GTA Online Heists DLC – LEAKED Yacht Heist Online! (GTA V PS4 Gameplay)

GTA Online Heists DLC – LEAKED Yacht Heist Online! (GTA V PS4 Gameplay)

Hey everybody how’s it going my name is Usman
and today I’m bringing you guys a mother trucking information about GTA Online hiests and again
guys this is coming straight from FunMw2, he is leaking a lot of GTA 5 DLC information mostly GTA Online Hiests DLC information and
today he was able to get on a heists location, which is ridiculously awesome by the fact
heists aren’t even out yet for GTA Online and by seeing him on the yacht heist is definitely awesome, so I’m gonna have a picture up on
the screen right now, so as you guys can see this is the same yacht that we have seen in
the gta online heists trailer he was able to do the heist using the single player character
Trevor I don’t know how he was able to get on the
yatcht, but he was on it which is really cool and I have to say the yacht look pretty sick,
im not gonna like, so definitely let me know what do you think about this, I’m super pumped
for heists man, can’t even wait, damn it, so yeah
if you like this quick heist information definitely share this video with your friends and also
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about it.

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  2. Just want to clear some stuff, yes this is a capture job, but indeed he was able to get on this unreleased yacht heist location.

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