GTA 5 EASY Mission To Make Money! BEST & Fast GTA Online Money (GTA V)

GTA 5 EASY Mission To Make Money! BEST & Fast GTA Online Money (GTA V)

Hey everybody how’s it going my name is Usman
and today I’m gonna show you guys probably the easiest mission to play to make money
in GTA 5 Online, so to start off you wanna head over to Rockstar created misisons and
you wanna select “Out of court settlement” This mission opens
at rank 22, so most of you guys will have this mission unlocked, you can play this either
solo or with a friend, but I recommend you to play this mission with a friend who is
in your crew becuase if you play this with a crew member
you will get extra cut and if you are looking to team up with someone you guys can also
leave your psn and gamertags in the comments below and then you guys can party up. Also make sure you guys play this mission
on hard for .5 extra rp and money. And that’s pretty much it for the settings, now all you
have to do is kill the lawyer, grab the evidence, wait for cops to disappear and then you have to deliever the evidence to Martin Madrazo’s
house. It’s pretty simple, you can easily fnish this mission in under 3 minutes, but
I recommend you to wait a minute outside of Madrazon’s house just because the more time you spend the more
money you will get, so wait around a minute and then complete the mission and as you guys
can see I got more than 2,000 rp and 11,000 GTA cash and that is just for completing this
mission solo in about 4 minutes and like I said if
you play this mission with a crew member you will earn more rp and money. It’s one of the
best misison and definitely the easiest mission to play, So if you did enjoyed today’s video and if
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40 thoughts on “GTA 5 EASY Mission To Make Money! BEST & Fast GTA Online Money (GTA V)

  1. Guys if you are a high rank seeking for money and rp, this mission is not suitable for you. If you're level 80+, there is a mission called Trash Talk, you go through the same process to host this particular job, it requires 1-6 people, very easy, average RP is 3-4K+, 18-20K+ money. The more people the better rewards. I tried this on PS3, works always.

  2. Hey, would you like to join my network? & earn money on youtube? It's 65% Rev and if your already partnered we'd try beat that! ( Sentient Network ) 

  3. I dont have this mission, im level 46 atm, why dont i have alot of jobs? is it because i only play the same missions? also, who gives the mission, like lester, simeon…

  4. Im on xbox one @SKizzleAXE and im lvl 62. It doesnt even show the job anymore like it was deleted. Just thought I'd let you know. If you could help, that'd be great
    Gt- Brahda Ola

  5. Yeah that's a good one & I can confirm $22,500 solo pay out for rooftop rumble every 15 minutes all you have to do is waste some extra time for easy cash & the more people the more money. Add me on psn for car meets and for missions I mainly play on 4 but on ps3 sometimes. jigabuu_johnson is my psn

  6. Los Santos connection gives you $37,000 if you include picked up money and you complete it slowly. If you own a buzzard or savage it can be completed alone it it's easy

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