and we like what’s up everybody fan out see right there and we’re back with a brand new GTA 5 livestream so we got rockin baby with me what’s that rockered me what is going on man so what’s up so today we got the fastest car in the game which is this alright this is the fast car I know it seems nothing special but today we’re gonna be checking it out we’re gonna be buying we’re gonna tell you whether you should buy it or not and we’re gonna show you why it’s the fastest car in the game not in the world in the game and yeah let us know what you guys think what colors you guys want on the car and all that good stuff well show you briefly why it’s so fast I’m just gonna you know slowly drive towards where we’re gonna show them off look we’re gonna drive over this bridge and just show you an example of how fast it is it’s very slow to accelerate if you couldn’t tell because I mean it’s like a muscle car to be honest with you but it’s a sports classic it’s called the miss series right you know that’s it oh sorry ok it’s actually very very slow accelerating compared to the pariah but it will kill a pariah and a top speed race it’ll destroy all right right here’s where we just started off let’s go up here oh sorry look that’s a big what’s up AJ Glover what’s up mad man what’s up any ego what’s up everybody what’s up buddy alright right here that’s ster that’s right here Vince away alright yo don’t worry I know I’m left rocky back thing but he’s gonna catch up really fast he’s been destroying yours others are on the way as you guys can tell it’s picking up speed really fast right now and we’re just going there are you catching your hands Larry I had to get around big 10 so it took a while I survived I survived so we’re still going we’re still alive we’re very credibly back on now we can’t stop how did you knock me out but you stayed alive how did that happen as I happened what’s up rules of survival what’s up Joshua rates I love your videos thank you what’s up magnetism I bet that what you get me JK happy birthday buddy what’s up lightning Hicks hey shadow my girl gamer nation hey AJ says we won back-to-back yeah man we’re gonna play for tonight what’s up endo what’s up Bobby puts out what’s up everybody we have 31 people watching as always if you guys do enjoy Mesa can’t send me a friend request with my friends list is full but you can I have somewhere that’s watching the stream or playing with us and join me through them headlining X what’s up max what’s up J we have 35 people watching that’s what’s up is everyone doing today thank you big time kick me wasn’t my phone I was rocking I rock me let’s go this way that’s actually a big Tim’s car so let’s not forget that yeah that was actually Big Ten’s car thank you so much big ten let’s get into 15 like Street to what likes right righty past 15 which is mad your where’s my Dora where’s this somewhere here oh it’s gone yeah it’s these fun by now I’m sure huh [Music] all right yeah well does that 20 like something smacked I like but what’s up Josiah what’s up idiots yo what’s up bro what’s up Sebastian dude greetings from Germany man yeah I remember me from Germany like a long time ago – I had like instant breaks at their Bastion yeah Sebastian so I’m a long time maybe’s gamer what’s up extra let’s go buy the car on what’s it on legendary Motorsports right hey Dalton hey Noah yeah summer yeah the body misses 875,000 looks like a BMW at the front and let’s drive each other’s cars well well can you take me away from my car yeah it’s when you’re done I’m gonna head over to you I wanna give you no problem no those cars are yeah they crashed really what’s up radiant armor hey there buddy what’s up Thomas I tried I tried I give it my best shot what’s up Bob Dylan what’s up globe hey Barney dude you change your logo and cap me about anymore site man I’m just kidding what’s up chard you want Xbox know where I pee I swear later rocks me ah we are on ps4 and you can join my crew it’s called United brown man it’s pretty cool Rob Brown man you don’t have to be brown to join by the way there’s no legal requirement in your grounding hate each other what’s up rules of survival dude you’re that new mobile game that’s blowing up it everybody hated it at first it’s called wheels of survival it’s stole like videos from a children’s h1z1 to promote its game and now everyone’s like the love interest rate obviously although it’s interesting ah I love your video says Joshua thank you so much buddy what’s up done darius says the game was the game supposed to be updated it wasn’t update with the new dlc vehicle do you want me to join yeah of course clover it’s a friends lobby you can join sup Dylan I’m doing great buddy how are you we’re at 24 likes thank you so much that is awesome hey Chuck make sure to follow the rules boooo-ya in the chat as always no friend subscribe if you are you yeah and let me know if you can hear rocker you uh if you can’t no that’s not good hello it’s me Oh yeah what’s that over here that’s the garage let’s grab my Viserys oh oh I liked what’s up Barney what’s up Sebastian Oh Bobby I’ve been join your next team but I have to work tomorrow we have a midnight at Germany I mean I waited you hmm that’s kill hey Barney gotta go see you later ah thank you for coming back I know what too late stream like 612 I’m I the services here so this is the mysterious the fastest car in GTA v it’s not what you would expect when you think of fascist car in gta5 bumpers what to make what to make Wow Rocky’s already customizing Wow so they’re not supposed to let’s just shake my head shake it I’m shaking it right now thirty eighteen people watching I don’t get it we’re at thirty how does it drop so fast hey Dulli I subscribed thank you so much Josh I appreciate that buddy no Fred subscribe guys let’s try hitting 400 subscribers all right let’s head in here what time is it where you live Fernando it’s 6:20 or something like that something close to that hey hand oh hey all right let’s go armor let’s go brakes bumper front bumper the back the blacked extension I like that primary extension secondary bolted