GRID™ Autosport – out now for Nintendo Switch

40 thoughts on “GRID™ Autosport – out now for Nintendo Switch

  1. Nintendo switch, you actually “ninten-did” something instead of “Ninten-didn’t” 😉 awesome! so looking forward to getting some REAL car sim status on my switch ?

    Edit Bought it day one of launch, haven’t been able to put it down. You guys did an absolutely amazing job! Thankyou.

  2. This game is awesome, so much variety. Awesome graphics, lots of control and graphics options. Great variety of cars , events disciplines.

  3. This is how you do a Switch port. If you like this kind of game or loved this game on a past console, buy this port and support the great devs behind it. Not a bad price, either!

  4. This game is freaking AMAZING on Switch!! Thank you!!!!! I’ve been waiting for a racing sim like this to play on the go!!!!

  5. Playing this on the train on the way to work is bliss. Drifting the RX7 around Yas Marina using the right stick as throttle and braking is such an enjoyable experience. Thanks for bringing this to Switch!

  6. Is there a way to uninstall the high res pack to free up space? Tried to uninstall the game and reinstall but the high res pack installed automatically

  7. A really great GRID port. I bought the first day of the release..and I can say it has a precise level of detail. Bravo! The best racing game on Switch. Finally, Switch has its GTS or Project Cars.

  8. Thank you so much feral! Incredible work! This gives me hope for a dirt rally game! Am really looking forward and happy to support your wonderful work!

  9. Epic !!! i have been playing this and havent really touched Zelda links awakening much since i bought Grid, pleeeease hurry with the online multiplayer patch

  10. Already playing the game since release. A great game….finally on switch in the "real cars" (not kart! though Mario kart 8 deluxe is amazing!) game genre: great graphics, great handling that can be tuned to your liking (more assists or less….assists that work, apparently quite realistically. And the steering is so damn good compared to the, you know, "other real cars game franchise" on the switch) and tons of contents. Some issue still remains:

    In performance mode, clearly fps is not stable 60 (I do remember no one promised a stable 60 fps). I did download the HD pack. If I remove the pack – may it help the frame rate to be constant (at least almost..) 60 fps? if so, how can I remove (delete) it?
    Also, If I understood correctly, in PC version you can mess with the shading/object sharpness etc. so like the "custom difficulty" we have here, PC owners have "custom graphics" so they may further change the graphical details in order to change e.g. the fps. Feral – will you develop such patch for switch if indeed you can see it affects performance? Alternatively, can you release any other patch that will bring a truly (at least more) stable 60 fps ("performance mode")? To me, at present it seems that fps dives below 60 fps in too many occasions within one race/event, and it is noticeable to (and bothers) my eyes.

    I will note again, Feral guys – that this is a great game, and your work is truly appreciated. You see that you tried to squeeze almost any possible feature from this port and modify it as needed for the switch. Regardless of any game genre – this is how a game should be ported. Well done. However – as I said, the fps matter in performance still bothers me and the game will be considered "amazing" and not "great", at least by me – should you choose to solve this matter in any reasonable way. 🙂

  11. I wake up everyday and pray there is an update for online multiplayer because the AI drive horribly… I’m gonna comment everyday until I get that update. I don’t even want to play the game I bought until it’s updated.

  12. When will you ever release it on Android, I've seen this was better than RR3, if you could just release it on Android then it would be the best racing sim for android

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