GTA V Guide : How to Land an Airplane Safely XBOX 360 PS3 PC

GTA V Guide : How to Land an Airplane Safely XBOX 360 PS3 PC

To land a plane safely make sure you approach
the runway straight on. Slow down the plane with the same button you would use in a car.
Drop the landing gear with the same button you use to enter stealth. If the plane gets too low to reach the runway
be sure to accelerate.

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  1. Nvm, after I landed nothing was happening so I stepped out of the plane walked like 10 feet and it said Mission failed plane abandoned..!!

  2. VERY SIMPLE GUIDE TO DO THIS!: (1)- Use map to make sure you are flying in line with the upcoming landing strip. You should be coming in over the mountain at the far side of the lade (2)- Use B button on xbox to focus on the strip, the press left stick to lower LANDING GEAR. (3)- Use YAW steering ONLY for final decent line up while reducing speed and altitude.

  3. 1. Make sure plane is even
    2. Tap L3 to push our landing brakes (around the time it tells you to "B" in for landing strip)
    3. Cut down the throttle

    Took me FOREVER to figure it out

  4. This mission was a pain in the ass it was alot easier if you use the bumpers to steel and try to stay low when it tells you to focus on the strip. This vid was a big help. Thanks.

  5. somehow this actually helped. i failed this bitch like 20 times before i got it. pretty much as soon as the wheels come out its a car, there was times where i was already on th strip but somehow i would fuck it up

  6. With the stealth button LOL. It's LS i forgot how to get the wheels out is well. 4t this video would help with its stealth BUTTON.

  7. That helps a lot when the plane can only go forwards and backwards when it's grounded. I still can't get past that first mission with Trevor.

  8. playstation use the "0" first then press L2 to reduce speed. then when you are almost at the ramp press lightly the left button. when u hit the ground press the L2 to brake. use R1 and L1 to steer on the ground.

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