race setup yeah we got to go with the race setup do cuz we’re gonna be racing in this car right we could remove that little black bumper or chrome stock I don’t know I feel like I like to keep it stock what are you saying broccoli actually don’t tell me what you’re saying okay you can play GT filters parcel shelf okay let’s put a parcel show engine we got to go all the way up let me know in the comments what time it is for you guys the carbon detail vented cover carbon vented black louvers I like the louvers primary louvers oh the rear roof scoops that’s interesting vanity covered think I’m going with that let me know what you guys think you guys like it do you not twin titanium ooh twin chrome horizontal single so weird carbon big boy oh I feel oh yeah the cannons look nice the mk1 diffusers well I think I gotta go with this right there just because I’m a user I’m kidding why bodykit I’ll be right with the wide body kit yeah let’s go wide body kit why not secondary detail carbon detail and the single vent is I like carbon I like carbon on all my cars when you guys think in the comments in English it’s 11:00 10:00 at night I can’t buy that carpet I’m still joining awesome man lights xenon let’s go respray no I don’t like the color on it Matt’s not looking nice on it either let me know what you guys think I really love the grace to be eyes to a cheap house you just coming in Larnaca p yeah let’s come and I’m just doing colors now nice nice I like this color right here but already made by the last ought arc these names are very interesting to be honest with you they’re going with like crazy news on these cars I let me know if you guys see color you like what’s up Smith Joshua says bail on San Diego it’s 0-9 609 for me says nehi babak’s is 609 nice nice oh I think this looks I mean that’s very plain oh I think this is a move right here I know let me know what you guys think with that right there where do we go I don’t know I’ll just keep it oh that’s hard to decide right thick decisions decisions yeah man oh very rich yeah gotta put the coup emblem on there what is it about it black extended secondary oh that looks very out of place let’s do it spoiling hood lip spoiler we got the slipstream were slipstream does that give me automatic slipstream tailgate the V wing spoiler oh that looks like it’s about to take off for some reason let me know what you guys think probably just take the word and put them all together then that’s a car yes midnight blue is nice midnight blue was nice on it but I kind of like this color here this is interesting oh wow there’s some big boys on this car now I have many secondary options spoilers which kind of a bummer I’ll go with that I kind of like that I know you guys are gonna hate my color decisions you’re the best youtuber thank you so much Josh I appreciate that minion mine’s done up nice nice I’m almost done dude I’m almost done I just got to put a bit more color options okay did you know that revs in this room really yeah so you may come kill you or something be aware everybody AJ it was what color do we what color match is that big 10 change says – it was all red now it’s different yeah mine is so ugly like I’ll just be honest I’m gonna check on the stream no no you can’t do that nope I’m out dude it’s so and the golden red I don’t know I’ve never seen a car like this I like your clothes that’s pretty nice dude I like Big Ten styling yeah yeah they’re pretty sweet white purple metallic with an orange pearlescent pearlescent and i’m matt white give it a go yeah ice white see now I gotta go change mine [Laughter] mine looks like a pimp car something something wrong what do you think should I change my kinetic West’s song Connor we’re not playing so the rat says I love your videos thank you so much man Roberts at 30 likes what I just lost like whoa I would jump in flames just chat disconnect auto all right they’re still streaming hey Dylan I just lost like 30 subscribers I think YouTube did that you’re the refresh not your knee but the refresh do you do yeah this looks very nice this is starting to look nice I just don’t want to look like Big Ten’s you know is it are we still alive um you know I see you have driven into Los Santos stop stop moving yep you’re moving around and you’re going to respray primary coupler okay yeah yeah thank you okay I see you moving to I mean yeah if I see it then yeah okay right here I think but what do you do I can’t see the chattering Howe rubs here I can’t see the chat with a little oh I can see it just fine that’s weird oh there we go yonder dude what’s up buddy here doing Fernando is still alive all right yeah see fun little vehicle easy yeah that’s fun what do you thoughts on this right here it reminds me of like Spectre something I like it I don’t know I wanted to go with the black Arab but Big Ten at it so that you know it that’s deep like this and thanked me I don’t know let’s start from the left and let’s move over where’s my flash like that there it is very passive weapon all right so as we can see we got Big Ten with the black and the red yo Darrin our spot sir what’s up Darrin he did but he was a survivor he’s got the bite he’s got the matte black with red and some neons it’s pretty dope he’s got the white interior and then moving out to rock he’s not a kid I love these buggers very unique colors and I love the tires on there too matches the car and the max doesn’t count and I got a random white orange and black looking car marry three different cars but they’re all very nice nonetheless as you guys can see um I don’t know do I like my colors for what the thing I like them what do you guys think in the comments let me know your car is ping well that’s not good I don’t think that means bad pain hey oh I don’t know I don’t know that we’re do we keep it like this what do you guys think all right I was a survivor things are coming about what 30 lights Wow it signed me out of YouTube it said subscribe 13k and I was like what that is very interesting hang on one second guys are signing back into YouTube you’re quick so I could actually control my comments if it’s