GTA Online – The Diamond Casino & Resort | PS4

GTA Online – The Diamond Casino & Resort | PS4

Finally open for business. Premium grade,
utterly unique luxury, a wonderful place to relax and entertain. This is Mr. Chang, our owner. Tommy boy! Mr. Chang. [“PARTY ALL THE TIME”
BY EDDIE MURPHY PLAYING] I’m gonna lay my cards on the table. You’re gonna sell us your casino. They wanna buy this place,
but first they mean to destroy it. Do I look like I make appointments, bro? I am the appointment. Champagne anyone?

100 thoughts on “GTA Online – The Diamond Casino & Resort | PS4

  1. It’s either they’re dropping gta 6 in like 6 years or they’re throwing all game modes in to get ready for gta6

  2. Plot twist: This update costs $200mil and it’s a bait to lure all the cheaters and modded accounts so Rockstar can money wipe them

  3. I already very rich and get everything in GTA5 Online with money glitch…….. Sometimes This days i comeback to GTA5 Online just to do Contact Missions or being Griever LOL, so now this is Cool because there's new a things again in GTA5!

  4. Why PS4 is very expensive in India . Indian people can't afford it.please thing on it and make it resnable price.

  5. It puts into perspective when the next GTA comes out it'll be supported for ages, well the online part. Single player, dead on arival.

  6. To all the people saying thst rockstar just want money and etc, remember all the stuff they give us (free dlc, weekly events sometime where you get money everyday you login and twitch prime rewards). They gave us twitch prime rewards that gave us 1,25 mil, free penthouse and 15% extra cash on sharkcards. Remember all those weeks where they gave us money each time we logged into gta? And we got it next week so we would get 1,25 mil?, free dlc so we dont have to pay 200$ on a dlc and all the updates they give us? I know they want us to buy sharkcards but we're not forced to, just stop being lazy af

  7. الله يلعنش شركه حسابيي رحح بسبتش ياكلبه على سوني٣ ليش تغيروننن كلمت السرررر ليششششش وشذا انا وش مسويلكم يكفي اني انا مشترك في تطبيقكممم ولا سويتو شي ويكفي بعد انيي انا شريت من الأستوررر حقكم الله يلعنكم جعلشش تخسرين خسراه معاد ترجعين

  8. Anybody wants to play with me on gta online really needs some friends who will help in my heist and facilitate mission ?

  9. Anybody wants to play with me on gta online really needs some friends who will help in my heist and facilitate mission ?

  10. And of course, I am not going to unlock any of this content simply because I am too poor in GTA Online.

  11. Pienso pagar el plus solo para eso jajaja desde las 11 de la noche estaré esperando a q saquen la actualización

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