GRAND THEFT AUTO (Original PlayStation) (Teens React: Retro Gaming)

GRAND THEFT AUTO (Original PlayStation) (Teens React: Retro Gaming)

♪ (upbeat theme music) ♪ ♪ (mellow hip hop music) ♪ – (FBE) Today you’re
gonna be playing this. – “Grand Theft Auto.”
Is this the original? – This is what started it all,
the first Grand Theft Auto. – Grand Theft Auto. Who doesn’t know this? If you don’t know this,
you’re living in a box. – I know it’s where
Grand Theft Auto started. I love GTA. It’s probably
my favorite game. – (FBE) This game was originally
released for the PC and then later the PlayStation. Today we are having you play
the original PlayStation version. – (intrigued) Ooh. I’ve never actually played PlayStation. – The only one I’ve ever seen played– and I haven’t played it myself– is GTA V, which I’m sure is vastly different. – I have no doubt that
this would still be fun on its own. Just running around,
killing cops, killing civilians, driving cars, causing havoc. That’s all Grand Theft Auto is. Let’s get goin’. – Wow, these graphics are quite outdated. It’s like a 3D movie
without the 3D glasses. – Travis, Bubba, Troy… Kivlov. Okay, I’m gonna be Kivlov,
because why not? – I think I’m gonna take Bubba. He just looks really funny. – I’ll just go with Travis, man. He seems the most normal, I guess. Okay. – Ha, they’re still in Liberty City. Cool. – (voice-over) Grand Theft Auto. – “Answer the South Park
phone calls to get jobs.” – “Keep your eyes open for opportunities. Remember: you mess up,
we mess you up.” Oh. Okay. – (FBE) When you’re ready, the yellow arrow guides
you to your objective. – Okay. Oh wait, is it the– Oh, it’s the arrows. Okay. – I’m rotating, and I’m not– All right, I got to press– haha. Okay. Oh, that’s so different.
Okay, that’s weird. All right, I got to get used to that. The controls for movement
are incredibly bizarre. – Oh, it’s really weird how you turn. – He runs in a circle. So if you just press one down,
he just runs– oh man. It’s not– it’s more difficult
than it needs to be. – Wait. I can just get in a car
and go to the arrow. Why am I running? – Wait, what am I doing?
I can get in a car. (car honks)
– (man) Screw you, asshole! – Oh, that’s water. I’m so not used to these
controls. This is weird. – All right. (exhales sharply) (imitates car rev) Oh my god, this is so old. This is crazy. (squeaky phone chatter) – “Crazy Jimmy’s dumped a car
in the North East Park.” – “Find it before the cops do or die.” – That’s a little, uh– little scary. I love the whole thing, like, you just go and answer public phones. It just makes it so much more suspicious. – I’ma take that.
(punch lands, man groans) And let’s get dipping, bro. – Here we go. Let’s hope that
my controlling skills got better. – Can you get out of my way? Thank you. Gosh, these people don’t know
how to drive, I swear. – I’m trying to– oh, that’s just
a dead motorcyclist. All right. – The way you move
is really messing me up. But I think I’ll get used to it. Oh my god. Is there, like, a map I can look at? No? Okay. – Over here. Oh, hey, look. There’s the car. – There we go. – “Bring the car to Dulli’s in West Park. Move it. We got some fresh donuts here.” – Donuts? Say no more. – Let’s get those donuts. – Tell my boyfriend I’m sorry
for every time I’ve yelled at him for crashing cars in GTA.
(cars honk) I’m really surprised there
are no cops or anything. Like, I am just wreaking
havoc on this city. – All right. Oh cool. Okay, I think I got here. – Get out of my way.
I’m trying to do stuff, guys. Oh, that garage. Ha-ha.
Didn’t even see it. – Oh hey. All right. Open up please. Yeah, there you go. All right. – “Jimmy needs a driver. Talk to him on the phone
at the South West Park subway.” – Let’s take this person’s bike. (crashing)
And get grooving. – I need your car. (punch lands, man groans) Move! – Oh, is there a time limit? Oh, I see it counting down. – I hear the clock ticking,
and it’s giving me anxiety, ’cause I want to be fast, but I can’t. (punch lands, man groans)
– (breathes deeply) This car has the worst turn radius. – Oh, you can’t get in the cop cars? Okay. Okay, well, I’m about to lose this. (groans) No. Okay. “Mission failed.” (cars honk, telephone rings) – Wait, right there. Right there. Get out. Go. No! (laughs in frustration) Oh my gosh. I ca– I’m just gonna give up. (timer ticking) – Uh… go. “Mission failed.” Okay. “Too slow. Asswipe, screw up again and rip out your lungs
with a claw hammer.” – (FBE) So a part of this game is that,
when you fail a mission, you aren’t actually able
to immediately replay it. – That’s intense. Oh man. – It’s kind of like life, you know?
You don’t get redos in life. – (breathes heavily) Okay.
(telephone ringing) Oh, okay. – So hard to see. Oh my god, no. Wait,
I’m not dead. I’m not dead. Go, go, go, go, go. Yeet. There we go. “Fake license plates
in the South East Island.” – “Pick it up, then pick
me up outside the bank.” There’s a cab. All right, so I’m gonna get back
in the car and find this cab. – All right, let’s go. (man screams)
(giggles) These controls. So not used to this. Okay,
I’m just gonna take this car, ’cause…
(car honking) Gimme that. I fall off a bike too much. – I feel like this Grand Theft Auto is just following a bunch of arrows
and just driving around, which I’m totally fine with, because I do normally just
drive around in the other games. I just wish the arrow could follow you or the arrow could
just point to the street and not make you go
into these random areas. Oh, I probably need to go to this eye. (chime) “Once the pickup’s made, the cops will be all over us like a rash.” (sucks air through teeth) Great. I love it when I have
to get the cops off me. – These controls are so bizarre. Okay, there’s the car I need to get to. – Here I go. So the cops are gonna