necessary you know alright I don’t know do we keep this I did it’s such a cape it okay let me just put on some lipstick they’re like neons good sell the vehicle here hey Justin what’s up money stop I’m doing good for none are you I’m doing great Darren have you um I was like man this rocket be stream not since like three years ago yeah sorry doing yeah I think I don’t know if this might be a lot too much orange but hey that’s gonna be it looks great says there thank you thank you Oh peg means good look at how you get in to change anything right no I feel like this completes it okay quick sit like a leg Oh with the neon I don’t know because it like lights up my tires all right let’s head over to the airport let’s just give these cards a little try know what I mean peg means good by the way hey everybody thank you for calling my car Peng whoever said it yeah you could I just said it looks nice Oh almost slid out yeah something about this car guys is it is terrible at earning good zip itself it’s very very bad it’s like horrible like that is an understatement it’s just terrible it’s super bad hey add you later buddy what’s up mad man what’s up Althea Joshua man Barney hey you guys sir we’re almost at 40 lights thank you so much you guys are awesome girlfriend share the stream don’t read subscribe feel free and do all that awesome stuff you know YouTube made us further oh wait wow wow oh wow wow well I’m about to crash looking at that YouTube set us back a bit of subscribe that’s ok that’s ok some active people that we don’t need in the channel hi Barney hey healthy then let’s head over to the airport wanna say I’m just gonna customize not customized versions wow that’s just right yeah we’re gonna check out the cars against mate 11 I guess ah dang it That moment when you can’t turn hard enough Big Ten was an ID and you just he was trying to turn but he couldn’t because the car doesn’t turn dude I love this orange neon I don’t know what it is about it if you see it on streem let me know if you guys like it what’s up jumbo please don’t use other languages cuz I like your currency gap here something else no I mean like no offense do you make me using it it’s all good yeah Alfie it’s like the xat trash of turning Hades I mean you could turn with neck say you can’t turn with this ready here we go we’re waiting for okay nevermind oh don’t run into it I didn’t take off my early drop the gun nut it as a nice give it away a 15k I believe so I believe we’re still doing the giveaway a 15k we’ll see what wait what dude your your car’s junk man just wait what how are you actually passing yeah I think there’s something wrong with Mike and trollee no like I add some actual possibility yeah let’s try that again let’s try that again there’s no way like not make no sense I can pick the mod for the giver can I pick the mod for the giveaway what what giveaway what are we giving away a thing no because I don’t know what you’re talking about hey Barney what’s up idiot oh hey J all right ready rectly dude yeah dude I I didn’t let go of the gas I don’t think those of a doctor Wow Wow – and that makes no saddle could beat max now what how guys they’re all passing me I have my I’m looking at my or – but it’s pushed out all the way I’m coming to defeat max ha they have the same car as me rock me let me try you driving your car yeah sure that’s special what’s wrong with me let’s try getting 40 likes guys come on we got this a car hey Barney we’re at 39 people watching thank you so much so Fred subscribe if you are new okay you both have a difference for the same spoiler right doing okay here we go here we go let’s try this samurai my dear Rambo hey Corbett dude you take off so much faster than me did I take off early or did I take off on time no you turn on time dude it is a spoiler all right or my car yeah see guys I’m not I’m not I’m not bad at racing I knew it you seen that right like what how does that do same car let’s try one more time I mean Alexis yeah it’s the same car hey Fernando sped he confirmed I know I did confirm let’s try getting 50 people watching we have 46 right now I’ll respond to that here we go ready you ready get ready get me oh okay gotta go sometime something how is that possible we have the same car but I am going to faster than him well what did you do to this car dude I don’t know let’s head over to the respray shop what do you guys think in the comments let us know what the problem is call a new one IRA propose there’s so many mods right hey Barney hey J hey crazy Blake’s is what happened around my Barney Andrew hey crazy nomad let’s go let’s go that’s good whoa taking these times like a boss as the thing you have in the back of your car you’re saying maybe it’s splitter no no like that I think at the same well here we’ll get well both takers okay I’ll just go through relax let’s look at our differences you see that you see the louvers that I have know what the louvers like the black little window thing and how you have a different at the back like oh but this door the same as big-10 there too yeah you know he’s got something different no he’s got something different but the spoilers are different yeah this is closer different oh sorry hey I’ll feed Dylan hey Blake hike is on yeah someone said it’s that thing on the back here okay so let’s check in one thing okay you want to try the swirl oh why don’t we just go top to bottom okay are you winning no you wanted to fix one thing at a time yeah fix one thing if it’s a yes boiler I’m on carbon drag spoiler all right let’s head over to the airport again let’s go so I have to counter for now to see in the next gym buddy I knew Darren thank you so much for coming by bro really appreciate it hope to see you next time man for sure I really do appreciate all the support thank you so much for you guys subscribing let’s try getting 40 lights we’re almost there somebody died are you spinning out there ten-four that’s big-time hey mama blonde that’s Scotford at home look away for one second bro one second Max is 811 is catching the ugh I can’t take that jump I’m almost there I’m just doing