GTA 5 Christmas DLC GIFTS! Stocking Mask in GTA Online (GTA 5 PS4 Gameplay)

GTA 5 Christmas DLC GIFTS! Stocking Mask in GTA Online (GTA 5 PS4 Gameplay)

Hey everybody how’s it going my name is Usman and today we’ve got couple Christmas
gifts from rockstar in gta online so without any further to do let’s get right into it,
so once you hop in gta online today, you will see a notification that will pop up at the left
hand side on your screen saying that you’ve unlocked the stocking mask, it
will say you’ve got a body armor, 3 mines, 3 molotovs, a firework launcher with 5 rockets
as well a carbine rifle with 200 rounds. So of course you can purchase all of these
stuff by yourself except the stocking mask, it’s an exclusive
mask and it cannot be purchased so be sure to play gta online today at least once if
you wanna unlock the stocking mask as well all other gifts that Rokcstar have in store
for us, so once you’ve got in gta online, you wanna
head over to your inventory, then go over to your accesorries and then mask selection
and you’ll see the stocking mask, simply press X and heer you go you finnally unlocked it
and you will be able to have it on whenever you want,
so it’s pretty awesome, I’m not gonna lie, especially if you get yourslelf some Christmas
themed clothes and have the stocking mask on at the same time, your character will definitely going to look sick as well it gives us a tiny
bit of taste about upcoming heists, because we gonna have alot more masks that will be
similar to what we’ve got today to do hesits, so let me know what y’all think about this
mask, do you like it or you don’t like it, let me know in the comments
section down below. So if you did enjoyed today’s video though make sure to rko the
like button, if y’all know what I mean, also share this video with your buddies let ’em know like hey Chrismas gifts are here
and you should hop on gta online asap and also if you are new around here make sure
to susbcribe for daily awesome gta 5 and for other gaming videos. so I wish y’all a merry
Christmas I hope y’all have an amazing day, so that’s
really about it.

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  2. can i ask is it just me or is it xbox cause i keep disconnecting and i only got my xbox and i cant play and im sad:(Xbox one

  3. I can't get on my ps4 cuhz of those damn hackers , I've been tryin since yesterday. Does that mean I won't get the mask ? That'll b sum bullshit if not , considering the fact that I tried getting on all day

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