be on me, I’m guessing. Oh god, gotta get outta here. Gotta blast. – I have to go pick that dude up. And I’m running into everything I see, because driving this game
is way harder than normal GTA– or current GTA, I should say. – I’m getting the hang of it definitely. But I’m so confused. Like, I don’t even know what my goal is. I just wish it was more clear. (alarm bell ringing)
– Oh, that’s why. He’s robbing a bank. I’m here. I’m here. I’m ready. – Oh no. Oh, I picked up the guy. “Bubby’s got a sticky love nest
in South… take me there.” Oh no. The cops. – Oh, we have four stars. Jesus. Nope. Mother[bleep]. Where am I going? This arrow is not direct enough. (police siren) – Oh… (muttering) No. Aah. – (cop) Hold it! – No.
(crowd groans) (sadly) I was so close. Oh my goodness. Stupid cops, man. – That’s obviously not it. Oh. I’m stupid.
(squeaky phone chatter) – “I’m gonna make sure you get out. Wanna come in for coffee, uh?” That’s usually how GTA missions go. It’s like, “Oh, you completed
the job, all right. I’ll hit you up for more stuff.” – (FBE) So you’ve tried the mission. But it wouldn’t be Grand Theft Auto without a little bit
of chaos and destruction. So we’ve put in the cheat code
to give you all the weapons. Let’s see how much trouble
you can get into. – Okay. (apprehensively)
That sounds like a good time. – Ooh, cool. All right,
that sounds a lot better. – Let’s do it. That’s the best
part of GTA: cheat codes. – Let’s see. Side arm. Really? There’s only three? The pistol. Assault rifle, a rocket launcher,
and a flamethrower? I mean, all right. (people screaming)
– (man) Oh my god! (screaming) – He’s on fire. He should be dying soon. – I got a flamethrower. (boom!) – (laughs) I shouldn’t have done that. I just wanted to blow up a car, man. – Here. Oh. Flamethrower? Oh yeah, okay. (cars honk)
Let’s go ahead and do that one. (explosions)
Oh. All right. And I’m on fire, ’cause,
you know, flamethrower. – Whoa.
(ptew!) (laughs) (boom!)
Oh! No, I killed myself. (laughing) That’s honestly how this
would go for me in this world. – I’m so horrible. Okay. (firing)
(stammers) It’s so hard to aim. – If anything, I’m more
of a danger to myself. (boom!)
(snickers) I suck. That was an accident. (firing and explosions) (car honks)
– Oh, wait. Can you set buildings on fire? Well, there we go. That’s something new. – I mean, I think it’s cool
there’s destructibility to buildings, ’cause you can’t do that in current GTA. How do I not have the cops on me yet? I just blew up a couple
apartment buildings, cars which have people in them. – You can definitely tell
it’s GTA by the missions, the cars, the cursing. – That’s kinda cool.
Even though this is so old, it’s still like a big open map. – You don’t deserve to be
blown up by a flamethrower. (man screams)
But it’s fun for me. I’m getting out my anger. (gunfire and sirens) – Oh yeah, like that.
But now I’m on fire again. Nice try, cops. I’m already dead. – Where the cops at? (explosions and screaming)
(chuckling) Oh my god. Usually in GTA today, you’d be overwhelmed with cops
and SWAT teams and stuff. But they’re not trying too hard. Come on, cops. (rapid firing)
There we go. Come here. Nope. (crowd groans)
Aw, okay, they got me. I was probably on fire. – Can I take the bus? (punch lands, man groans) I stole the bus! Haha! Oh shit, guys! I should’ve taken
the bus in the first place! Everyone gets out of your way! You can just barrel through
everything. Oh, I love this. I recommend that
as a strategy to anyone else. Good things to keep in mind. I don’t think that’s actually
how the world works, but it’s a fun thought. (rapid gunfire, honking) All right. I killed myself.
That’ll be the end. – I hate not liking it, because I really like the newer
versions and everything. But that was so hard. – I’ve never actually played it. So it was cool to see
how it was actually like, you know, to see how GTA started. GTA’s so good now. Like, I don’t know why
I’d play that instead of that. – The idea was just a solid idea
that you could grow off of. A free-roam game,
and you can break the law and do whatever you want. – I have never heard of anyone say, “Grand Theft Auto is a bad game.” How do you not enjoy just
casually just destroying things, doing whatever the hell you damn please? – Thanks for watching us play
the original Grand Theft Auto on the React channel. – Want to see more gaming episodes?
Hit that Like button. – Hey, everybody. Derek here,
producer for the React channel. Look, I made a big mistake.
I’ve been playing way too many games and not figuring out which ones
we should be doing for the show. So please let us know in the comments which games you want
to see the reactors play next so I don’t lose my job.

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  1. Happy New Year! Thanks for tuning into another episode of React Gaming! What games should we have the Teens play next?
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  2. have them to react to GTA 3! It was the first Grand theft Auto game that was in 3D. And it will be interesting to see how the mechanics have changed from the current GTA games.

  3. Oh, yeah! This game was the game that started it all for GTA!
    I remember playing this game with one of my best buddies on the Playstation. Such awesome memories!

    I would like to suggest a game for the Teens to play next time and my choice of game is:
    "Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3"

  4. Can you guys play hello neighbour it's a game where you uncover dark secrets about your neighbour without him finding out about you sneaking around his house try to uncover all of his secret all very darkest secrets there's even one where a shark is guarding it would be funny

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