a little bear down assassin later buddy thanks for coming up what’s up mad climber hate anybody haven’t seen you in a while either these are such ancient names you are you guys doing my gosh why can’t we make this is not you any more than you did yeah like you know more along the beach less along the ocean yeah and Victor do you serve enough grenades nay here we go now we’re gonna check to see if my car is actually special I hate typical idiot a Barney hey AJ oh gosh that’s close Oh what I can hear them what do you get workflow mad mad climber says how ok let’s head back to the respray shop so it sounds roaring done max as you guys can tell the spoiler is not the reason my car slower than ethers which is which was my bet like I was I had to be here yeah that’s what I thought it was to you I’m just a very special shop yeah this is actually a problem guys my son loves your videos for nothing okay thank you mama blocks Hey in each oh hey casualty cashy life TV shout-out I give you shit hey AJ can you guys hear rock me let me know in the comments put hashtag rock me say something like they have to put in the comments if they can hear you that’s a good way a hashtag hashtag love in it okay but what he just said in the comments if he can hear we’re almost at 70 sometimes back might be your ties yo you got dusted I know bro I know I don’t get it we have the same car okay so what I’m gonna try now is the louvers the the fenders no where is it exhaustion chassis GT filters is what I got I have parcel shelf I don’t think chassis has to do it to anything that’s in slavery that’s underneath yeah I never mind I’m thinking of not brakes do I have all my stuff yeah brakes what are you gonna go like race yeah oh and your engine cover yeah that all primary losers okay let’s try the rear roof scoops engine is all the way up exhaust is just whatever suspension is on sport transmission there turbo yeah I’m not missing anything I could think of other than that I’m not loving the emerald take loving it yeah okay they can you oh wow all right let’s sit over there I’m not going through that beach side let’s go test it out to see if my car is as fast as their say is male race um Bugatti Bugattis are pretty slow to be honest now I mean the nearest pretty fast right oh my gosh I break there too let’s head over there let’s go check it out let’s go see if the engine cover was the problem what’s up the rat let’s see what he said Fernando I’ve been substance you started lashing all right trick question when did that start last year I did not live stream the day I made my account so when did I start hey AJ hey boy hey mama chicory hi Rocky hey mama yeah I’m coming out for you like we don’t even need that much distance you’re you like less than your your mouth all right ready ready what we go what’s up I’m going for max and let’s go try it out here we go I’m rubbing my engine to make sure I get a good start and let’s go nope that’s not it guys it there’s something wrong with my car dude what else could it be the racing shelf thing you think that’s it I don’t know dude this is weird we gotta give it one more switch up guys if there’s a problem so let’s go check or just just spawned on top of me dude why is it saying sign in again it’s making me sign in every time so weird thank you are you guys I don’t know what the problem is I honestly don’t I wish I could tell you guys it’s just so random to where 42 likes thank you so much guys you guys are amazing we need to appreciate let’s try getting 50 we’re almost there I mean this is a good this is good moment though because we can like determine if there’s a respray option that can alter its before I was a lot of Big River alternates performance hey max the armor reading the armor you think I don’t have armor on I have Maxim yeah and same here so there’s no difference there I’m actually saying I’m a detector Matt I’ve watched you since May last year I think had 5,000 subscribers me yeah it’s a guy like at 5,000 somewhere on their car it’s too fat how oh dude you’re my boy second let’s look at bumpers okay yeah wide-body just by chance where’s that genders good offenders no I’m on panel splits do you think it’s the wide-body that’s slowing you down I mean you want to try panel splits you can okay let’s do the bumper things first let’s go check out bumpers ok bumpers front bumper is race set up yep we’re bumper bumper is chrome stock I have a stock rear bumper ok let’s change I’ll change it to Chrome and then and then and then go ahead and fender the other one yeah that’s now no splits let’s go check it out we gotta find out what the problem is what’s your edge you’re slow so spear me I know kind of sad about it I wish I could help it like I really do I’m trying everything to fix that and uh how much money do you up not that much bro and my car is too good so someone nice nice it’s a beast gaming the exhaust uh I think Mia rock me have the same exhaust right slow down rocket we just I’ll be back in two you just see your exhaust you keep driving yeah yeah the same exhaust it’s at the under the spoilers right under it and exes I still like the axe eighty better blacks eighties are awesome car I mean you can’t compare it this is a sports classic vehicle while the xat is a super right correct mad climber says I want to join you on for tonight buck but I bomb bro go out to be able to watch you and relax appreciate that man you sure yeah Fernando we don’t need to do the grenade thing just go ahead and start taking off okay ready three two one know what there’s literally one more option and that’s the route are the rack inside the car which has nothing to do with anything okay that’s out there right away I’m so sorry guys I I mean there’s no point in me racing a car that’s just slow you know like I’m watching extreme that I look up and you’re gone because of the delayed oh yeah yeah yeah you know I don’t get it I honestly don’t like there’s one last option that we can really switch up that would like that I would think would have a substantial impact on it but even that not really yeah that’s the inside you know the rack