Let’s with A.
– (FBE) There’s one A. – That. – We’re gonna get this,
we’re gonna get this. – That.
– Saga? – I feel like we should O.
– Off? – Out.
– Off. – Off song from Twilight, though?
– No. – Let’s do T.
There’s two T’s. – That one song from Twilight.
(bell rings) – Wait, what song is that?
This song I don’t even know this song. – T.
– For Twilight? – Yeah.
That… – That one song from Twilight.
(bell rings) (both laugh) – It’s all you, you got this. – I feel like an E maybe.
– Yeah, let’s throw in an E. – That one song from Twilight. – (FBE) That’s it! (Brandon sighs) – Oh, duh, that!
– That one song from Twilight! – (FBE) That’s correct! (both scream)
– Yeah! – So vague, all of these. Just so incredibly non-descriptive. – This was fun.
This was a good game. – Oh my God, my brain was,
has never worked so hard! – (FBE) So you guys tied
for the highest score. (bell rings) Do you feel like that was
from lucky guessing or a great Google knowledge? – A little bit of both.
– Yeah! (laughs) – Yeah!
– Okay. – (FBE) You got four out of five.
– Okay, alright, not bad. – (FBE) Out of five possible
points today, you got three. – Decent!
– That’s not bad. That’s not bad.
– Yeah, I’ll take it. – How was that compared to
everyone else? – (FBE) It was the lowest! – You’re kidding, really? – Very stressful.
– Stressful. I think working in teams though
made it better, ’cause if I was doing that by myself,
there’s no way I’d be able to do that. – It’s just lots of
talking to yourself. – Yeah.
(both stutter) – Thanks for watching us
guess search terms on the REACT Channel. – Subscribe for new shoes
every week! – How did you do at this challenge? Let us know in the comments! – Bye! – Hey guys, REACT Producer Mary here. Are you subscribed to our channel? Well be sure you don’t miss an upload
by hitting that bell icon. Thanks for watching guys.
Bye! ♪ (upbeat outro) ♪

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