thing the engine cover the inside of nerf is an engine it’s a turn just give up says Barney I mean I’m gonna try out one more thing and I’m probably just gonna give up to be honest literally came here so many times switch the armor max says all right I’ll try that as um buy a new car says offi this cars are good it’s a lemon reads armor is a hundred percent right yes okay engine engine cover the other that I got rear roof scoops which is different from what Big Ten has it’s something else it’s something else where is it chassis GT filters let’s see if that has to do with it um you crisis Kashi can’t you just buy me a new car what’s up Ruti max we have 45 people watching everywhere 51 like st. you so much effort smack that subscribe let’s check any 70 likes aj says change everything dude I sure don’t know which one it is because then we could like warn people not to you know buy that thing cuz this is so much already oh yeah I gotta know there are some people there it’s such a random glitch I like how YouTube asked me if I want to show the message yeah you could pick the head for me why is no one liking we’re at 52 lights it’s just sighs run your phone it reaches out and it keeps that the light that you clicked on the video yeah that’s that’s weird like that hey Nexus can you read me my account I can’t right now if you want to add someone in the lobby you more than once over to hey Caleb Smith take off armor everyone’s saying armors so after this if it doesn’t work last attempt is armor dude Rock be well why would it be armor though I’ve got max armor no don’t take it away oh yeah yeah yeah that’s um Sam does it ask me that says ya idiot Chuck only shows that two moderators aren’t three – sorry AJ I started to turn it with you and AJ was on a bike right beside me oh yeah I’ve got guys forty-nine dollars in bit like max said we’re gonna check out the armor like maybe it’s a glitch dough type of thing hey Brian you’re very what’s up summer it’s the weight not have the same wing as max and not max rocking me and oh there goes I like it and big time what’s up son what’s up yo what’s up BC I’m a hunter so I literally searched up everything other than resetting the armor I think that’s what it is at this point look inside of that or maybe the car I have right now is like glitched oh yeah that’s a very possible the nation as to why it’s not working with 70 subscribers thank you so much guys that’s rating 400 say I know we can do it how we have 52 people watching which is awesome right now we’re in the middle of a glitch where this car is actually performing a lot slower than the other cars of the same same car that’s very weird no Joseph hey Savage we’re almost at sixty likes which is just amazing on that Thursday right that’s a Thursday night it’s almost Friday let me know what you guys are doing tomorrow I’m probably the moral of hundred explosions up here not probably hey summer hey savage it burning really nice oh wow this car just goes back up first I just subscribe my friend told me your China thank you so much officer pay and I appreciate that buddy I’m everybody see cash life TV you try buddy but it says that do you want to show the comment so no one’s gonna see that comment here oh all right ready so what okay okay I’m just gonna reset the car I literally have a copied version of your car at this moment in time other than the tires just gonna get another yeah another or I’m just gonna get another to be honest with you that’s the only thing I could think of ladies and gentlemen I don’t know what else it would be okay and your hand oh dear hey hey hey 518 561 likes I’m at 74 subscribers you guys absolutely killing it today thank you so much you guys are awesome Sarat boss what’s up it might be your tires Alfie dude that it would make no sense I’m high end tires I mean it’s a possibility but I doubt it I don’t know maybe it’s a car or not right a rekha item buddy what’s up Beast buy nothing he tries to rage but we banned him right it’s so simple it’s a row hey man clapping under you need a ride somewhere Meech on the runway what 60 people watching that’s what’s up aging oh okay I thought you were gonna buy another car no no baby I’m just resetting into values yeah maybe I destroyed it and every time I went to vote up there it wasn’t actually repairing there’s some random thing like that maybe it’s just a bug you know I saw Max’s front end on my screen is a Singh we will do a lawn now we’re gonna show you how fast this car is Savage says I watch TV tgd stream and same thing happened to him oh really alright let’s just go on the count of three alright here we go hey that girl what’s up sniper hit Barney three two one go yeah well that looks better oh that’s not stupid Oh in the minute we had nothing to do with anything other than calling your car again so before you go out and spend like a million dollars on the car thinking it’s a problem with the car just make sure you destroy it and call it or put it in the garage and call it again because that’s literally all it was a sniper hey Barney hey JJ hey Grover that’s so dull we learned something today folks yeah I mean before I go changing every possible option on this car and that next time you know what do that next yeah thrombocytes emulation we got 70 like turn it back on yeah hey I’m Jay Caleb hey Cho there’s where we’re going what do you think we should do now if you want to just take it up down the highway we’ve got max in his 8:11 is sitting how about we have an end to race to the top and that chili iron available in this car and prompt race kind of fan and proud to what do you think what do you think all right let’s go let’s do it all right you better have cops on you guys invite our players and range hiss I say jury then this happened to hike didn’t actually happen there’s nothing wrong with the car how about it I know it was so weird each summer it’s the wing check no it’s not the wing it’s actually just recalling your car again that’s all right one hey Barney it’s a challenger hey Jerr we’re at 62 likes and 74 people subscribe thank you guys already you’re in Rockman yep all right here we go three sister likes pie two one go smack that like button up and subscribe I was a car on the side of the literally doing nothing but minding my own business when I was pushed off the highway at the age all right here words Mac’s gonna race backs all right yes you guys are going that way yeah I kinda know I want to meet up with you guys yeah Oh boss what are you doing I’ll probably meet up with the guys over there yeah I think my routes gonna direct me I mean I was knocked off the highway oh you know what I’m gonna take the moment check connect on the same Road you guys are on and then we’ll be with them oh my gosh I forget that this counter-terror can’t turn for its life hey I dresser I am big wok oh I’m so far behind that’s okay that’s what life’s about disadvantages yeah and you hey big wok I subscribed what’s up thank you so much buddy appreciate it let’s try getting seventy likes we have 53 right now come on let’s do a summer I’m watching you on my TV and iPad make sure you subscribe from the TV and the iPad with different accounts here I’m sorry I just can’t read the comments overlook the muscles on its rueake meats and learning are you guys already at the turn oh shoot I missed the turn no that’s not now chiliad is it no it is nothing weird it’s so anyone I’m going straight so I probably screwed everything up I’m gonna come straight to 7i beside you dude I’m going so far I think we’re gonna beat them just by going on the highway cuz we go top speed right Eddy giant body my name is Donald and Donald ruff what system does he play around ps4 dude why me don’t take this turn either wait till the next one birthday thank you red 64 lights 150 wow dude I just plowed a Hummer it went up and then it went up into hit my spoiler while I was on its way down and I went up onto you looks interesting dude what we passed them literally if you look on the map guys they’re so far back it doesn’t make sense that car is dope it’s it’s very interesting to say the least it’s the fastest car in the game so you do want to buy it I would recommend – hey Dylan but only fair like Lauren hovering I’m turning here dude it’s yeah I’m going I’m going like 140 right now I’m hitting those speed bumps on the side of the road rocky makes you go any faster yeah it’s crazy you gotta start braking like a whole couple minutes earlier hey it’s Jeff oh hey you gotta know when your turn is coming up oh that’s dead we’ll take it a little off-road route whoa I mean growing up a matching regardless is off-road but I’m more off-road you route wow that’s a rock hey careful see the Rockets all right quick what did you see the rock inside the bush did you mean it yeah that’s what I cut up man let’s go guys I said you can win this in the comments if you think I can win it Donald big walk summary what’s up guys my PC is off right now oh there’s a rug oh dude I didn’t see that rock on the right side this is great this is this is perfect you’re going down like the steepest part of this side is it struggling to go no you’re making it going you got that yeah hey hit by a sniper what’s up Josh Sawalha what’s up India choked come on let’s hit 70 lights guys let’s hit that 70 like number that’s do it we’re almost there I’m driving pretty decent up yo I’m down you’re alive are you there I know yeah I mean if my car doesn’t go too fast and fly off a hill I’m doing okay I mean either sorry you’re very restricted to your own skill of controlling the throttle but that’s the only problem there we go Ramos there you think I’m gonna get this dude they’re on that turn you know that turn there’s a helicopter Lauri I hope that thing doesn’t finish cuz that’d be unfair be very angry come on come on here we go I was at the furthest back at one moment in time if I win this so be pretty awesome let me know the cars if you think I can win this oh dude over there yes I control the party it was great I see the finish line oh it’s a straightaway for them to come on come on come on last the first baby no thanks I can’t believe I bought that house you don’t believe they got but I mean it makes sense we take the highway we want full speed and then had some hiccups on the way up there then we were good after that we kind of got it you can win this everyone say all I do is win win win the man and I’m stuck no matter what all the way it’s alright we’re good we’re good we’re good go back up come on I literally just he let her go pop up there there we go go go go Barney yeah max is a food thank you go guy you’re really cool guy I just enjoy him yeah all right hit it so I think for now I can do a collab with TG now probably a cyberchase slippery you got this you can wear it thank you guys we did it we did it just for you guys just where did you come from all right so sign right there let’s head over to that going down the side mountain side of the mountain it’s not I mean it’s the accepted really not meant for mates as you can see all right I could probably say sideways there we go I’m like moving I’m sliding but not my wheels aren’t turning I’m just producing smoke you see this yeah I’m not even reading out all right we’re good now we have 60 people watching guys what’s up no exercise can I get a shout out of course what’s up BL what’s up Angie what’s up the big work I got some subscribers okay cool all right on the count of three you guys are gonna smack that like button as we count down here we go three two one I’m just gonna let my car do rolls and hopefully it lands perfectly a lot of rocks dude cool guys gone oh oh there’s max max isn’t right on top of you well I was very interesting I’ve got it stuck here though just kind of interesting yeah they’re gonna win them cool guy catch me oh he didn’t fit all right here we go we’re back we’re good our car is moving again there’s rocks oh I’m here with you guys oh dude I almost caught me oh there’s a train I got hit by a train and landed it on the roofs there we go hey Richard hey just says you guys let me help y’all dude yeah he’s on the top yeah buddy I don’t think all right let’s go over to the Reese bait shop and we’ll have one last race and then we’ll do some races where we open the lobbies up if you guys aren’t more than welcome I’m joined let’s just repair the car and there’s an mo see here very randomly that’s cool I can’t turn for my life he’s gonna go into a corner run up a stick whoa there we go savages River hey Barney you should just time out yeah don’t be strict I’m sorry about this all right park next to max and we’ll have a little race down the side way Oh over there okay yeah here all right I’m gonna send out the impromptu ace right now we’re just gonna see how much faster AJ got down Wow we’re just gonna see how fast we are compared to that maybe stay officer this is a close race because there are a lot of traffic but we are tenting supposin in ten miles faster than me oh great somewhere around there plum like that yeah no no no we’re ten miles passes of pariah that means are even faster like 15 20 yeah it’s yeah it’s gonna say maybe 15 all right here we go three two one yeah right in front I couldn’t see you for a second in that race hey mad man see you later no not today well one leg away from seventy likes and don’t fit subscribe as well so let’s get to semi legs as you have sixty people watching care we have 70 people watching today w oh yeah dude we gotta use these wattage Wow I want to slow down oh wait actually I’m just catch up dude hopefully oh wow but I mean as soon as you get to your top speed its gave you the opposite we need to draw this on long-haul let everyone else take off and we haven’t even slipstream yep hey everybody for now this is the chat is so toxic that’s okay we have 70 rights that’s what’s up yeah God says can average silence I’m Brent and ever you like your videos yeah of course saw my cause life thank you happy birthday buddy hey mad man hey Bernie dude I’m gone I’m like out I don’t think no one’s catching me now guys just to tell you the truth hey Carmen hey Gabrielle Maria casino Pardo sorry I almost crashed there while reading the entire name Maria casino Gabriella Maria cassiano Pardo it was close right almost had your name properly the first time this I would do if a teacher dude I’m gone oh now they’re gonna be here never get too cocky my friends its average it really is says idiot so I see you catching that yeah Elevens quick I was gonna wait I want to I want them to catch up to me you know I go Edea Chester the Gabriella can I get your number then I mean if you guys want to start you know this isn’t a dating site but that’s your thing whoa all right well we were wrecked back here no max didn’t get around a Hummer in time and we ran into him damn it Wow big-time big-time that is dirty oh he messed up as long as he messes up I’m happy though uh every other says no idiot Joe take it I mean I don’t know why you wouldn’t take the highway when you’re in the first row you know what’s up mr. Negi yeah what’s up buddy a thi card life oh wow what happened to you reading comments dude just struggle you need to take that time I’m gonna take this next turn no I thought okay I’m taking this no wow this is even close no wait what oh shoot I didn’t see that to the last second coming up on the other side no no next max let’s stop here we go we got this this is the K news wait I’ve ever had come on come on yeah what okay it didn’t seem human third there we go Wow oh wow yo if that wasn’t crazy I don’t know what was that was sick hey J hey my dead body alright let’s start up a shag go into public log before start the race wish I started from you um won’t you just start it from here we already got like alright I know you didn’t hear all right let’s do it play a job we’re gonna start up the long on we’re gonna check out this race with the new car see how it does always hey beast game ever i have to go alright beast thank you for coming bye what’s up saying of course you can join a semi trucks is aging so I heard there’s a new fastest car is it true SG of course it’s true you see it on my channel everything’s true alright it’s not question that true New Age a true news I’m like the news but it’s real to people so I’ll get Bernie that’s how it is buddy alright so I’m gonna send that in mice everyone you guys can join us no matter where you are in the world sports plastics okay all from current session Auto invite my friends everyone’s getting an invite jump in here everybody what’s up Matt climber for that I’m gonna look out for the students of our brother talk to you soon I’m a kind appreciate it fair this week I might get psi I’d you alright savage wolf awesome bro sup card my life sucks my luck sucks Oh Tendo says yes you did hey gaming Luke alright we have seven people in here let’s wait 48 second I will start early hey Carmen what’s up Corbin this is a long track where we could try out the new sports classic cars see first we are compared to the old ones because I’m sure not everyone has the new one right especially thanks umm but yeah AJ I don’t have a custom one so I’m gonna take an ALICE let’s go over it’s not good bro sometimes life is about taking life’s is about taking house all right Gabrielle Maria casino part no I said that wrong Gabriella Marie cassiano Pardo thank you for coming but I appreciate it in doses shouting you know I did hand up I did know fry did yeah dude let’s pull over to the side let these guys go right um I think I just saw the car no no no no no I only have three sports classics so I have so easy fun money all right here we go hey summer can you get my brother a shot yeah what’s your brother’s name hey dude show hey cor but what was that 80 subscribers yeah I mean that would make sense shouts your brother winter summer we’re only two subscribers away from 80 subscribers which is amazing pictures so much guys you guys are awesome and gross and whatever else you are that I don’t know about all right I’m going laughs yeah we can do some races with long us tomorrow I love llamas all right what we got what we got one good alright when you want to go buddy you call it let me know why not alright hey at 20 on the timer hey Brandon of course of course 18 19 20 go all Colorado notice he’s gonna die no no no he just oh my let’s do it so we started 25 seconds late we’ll see how I got it bad we do against people that had a 25 second head start and we knew there’s a lot of moss so it’s a super long race what’s up Evan Potter brother I mean you and I subscribe thank you so much appreciate it your friend to hold up I can’t catch you man the fastest guy in the game with slipstream and catch-up lets the others does whoa I’m going so fast I thought the prior was fast assess nice under headway are you I can’t it’s like a hunter named yeah oh you’re lying yeah yo we already caught up to them I just hope you guys realize that it’s I’m doing 100 so good critic I’m like why are you not turning is he like so slow right now all right let’s do this let’s do this boss okay can’t you sleep oh gosh I tried to look back in first person minute I couldn’t see anything oh my gosh look at the distance I created between us in the same car am I still pulling away I think so oh no you’re not ready no I’m not do those crazy I was still pulling away you know the secret is use the bumps here my new favorite YouTube thanks card 30 do you like when you logo burn you haven’t had a chance to check it out properly to be honest with you go check it out yo we left them you cannot save it with this card no matter what you try you just can’t wait yeah thanks man you it’s just not possible to save like I saw you trying oh they’re not noticing I haven’t noticed attorney moon so Mad Dog the honors yeah he’s in the long haul whoa hey are you good there yeah all right wow so fast yeah we’re actually going really fast like I’m not even joking – yes we take off like you know how many times I go we’re still with them Wow I get to my top speed so fast on their first alright here we go here we go let’s get job magic curb boosting with this car oh hey buddy I had a lot of space to the left but I wasn’t able to turn that hard yeah it says 170 right here oh no I don’t have to slow it down here you know I’m going so far here we come here we go oh oh you’re going now oh no you’re not okay let’s go oh man that was interesting let me know if you guys are enjoying I took flight in the water you can win two summer items dude dude I took I got so much speed before you hit someone off you’re sniffing it is incredible I can’t turn I saw that I see you smiling I like kinda guys did you like God – and you contain boss holding the brake and it wasn’t good whoa oh yeah dude the holding the brake is like worse than holding accelerate during a turn there does nothing for Italy it’s literally just not there just doesn’t it yeah what Zacks ad product I’m being a prototype that’s a good question my god like when’s it gonna be released its full very I mean the crates turning Marlee I can hear my car just like slamming on the brakes because I’m in first place and catch up oh yeah even in for a bit at first I mean even going this fast it’s turning really uh yeah like the problem is the turnings locked I like when you’re going full speed that makes it in spurts sense we’re turning on a car is worse when you weren’t faster right or is that not the case say it one more time the chatting on a car as you speed up progressively gets worse it should yeah maybe like the artery or yeah the thing or the thing I think about this is the turning on this car is the same no matter what your speed your honor yeah it’s really meant for high speeds hey that’s behind us here you want to weigh it one more time yes and you get here chief what’s up lo purposes get it how much the checkpoint not going back though okay I watched you when you first started this lab Thank You summer I’m good well we’ll be fine because he’s going for and it’s like noon – yeah I just want these to get in front of us alright alright here we go here we go so Big Ten’s pretty far in front we’re gonna catch up and wander right now fastest cars in the middle yep good guy good car here we go full speed oh my gosh whoa hang on to it good save do it I literally that’s the easiest way to turn with this car 175 Wow you’re gone oh thank you God all right here we go here we go I mean we see him right there took the turn as sharp as I could so here we go I’ll stay on the right side and we’re back with him believe it or not in less than a minute this is ridiculous oh oh I got it I got it no those on me I took bad my cars like not going let’s win this tune this be slow through this turn here oh yeah good car I’ve actually already got a jerk this car into taking a turn then that’s insane all right take my slip chute nice nice nice here we go here we go let’s try smack it I like man let’s get 280 likes oh I can’t you was such a high speed turn he’s locked in all right like he’s going so slow oh I’m on your left can you take this chair holding the floor I don’t know Oh Nick tiny of me what your dander [Applause] did you read now you got it I almost pushed you into it sort of thing let’s see that that was a nice little turn on the end so that is stupid FAST I think we have yeah it’s not fair like it’s just not fair it would destroy supers I draw everyone to know that like that would destroy supercars right I wish they could make an option where you could just bring anywhere yeah like you could actually people would bring that I mean yeah supers and other cars the pariah yeah yeah yeah yeah definitely and yeah this car is a great car if you want to buy it to have the first car in the game then just do it yeah but yeah I think so much Araki for joining thank you so much all you awesome people for everything you guys are amazing – ed anyway no yes would but yeah thank you so much for watching I really do appreciate it we had some fun racing and I guess we’ll see you guys on the next year probably tomorrow the apologize for not streaming yesterday I had something to do but yeah I will see you guys next time thanks so much for the likes and subscribing and for being here really do appreciate especially to the mods as well know you have some people that are watching and I will see you guys next time hey guys

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